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Italian Struffoli Cookie Recipe – Honey Balls

Here at the Livesey house this eve of Christmas eve, we are baking and wrapping and baking and wrapping.  My little elfs (my 2 daughters) are helping and the kitchen and family room are quite in an upheaval.  But hey, it’s Christmas.

Yesterday I shared with you the thimble cookie recipe which is part of my husband’s tradition.  Well, today it’s my family’s traditional Christmas cookie, Struffoli.  Once you try these little honey balls you will instantly be hooked.  They are an Italian cookie and oh so good.  Warning…they take time to cook but you won’t be disappointed. And you can sit for hours just picking at this gooey, delicious treat.

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  • tina dsilva

    Wow.. these look so yummm!!!! I have to try these.. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  • Julie

    Making these! Might use a little powdered sugar instead of sprinkles, though, since nonpareils always kill my teeth. :)

  • Frances Kalender

    OH I remember eating these on holidays as a child! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!
    Now just to find a place that sells spumoni ice cream and I will be in la la land lololol

    • Anonymous

      the groceries stores ususlly sell spumoni during the holidays

  • Beth Morche

    Going to try these for the first time, but wondered how far in advance can you make the balls?

    • Cindy

      I wouldn’t make them more then a day in advance. They are much better when they are softer and after a day then tend to get a little firmer

  • tricia

    I really am happy to see your recipes on the web because my grandmother used
    to make these sweets with honey only at Christmas time, and thought the recipe
    was just lost, well alot of these treats were made without written recipes! So there
    was no way for me to get a handle on this, since my mom never made them, then of course Grandma passed so well I’d like to share this with my daughter and the rest of our family, thanks

  • maria

    strouffle is a holiday traditon for our family, it just isn’t x-mas without them, very tradtional with Italian families. Just love them, bring back many memories of my grandmother, and all the holidays as a child.

  • Jaye

    Made these for Christmas. What a hit! It seems a new tradition has begun. No more store bought for my family. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!!

    • Cindy Livesey

      Yay! I am so glad you enjoyed them. Please think of my Grandma Anna when you make them each year. It’s her recipe! Makes me happy that others are enjoying them too!

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