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Where Are The Coupon Inserts In My Sunday Paper?

Every Sunday I get emails and comments on the site from frustrated readers who are missing inserts in their Sunday paper.  Some papers have RedPlum and some do not and some have the SmartSource and some do not.  The same happens with the P&G inserts.  I truly know how frustrating it can be because it has happened to me as well.  It took a long time for me to find a good combination of newspapers to get the inserts that I want.

Here are sites that may help you locate inserts in papers near you:

And, I am going to take this opportunity to mention a few VERY important facts about using coupons:

  1. Coupons are to be used for the product that the coupon is intended for.
  2. You can not stack a manufacturer coupon with a manufacturer coupon
  3. Do not find ways to override your computer or printer coupon tracking software.  There is a set limit for each computer because that is how many the manufacturer is allowing.
  4. You can not copy or scan coupons.  This is a big NO NO.  Do not do this.

  • Laurie M.

    I’ve been meaning to ask – where were the GM inserts that you’ve referenced in some of your scenarios lately?

  • Theresa

    My problem is that I live in Central Illinois. I was able to get every coupon I wanted/needed from the Chicago Tribune sold locally, until about 4 weeks ago. They’ve pulled all of the inserts from the papers they sell down here. Now I am stuck with the 2 local papers who carry the very anemic Red Plum and one of them occasionally will carry a Smart Source. Last week the only 2 coupons from either insert that were of any use to me didn’t even equal what I spent on the papers to get them. Trying to contact the Trib has proven frustrating beyond anything I’ve ever encountered before. I’m hoping that they will notice that their sales on the Sunday paper has plummeted to nearly nil since they pulled the inserts and that they will replace them, but I fear they will not be able to do the math and they will just pull the paper all together. :( I want my coupons back! Thanks for letting me vent. Hoping maybe someone else is in the same boat and has figured out who to complain to or how to remedy the situation! ~ T

    • Chloe

      I sopped buying the Tribune in central Illinois months ago! Coupons were sporadic if available at all. It didn’t hurt that the plastic covering from the insert was always open, which made me suspicious that some “middle person” was removing the coupons! However, I was able to get through to the Tribune, and was told that because of costs they stopped distributing coupons in ALL papers, not just downstate. Sure enough, I was in Chicago last weekend, NO COUPONS in any Chicago paper! Go figure.

      • Stephanie

        @Chloe- this doesn’t make any sense because I get all of my coupons from the Chicago tribune. RP, SS and P&G. I do have it delivered to me, maybe that makes a difference?

        • Sue

          I live in central Illinois and we used to get the Chicago Tribune delivered to us and they quit that service because of cost. Up until about two years ago, the Tribune put coupons in their Sunday paper every week, now it is hit and miss.

          • tracet

            go to dollar tree and go through the paper and make sure there are coupons in there. i think so people go through them and pull them out

            • Rebecca Thompson

              You are right about dollar tree but I find that at all stores, I look to make sure the inserts are there before I buy it because I have found many times one or more of the inserts isn’t in there.

      • Anonymous

        That’s weird i live in the suburbs of Chicago and we get our coupons.

      • GAIL


      • Rebecca Thompson

        Decatur Herald and Review used to be pretty good at having coupons, but I haven’t lived in IL for 5 years so it may not be true any more.

    • Jamie

      I too live in west central IL. I have started buying The Rock Isalnd Argus, and the Des Moines Register? I got frustrated with the Tribune awhle back, and decided that I wasn’t goin to waste $4.00 a paper, if I wasn’t getting all my coupons. Best news is that these papers are only $2.00 a piece.

    • Rita

      If you don’t find the inserts your looking for try ordering them online its about the same price as buying the paper … http://www.bulkcouponinserts.com there is a charge for shipping but you get alot and it’s worth it.

    • Kris

      Try living in Montana :(
      We have nothing! literally no inserts. I rely soley on P&G booklets and print coupons off the internet.

    • Nikii

      If you have problems with getting coupons this site runs an insert business out of Florida & they get great coupons down there. I believe his is the cheapest insert company too: http://www.insertinsanity.com/servlet/StoreFront .
      He also has a Wiz clips for precut coupons: http://www.wizclipz.com/servlet/StoreFront & untop of that he has http://www.coupon-wizards.com
      Hope this helps.

      • Laurie

        Nikii – thanks for the info and links!

  • http://laurieamcmahon@yahoo.com laurie

    hey cindy,

    i’m in rockaway and would like to know which papers do you subscribe to.


