Kraft First Taste: Possible Coupons Available

You may want to head over and check your Kraft First Taste account.  There have been reports of coupons for Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis and Oreo Cakesters. I did not get any of these coupons but you may want to check and see if you did.

Let us know if you scored any coupons.

(Thanks Mojo!)

  • wallygirl

    i got oreo, philly, mac-n-cheese, oscar meyer bacon and deli meats, digiorno pizza, kraft cheese bites, ritz crackerfuls and kool aid fun fizz coupons… all 1-1.50 off

  • Hara

    I got 3 coupons $1 off Oreo Cakesters & 4 pk Philly Cream Cheese. Then $1.50 off OM Turkey Bacon.

  • EgyptLyn

    I got $1 off Philly minis which we already love!

  • Stephanie

    Got the same as Hara!! Thanks for letting us know!

  • Lynda

    Nope, none here but thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  • Melissa B.

    2 here oreo cakesters and philadelphia minis, both $1 off

  • Dac

    I got all the same as Hara too!! Woohoo!! I’ve not received any before this and have been a member for almost a year! Thanks for the tip!!