• Amber

    Hello there. I have just started blogging and came along yours And I love it!!! I am trying to be a follower but you don't have the follow button? I need followers also. So as fellow blogger please follow me at mommawhat.blogspot.com.

    Blog with you later,

  • Carey

    Somewhere on your website I saw a list of companies logos such as bounce etc. and you could click on their logo and go to there website and contact them about receiving coupons directly from their company. I was very successful in the handful I contacted, but now I CAN NOT seem to locate that area of your website again. I an getting frustrated trying to locate this great list, could you send me a link to the correct spot?
    Thanks in advance, and your website has been so wonderful to help my family save more and get more of the products we like, thanks for all you do here!!