    • Cindy

      I get the Thursday – Sunday delivery of the Star Ledger. Thursday is the RedPlum (delivery only) and Sunday is the SmartSoure. I also get the Sunday delivery of the Daily News which gives a RedPlum although some weeks it’s pretty week so I’m not 100% convinced on still receiving the Daily News.

      • Abby

        Cindy, the Thursday paper you’re talking about, does it have to be home delivery only or can i purchase it at a store and still get the coupon? Thanks.

        • Cindy

          Home Delivery only has the RedPlum

          • http://laurieamcmahon@yahoo.com laurie

            What’s the cheapest way to get the Thurs & Sun delivery for the Star Ledger? Thanks!

            • Cindy

              This seems to be the cheapest option. It’s $1.99 per week for the Thurs & Sun. I signed up for this and then they sent me an option for automatic payment and I would get a $25 gas card. Which of course I did. You can go here to check out the prices.

              • Jody

                I started subscribing to the Star Ledger Thurs and Sunday specifically to get the Thursday coupon insert. Since the start of my subscription, I have never received coupons on Thursdays. I don’t think I will be renewing my subscription.

          • Aimee

            Cindy I get home delievery of the Star Ledger and I don’t get the coupons!

        • Jenn

          I live in Sussex County and when I go to my local store to purchase the papers on Sunday sometimes the papers are empty of inserts, it drives me nuts! Our local paper the NJ Herald stinks for coupons and the Star Ledger doesn’t always have the same inserts as The Record. I never know what papers to purchase and end up buying like 2 of every paper taking a chance that the inserts will be in them. I do check to make sure at least one insert in there before buying (I actually do read the newspapers..LOL) but I feel like a fool standing there checking every section. Am I alone in this feeling?

          • Christine

            Hi. I realize thi thread started a while back, but I am new to this site, so I just saw it.
            I also live in Sussex County. I have found that the home delivery of the Herald to be consistant with the coupons. I actually have 2 delivered every week. But – they are not always together in the same section. One of them ( I want to say RP) is in the back of the paper.
            And no, you are not alone. Before I started getting home delivery, I would stand in the local deli and look to make sure they were there. I’ve done it in Quick Check and grocery stores as well. Once my husband (soon to be ex) and I seperated, I decided to get it delivered as opposed to dragging 3 kids out to get the paper. Also, I have learned that sometimes the inserts in the Star Ledger can and often are different than other papers.

            • http://www.couponsforthecommunity.org Carroll Lanyi

              I also live in Sussex Cty & have the Star Ledger delivered everyday, I have NEVER gotten coupon inserts in my Thursday paper! :(

              • Heather

                I would call the Star Ledger and ask them. I live in Somerset County and I have the paper delivered Thurs-Sun. I get my RP in my Thursday paper religiously. Then the SS and any other insert comes in the Saturday paper, not Sunday.

                Perhaps its a matter of how the delivery person works??

          • margie

            Hi Jenn, I live in Orange County NY and my local paper is the times Herald Record..I have learned that when i go to my local quick check on sunday mornings that I need to not only look through the paper to make sure that the coupons are there but I also have to look and see what coupons are there…very frustraing :( I have also found that the NY daily news (NYC paper) seems to have totally different coupons. So now after I spend about 20 minutes checking through the papers ( while the store workers watch me steadily..thanks to people who used to go in and steal the coupons out the papers) i buy a mix of papers and i usually buy extras of whichever one has the best coupons.

          • Laura D.

            @Jenn, try a different location. One place by me the guy removes all the inserts out of the papers before selling them to use for himself! Good Luck!

            • Andrea

              Is that even legal?

          • Aimee

            Hi Jenn I know this post is from awhile ago, but I wanted to comment. I too am in Sussex Co. I get the hearld and ledger. Lately the hearld has been better on # of inserts but the ledger has some better coupons. I do not get the insert on thursdays paper from the ledger! :( But I get 1 herald delievered and I ususally go to Wallgreens and buy 6 more. I’ve never had a problem with missing inserts until this past weekend, but they were great and I went back and gave me what I was missing. And told me I can check them before I leave!

  • Jannel O.

    Thank you so much for this post! I couldn’t find the Red Plum after my paper stopped putting it in the Sunday Paper. Now I know what paper to buy to get it. Thanks!!

  • Ruth

    I found that one very good way to get coupons is on eBay, the shipping is free most of the time and if you plan ahead, the coupons can be cheap also. When a coupon becomes hot, they are more expensive. When I see a good sale, I order the coupons on Saturday or Sunday and I get them on Tuesday so I can use them for the sales.

