Getting The Best Match Ups For The Most Savings

Part 3: Getting the Best Match Ups For The Most Savings
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There is one simple rule to follow:
Sales + store coupon + manufacturers coupon = rock bottom prices.

1. Know your stores coupon policy, i.e double/triple coupons, competitor coupons, limit of coupons per item (my shoprite only will let me use 4 of the same coupon in one transaction).

2. Learn to be not be brand specific: Sometimes some of the best sales are on items that you may have never purchased in the past. Be open minded. I would have never bought Fiber One Mocha Chocolate bars but I picked them up because they were free. And you know what, they are very good.

3. Study the weekly sales circular. It becomes easier and easier to pick up great sales the more you do it.

4. Plan your shopping list using the stores weekly circular and by planning your menu based on sale items. I love this tip because it really forces me to write down what I am having during the week for dinner and plan ahead. Cuts down on impulse buying.

5. Join your store’s rewards program.

6. Use store coupons with manufacturer coupons for the best savings.

Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack $2.00
Store Coupon $1/1
Manufacturer Coupon $1/1
Final Price: FREE

  • How do you get store coupons?? We used to have a Kroger, but it recently closed. We live 30 minutes from Walmart, Brookshire’s, etc. I am interested in where I may find more coupons?? I buy the Arkansas Democrat that has inserts on Sunday papers & print off as well. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks so much!!

    • Nikki

      Stores in my neighborhood have websites like, and where you can load coupons into your store loyalty card.

      For Brookshire you can visit and from their site you can view your circular so you can plan your trip. Make sure you have a Thank You card. You can load coupons onto your card through the site. They also have info on exclusive promotions for Thank You card customers.

      On another note, I live in New Jersey, and I have never seen Hot Pockets at $10/10. 🙂

  • Rita Serrano

    not sure you if you my last post but want to know if pathmark has a zsaver for 3 dollars for razors and I have a coupon for 3 dollars do both coupons come of when my card is scanned or only the coupon I have in my hands?

  • Wynne

    Do all stores let you use a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon, or do some stores not allow it? (Very new trying to get everything figured out)

  • Genevieve

    So I tried to use a $3 off when you buy 2 for the tampax pearl and the cashier would only let me apply the coupon to one of the 2 boxes. My understanding from reading the websites was that if you had a coupon for $3 off 2 then the $3 would apply to both boxes. Am I wrong? I wasn’t sure what to do

    • Nikki

      I am not sure what the problem was but if you were buying 2 boxes and the coupon was $3 off 2 boxes, then $3 should have come off your total.

    • gillian

      It comes off your total not 3 off both its 3 on both however i think if you had two of those coupons then it would have been 6 off total make since?

      • Genevieve

        thank you all! 🙂

        • Anza

          Are you able to use two coupons that state $3/2 in order to get $6 off total??? This sounds too good to be true… just started to coupon a few months ago, still wet behind the ears, haha.

          • barbara

            you would have to buy 4 items to use (2) $3/2 coupons

  • Genevieve

    The coupon was $3 off 2 boxes. The boxes were 3.97 each so the total for 2 was $7.94. now my question is whether the $3 off applies to both boxes individually making the total $1.94 or if the $3 comes off the total of $7.94 making the total $4.94. And I apologize if this is stupid, I’ve never used coupons before. Also, if they do apply to both items individually does the cashier need to scan the coupon twice? Thank you for any advise

    • Amy


      The $3.00 coupon would apply to the total of the two. Your bottom line total would be the $4.00 amount.

  • Crystal

    We don’t have any stores in washington that doubles your coupons, except in the mail (once in a while). Is extreme couponig worth it without the doubled coupons?

    Also I have a manufactures coupon that says BOGO, can you apply that to your in store coupon that says BOGO and get it free?

    • carolyn

      I live in Northern California. We don’t have any store that double coupons either. It is harder and more difficult to shop as I have to go to multiple stores depending on the sales for that week. It is definately worth it. Especially when you can stock up on items like toothbrushes, cleaning products, etc.

