Coupon Lingo – What In The World Are They Talking About?

coupon lingo


Coupon Lingo

Are you confused by the Coupon Lingo you hear and see when checking social media and websites? Well look no further.  We’ve got the full list of coupon acronyms and definitions.  And, it’s printable so you can print it and put it somewhere while you learn how to speak coupons.

The following is a list of the most common acronyms & definitions that you will find while researching coupons on the internet or in the stores:


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Coupon Lingo - What in the World are They Talking About?

  • Carrie Moak

    And what does #2R mean?

    • Laura D.

      #2R would be after an insert date and type. Example: SS 1/5/14 #2R means Smart Source insert #2 from date 1/5/14 which will be “Regional”. Some people may have that insert with the coupons listed, while others may have not gotten that insert, or may have gotten different coupons within their inserts. HTH! (Hope That Helps!) 🙂

  • Cristina

    What is MQ?

    • Melinda Dilione

      manufacturer’s coupon

  • Meg

    “SS 01/26/14 R” What does the R mean?

    • Michelle T.

      The R means that insert was regional, meaning that it was not available everywhere.

  • Meg Keegan

    “SS 01/26/14 R” What does the R stand for?

    • Denise Davison

      Hi Meg, the R stands for Regional meaning that the coupon was not available everywhere

      • Meg Keegan

        Is there another paper I should get? Like the city paper vs the local paper? Is there somewhere that it tell you what regions those coupons are in?

        • Denise Davison

          All the coupons in your area are going to be pretty much the same, sometimes there can be some variation from paper to paper but usually the Regional coupons are a variation between (for example) $0.75/2 and $1/2

  • carissa

    How do i know if my coupons double? The only place we have to shop at is right aid, walmart and safeway. I have coupons from p&g, safeway said they dont double and right aid also said my coupons dont double. Im so confused on how this all works.

    • barbara

      Where do you live??. there are many area’s of the country that do not double coupons at all.. Rite Aid does not double coupons anywhere.. If your store doubles coupons..then the coupon will automatically double.. Very rarely does a PG coupon not double..

  • eeka

    What does “if included” mean?

    • Rocky

      Sometimes, sales of a product only include certain versions (scents, flavors, etc.). Then, a coupon may be restricted to only a specific flavor, etc. “If included” means that, although a coupon for a specific version is listed, they/we don’t yet know if that version is actually included in that sale price. So, until someone tries it out, or checks the product/price in person, it’s not sure if that coupon is appropriate for that sale.

  • Miche

    What does “in ad super q”

    • DianeG

      When a store puts out a sale notice in a newspaper, or creates a flyer, we can call that the ad. The “super q” refers to a special coupon included in that ad. Like an insert coupon, we actually have to cut out the coupon and hand it in.
      For example, ShopRite has a “in ad super coupon” in their sale flyer for Quaker Products. It’s a store (ShopRite) coupon, that says get three dollars off when you buy five Quaker products. When it is a store coupon, it can be stacked with MQ’s (manufacturers coupons), and ecpns from that store (if allowed). Sometimes super coupons are in every flyer a store prints and other times they can only be found in the flyers that get delivered to your home. Sometimes they are produced for very specific regions as well. hth

  • Alyssa

    I get confused seeing all the sales and it’s kind of overwhelming. I will see people’s hauls and when I read the breakdowns, I have a hard time following along.. Like when I see multiple things saying “2/$1, $2/1, $.50/1, 1/$.75” Does that mean 2 for one dollar, $2 off of one? $.50 off one? 1 for $.75?

    • misterbill

      Depends on the usage. The “/1” notation would normally only be for coupons, since there’s no reason for saying the price of something as “$2/1” since it should be assumed as being for one and mean $2 off the purchase of one item. “2/$1” (or more often $1/2) would either mean 2 for $1 (50c each) if it was the purchase price, or $1 off 2 items if it was talking about a coupon.

  • Stephanie Smith

    I saw a new abbreviation that said ctc, was that a typo?

    • Laura D.

      If that came from the comments, it may mean “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” Cereal. Sometimes, we make up our own stuff! 😉 That item is a hot item this week!

  • Lisa Gonzalez

    Can someone tell me what SYWR means?

    • Laura D.

