New Month = New Amazon Gift Cards At Swagbucks

Reminder: A new month has started and you can now use your Swagbucks to order 5 more of the $5 gift cards (2 each day). If you remember you are only allowed to use your Swagbucks to buy 5 in one calendar month. So, if you ordered 5 in August, you are now able to order 5 more.

And don’t forget, today is MegaSwagbucks Friday so you can winner bigger today when you search.

Not sure what  Swagbucks are? Check out this post here.

  • Patti

    Cindy, would you be able to suggest a link that explains how to redeem these swagbucks for the Amazon cards? (or, maybe, I’ll have to look if they have Dunkin’ cards!). I have still not been able to figure out how to redeem/exchange them and have a lot sitting in my account. TIA!

  • marisa

    Do you know a customer service #for swagbucks?? I recently switched internet providers, verizon, to local cable company. In doing so I no longer have acces to my old verizon email. I can not change my email on swagbucks because, I have to be able to verify an email from my old and new email addresses. Inturn, I can not redeem any of my points for gift cards! I emailed swagbucks customer service 3x and never got a response! The whole situation stinks because I have over 6,000 swagbucks!!!!

  • Brady

    Can anyone explain to me how you earn so many swagbucks? It seems like a lost cause for me as I just started recently and earned like 2 bucks in the past week. How can you have over 6,000? At my rate, to wait until I have 450 bucks to redeem the $5 amazon card seems like it would take a lifetime and doesn’t seem worth it. I don’t see how anyone could redeem up to 4 per month. What am I missing here? Thanks