      The BOGO depends on your store’s coupon policy. Check with the store manager or check their coupon policy online.

    • Rhonda

      Yes, BOGO and BOGO makes it FREE

  • Karie

    I have heard two different ways to use your coupons in order. I have heard manuf. coupons, then in store coupons. Then I have also heard in store coupons then manuf. coupons. I am not sure which way is right. I am new to coupons and I want to make sure I am doing this correctly.

  • Jennifer

    What exactly does first transaction mean? Do you seperate what your buying to get most RR ,ECB ?

  • Laura

    I lot of sites including yours discuss stacking and using store coupons with manufacture coupons. This is really allowed? I am sorry if this is a dumb question, but it would seem to me they would only allow one coupon per item?

    • Cindy

      Yes it’s allowed. There coupon policies are to use a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon

  • Cindy

    I am having trouble with the “like” coupons, as far as I know there are store & manufacturers, but when reading some of the tips, it says you can use 4 “like” coupons?? If you can use only one type per item, how do you get 4 different ones?? What others are there??

  • Ann Martinez

    Ok so this week I have 2 coupon for a dollor off of infusium23 shampoo or conditioner. Publixs also has a coupon in there flyer for buy infusium23 shampoo and get the conditioner for free. So can I use both coupons and get 2 dollars off even though the conditioner was actually free.

  • Hi,
    You stated p & G allows you to only use 4 “like” coupons per transaction. Is this agaist i item you ar uying, 4 like coupons to 1 item?

    • Marcia

      No, four coupons to four items (or whatever multiple the coupon says).

  • Sandra

    Stacking order??? I have heard manuf. coupons, then store coupons. Then I have also heard store coupons first then manuf. coupons. I am not sure which way is right.

  • tahieda

    Hi I am new to this but i like do u get to use cellfire coupons i seem to only be able to clip it once and it only comes off one item even if you have about 3??

  • Heather

    I’m having trouble figuring out what is a manufacturer’s coupon and what is a store coupon. I have coupons from the Stop & Shop Fall savings booklet, but the store refused it because it says “Manufacturer Coupon” Redeemable only at Stop & Shop, Giant, & Giant Matrin’s” Is this a Manufacturer Coupon or a Store coupon? If it is a Manufacturer coupon why can’t I use it at another store?

    • Lori

      I call those “catch22” coupons- they are “technically” considered Manufacturer coupons because you can’t stack them with another Manufacturer coupon. BUT if they have a store name printed on them, the Manufacturer will only reimburse THAT store for the coupon, so other stores may or may not take the coupon, but they will not be reimbursed for it, and they have no obligation to accept it. To make it simple I organize them with my STORE coupons and just keep in mind that they can’t be stacked. These coupons are kind of like an exception to the general sorting… in general a Manufacturer’s coupon will say M or Manufacturer and nothing else, and a store coupon should say Store, S, or the actual name of the store on it, with NO M or Manufacturer listed anywhere on the coupon. If in any case it has both it is a “catch22″…hope that wasn’t too confusing!

  • Sovann

    I am new to couponing and I was trying to use a coupon for pringles. I had a $1/4 pringles and a $1/2 pringles coupon. I bought the 4 cans and tried to use both coupon however the cashier would not allow me to use the $1/2 coupon. Was I wrong in trying to do this?
    Your website have been very helpful…..keep telling myself “baby steps, baby steps.”

    • Jodi

      That would be an improper way of stacking. You would have to buy 6 Pringles in order to use $1/4 AND $1/2. But let’s say you had $1/4 and a “Buy 4 get one free” (which doesn’t exist–this is an example), you could purchase a total of 5 Pringles and pay for only 4, saving a dollar off your price with the coupon, also.