      SYWR = Shop Your Way Rewards It is a rewards program that Sears and Kmart participate in. 🙂

  • Tim Goin Home Symonette

    I have a question about this site. When printing off coupons I noticed that some of the coupons listed are printable and some aren’t. Where are the non printable ones able to be located? In a newspaper somewhere?

    • Lesley

      Yes, there are coupons you can print from the internet and some that come in newspapers, normally on Sundays where I live in NJ. I rode the weekend paper and I get the coupons in my Saturday paper.

  • alice

    Hello I live in Texas and I find it so hard for couponing to work.

  • tim

    $1 for two does this mean I will get 1 dollar of each or just the first item.

    • Lesley

      A coupon that says you’ll receive a $1 off when you buy 2 items means you buy the two items and you’ll receive a $1 off.

  • Lynne Hackett

    I swore I saw an acronym that said HTH am I nuts?

    • Lynne Hackett

      It had to do with finding more coupons or older coupons

    • Lesley

      HTH= Hope that/this helps.

      • Lynne Hackett

        thanks to Lesley who saved my brain

  • Almeter

    Hi Cindy I am new to couponing and I’m kind of confused with the doubling of the coupons.

    • Sandy

      Some stores double manufacturer coupons up to and including $1. Call your store and ask them if they double coupons, up to what amount, if they impose a limit on the # of coupons they double and if they have any restrictions on printed coupons from the computer.
      If your store fully doubles then a .55 coupon will double to $1.10 meaning that $1.10 will be taken off of the item you are buying. Stores usually do not give overages so if the item costs only $1 – then only $1 will be subtracted and you will get it for free. i.e.: .55 coupon – .55 (doubled) = $1.10
      If you are lucky enough to shop at a store who doubles coupons up to and including $1 then the $1 coupon will double to $2 off that item etc…
      If your store does not double coupons (Walmart & Target do not) then only the value of that coupon will be deducted period. HTH! Read “ask BOGO, Couponing for Beginners” in yellow on home page.

  • Lorraine

    I’m new to couponing and would like to know if the coupons Shoprite lets you load to your card would be a manufacturer’s coupon and therefore I would not be able to use the printed one along with the one on my card.

  • misterbill

    OOS = Out of Stock

  • misterbill

    I think the first M in YMMV is mileage. As in the car manufacturers saying when quoting mileage estimates, “your mileage may vary”. Basically, the deal may not work for you depending on any number of things, not the least of which is how the cashiers decide to interpret something.

  • betty

    What is mq?

    • Melinda Dilione

      manufacturer’s coupon

  • christine w

    What does ETS mean?

    • Denise Uzunis

      Excluding Trial/Travel Size

  • Kim B

    What does ETS mean?

    • Denise Uzunis

      Excluding trial/travel size

  • Ladyb130

    What does MB12 mean?

    • ladyb130

      Just figured it out looking at circular…MUST BUY 12

    • Denise Uzunis

      Must Buy 12

  • Kelly

    What does MQ at Walmart mean?

    • Laura D.

      MQ at Walmart = Manufacturer Coupon at Walmart.

  • kanne

    what is WYB?

    • Laura D.

      When You Buy

  • Cupcake

    What does it mean to fully double?

    • Sandy

      If you have a store that fully doubles up to say .99 for example. You give them a coupon for .99 and it doubles to take off .99 & .99 OR .75 coupon fully doubles to take off the entire addtl .75 There are some stores out there that may only double up to .50.

      • Cupcake

        Gotcha! I’m new & still learning! I did good on my last food shopping trip… saved $136.00!

  • Liz C

    I have a question!? I’m new to couponing and I want to know if I have two different MQ on items ie. (1) $1/2 and (2) $.50/1 can I use them together on the same transaction?

    • Sandy

      In that scenario – only if you purchased 4 items. You can only apply 1 mfg. to the said stated amount. $1/2 would attach to 2 items. If you use a .50 coupon it would attach to a third item and so forth.

  • Jessica

    Can you tell me what “R” means as in: SS 10/19/2014 R

    • Jessica

      Nevermind! I didn’t scroll down far enough. 🙂

  • Jennifer Miranda

    hi! what does hba mean?

    • Michelle T.

      Health & Beauty Aids. That’s the department in a grocery store with shampoo, lotions, medicines etc, part of non-foods.