  • michelle

    okay new to all of this. I watched a woman the other day at target. her order was $94 then she redeemed her coupons and she paid .73. Now my question is how did she find 4 and $5 coupons. Ialways see 1 or .50 but not $5.

    • Rocky

      Although they are less common than the $1 and under coupons, nowadays, they do seem to crop up much more often – maybe just a sign of the economic times.

      At any rate, your best way to find them is to check this site frequently, or, at least, regularly. If you can’t do that, at the least, sign up for Cindy’s email updates and you will receive an (almost daily) email update of the coupons, codes and deals for that day (keep in mind, though, that high value coupons can easily reach the print limit set by manufacturer’s fairly quickly, so, if you see something good, print it as soon as possible!). She provides an array of links to these types of coupons so that we all don’t have to search a gazillion places, ourselves! Then, she tells us how and where to use them so that we all learn how to pay $0.73 for a $94 order!!

      The actual coupons can be found in many places – (and all the other online coupon sites like coupon network, etc. – hover over the Coupons tab on the toolbar, above, to see many sources) ; facebook; store sites; ecoupon sites like Cellfire and your grocery store’s online, loadable coupon page; SavingStar (which is like a mail-in rebate site without having to mail in for it!), and, so on.

      Also be sure to go to the websites of the stores you usually visit, but, also, the stores in your area that you don’t yet go to often.! Sign up for their electronic notifications (and coupons page, too, of course!) and it’s a good chance they will start sending you high value coupons of some sort, also. And, even if they are not really high face-value, the value of these is that, most times, they can be ‘stacked’ (used, in addition to) with manufacturer’s coupons, thereby increasing their value.

      Lastly, check your Sunday newspaper’s coupon inserts each week – they are in there more and more, lately, but, I know I used to glaze over them, previously. I think I just figured that if there were such a high value coupon, the cost of the item had to be expensive, therefore, it wasn’t something I could afford, so, I hardly paid attention to them (ha! little did I know that Cindy would teach me how to get those items for near-free, or, even free!). Plus, if you keep up with this site, you will find that, usually on Wednesday’s, Cindy puts up a post of which coupons will be in that upcoming Sunday’s paper, so, you can plan ahead.

      So, the high value coupons really are all around us. You just have to be tuned into looking for them and you just need an easy way to find them (this site, hint, hint!), then, learn which sales/stores to apply them at by stacking them correctly with store coupons, electronic coupons, etc. This site, btw, also has great readers who, frankly, are pretty much all contributors. Everyone helps everyone else out, pointing out items on sale, and, at which locations, answering questions, etc. Great place to continue your coupon education! Good luck!
      P.S. It can be a little scary at the beginning, so, remember, baby steps are OKAY!!!

  • Ashley

    I live in Northern California and Walgreens & I think CVS allows both coupons

  • Can you combine manufacturing coupons with catalina coupons?

    • Anonymous

      Yes u can

  • Diana

    Hi, where do I get the manufacturer’s coupon?

    • Marcia

      The long post above lists ways to find coupons. The Sunday paper is a good, easy way to get started.

  • Ashley

    If a store coupon says “Not valid with any other offer” does that mean I can not use a manufacturers coupon with it or use it while it’s on sale? I’m brand new to this coupon thing and just want to make sure I read them right.
    Thank you

  • Jessica

    I have a couple of questions..idk if they have already been asked but what exactly does coupon doubling/tripling mean? how does it work? and how do i go abot getting store coupons? is that the same as catalinas?

  • Sarah

    I want to double coupons to get “FREE” items but what kind of coupons double?

  • Sarah

    How many coupons in all are you aloud to use at target. Is there a rule, please HELP!

  • Danielle

    Hiya – I like your little formula there. I get coupons printed after my receipt at Shoprite and Walgreens, and they both say the same thing on the back: “cannot be combined with the same or any other offer” – does this mean I cant use a mfg coupon with it?

    – Danielle

  • Elisha Rucano

    Anyone live in upstate my that does this couponing? If so I’d appreciate any help thank you