  • Maria

    What does ETS stand for?

    • Melinda Dilione

      excluding trial size

  • Verito


    first of all like this page so very much, I check it out everyday 🙂

    I was wondering if CVS can matchup prices over Walmart and use manufacture coupon and pay with ECBs? LOL, I might sound crazy but savings its a savings 🙂

  • Michele Luce

    I work at a Shoprite, PC should mean price plus. When you are scanning items at the register, the way you know it is on price plus is that there is a PC after the item.

  • Natalya

    trying to decode the coupon… I have two Super coupons “Item is FREE with additional purchase of $25” does it mean I need to have $25 in my shopping BEFORE all (including supper) coupons … right? then all coupons can come off the $25, so at the end I might pay anything under $25… Learning 🙂 Cant find a link to good explanation of this.

    • Rocky

      At most stores, yes, will be before coupons. But, there’s another acronym we use in the couponing world, YMMV (your mileage may vary), which means, for whatever reason, it might not work at your store. So, you will have to give it a try, to make sure. Along with that, I would say to hand them that coupon, first. Once that one is put through, hand them your other coupons. Also, about your super coupons, if they are for different items, you can use both in one order/transaction, as long as you have that $25 minimum purchase of other items. If they are the same, you can only use one at a time. HTH (hope this helps)!!! Good luck!

  • Angela Lande-Pachal

    Hope someone can help. The P&G coupons that came out this past weekend says “limit one coupon per purchase” but also says “limit of 4 identical coupons per household per day”. Does this mean you can use more than one coupon, just on separate transactions? Can you use this coupon with another coupon? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Sandy

      Most coupons say limit 1 coupon per purchase that just means you can’t use 2 manufacturer coupons for same item. You have to follow their limit of 4 like coupons per day/per household.
      So, you can but say 4 bottles of shampoo in one transaction using 4 of the same coupons and thats it. You can stack with a store coupon but not with another manufacturer coupon. Many times I will purchase 4 items and follow restrictions as you noted above. Go to my car, empty bags and go back in to do another transaction – different cashier. You don’t want to raise any flags and to not clear shelves for other shoppers

      • Angela Lande-Pachal

        Hi Sandy, thanks for the response! I’m still a little confused. when it states 1 coupon per transaction – that is it, no other coupons. when you use multiple coupons, is that for other coupons that do not have that restriction? Thanks again – I am so new and getting so confused!

        • Sandy

          1 coupon per transaction and 1 coupon per purchase are totally different. Consider “a purchase” as 1 item, lets say a bottle of shampoo. If your coupon states limit of 4 identical coupons then you can but 4 bottles of that same shampoo in 1 transaction. You don’t need to separate it into 4 transactions to use those 4 coupons. YOUR coupon did not state 1 coupon per transaction, it said per purchase. A single bottle of shampoo is “a” purchase. As far as stacking coupons, you can always stack or use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon together. Most coupons will say “1 coupon per purchase” but remember you are purchasing 1 item and using just 1 coupon for that item. The wording is confusing but if it states as do Unilever coupons – limit 2 coupons PER transaction – that’s it – thats your limit, 2 items. Read Couponing 101 for Beginners above and keep asking questions!

  • Amanda Andrews

    Hi, just found this web site and LOVE it. I was wondering if i had a coupon for $1.50 off of two boxes of kellogs cereal can i use two coupons or just one? Is there anyone that explain doubling a bit more?

    • geoff84

      If you’re buying two boxes, you can use only one “$1.50 off two” coupons. If you’re buying four boxes, you could use two coupons. Some stores double coupons but each chain has its own policy and even stores within a chain may have different policies (e.g. ShopRite and Giant). A more common policy is to double coupons up to $0.99: a $0.99 coupon would be doubled to $1.98, while a $1.00 coupon would be credited at face value.

      • Amanda Andrews

        And if i cant double on the manufacturers coupons than i can use a store and manufacturers coupon together?

        • geoff84

          You can almost always stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon, regardless whether the manufacturer coupon doubled. Just make sure it really is a store coupon. Many store circulars and websites offer both store and manufacturer coupons. Read the fine print to be certain of what you’re dealing with.

  • Joy White

    What does “piggybacking coupons” mean? This was mentioned in my store’s couponing rules.