    I also buy whole coupon books from couponDede, the shipping is a little high but in the end it is worth it. Another place to get coupons is at Rite Aid, with the 20% discount, it becomes cheap to get them plus if you have any leftover up rewards or gift cards. I buy 20-30 papers every week because I do personal shopping for about 15 people. Here in PA and DE, some Dollar Trees also carry the Sunday Paper, that is the best place to get them. 1.75 paper for 1.00 is a good deal.

    • Jennifer C.

      @Ruth…how do you get coupons at Rite Aid? Also, I live in the S. Philly area. Do you know any Dollar Trees around here that carry the Sunday paper? Thanks!

      • barbara

        jennifer in Phiily We only have one PAPER The philadelphia Inquirer. .. which only gives you Smartsource and PG The RP comes in the grocery circular bags that get delivered to our homes.. HTH.. And by the way i have never seen the inquirer at the Dollar Tree , Your gonna have to pay the $2 or get delivery ..

    • Jennifer Kirk

      I would also like to know which Dollar Trees carry the Sunday papers. I live in West Chester, PA. Hmm… I’m not sure if there are even any Dollar Trees anywhere near me.

      • Danielle

        Every Dollar Tree I know carries the paper. They tell me that some weeks they get TONS and some weeks they get fewer. I have found they *sometimes* have the weekend one on Fridays, but they almost always have it on Sat morning, and again (late edition) on Sunday mornings. The guy that works in my Dollar tree knows me now! LOL! Just be sure to check them. I’ve gotten papers in the past and sometimes they are missing one or 2 inserts. I always check them (every copy) before I leave the store. Last week, karma was good: I got 3 bonus SS inserts in the papers I picked up! :)

        • Erika

          I live in Toms River area, NJ. Dollar Tree stores that I contacted tell me
          that they have a limit of one paper per costumer and carry the Sunday paper on Sundays only. I would like to find out where can I find Sunday paper on Saturday in my area. Thank you so much.

        • Sherry Z

          In Monroe Country, the Dollar Trees do not sell newspapers.

    • jill b

      I never thought of going to the Dollar Tree for my sunday newspaper.

      How did you start doing the personal shopping for people and what do you ask them for payment? I’ve been thinking about doing that, but I have no idea how to get started or what to charge them. If I’m going to the store and doing all the shopping I need to get paid. plus saving them money at the same time.

      • Carol Hiller

        Jill, there is a woman who does grocery shopping for people in my retirement complex, and she charges $6 a trip (and does numerous people at a time per trip.

        • Carol Hiller

          PS: Suburban Buffalo, NY.

  • Jennifer C.

    Cindy, I wonder if you might speak to the issue of coupon fraud sometime. I was recently at Shoprite and they turned down several of my internet coupons because they said they were on their “fraudulent coupon” list. One of them happened to be the Campbell’s soup $1.50/3, which came from the Campbells website! I don’t want to knowingly use a fraudulent coupon, but Shoprite seems pretty arbitrary in what they choose to accept, and I wonder if you have any tips.

    • Cindy

      You can head over here to check out an ongoing list of fraudulent coupons. However, that does not mean that ShopRite or any other store, for that matter, won’t put a perfectly good coupon on their own fraudulent list.

      Unfortunately, what happens is, people get greedy and copy the coupons. Then, they use them at say ShopRite. ShopRite goes to get reimbursement for the coupon from the manufacturer and the manufacturer does not pay because they have been copied. They can tell that buy the barcode numbers under the expiration date. So, ShopRite says, stop taking any of these coupons we didn’t get reimbursed for, like possibly the Campbell’s Soup coupons. So, it’s a legit coupon but others have ruined it for the rest of us by being greedy.

    • Jennifer Kirk

      I just used that $1.50/3 coupon at Shoprite yesterday – so if it’s on a “fraud list”, then it’s specific stores and not all Shoprites.

      • Jennifer C.

        And I used the Campbells soup $1.50/3 today at the same Shoprite that wouldn’t take it last week . Like I said, pretty arbitrary!

  • lisa

    CIC publishes fraudulent coupons on their website http://www.cents-off.com/coupon-fraud-list.php?st=84bc3 and every time I look at the list I’m struck by how high the values are on almost all of the coupons. I can’t even think of the last time I used one above $1, so I’m not too worried about doing something illegal when I use my low value coupons that I obtained through the paper, the well-known coupon printing sites, and the manufacturer’s own website. I am surprised at the few times that one of my coupons have been suspected of being a fake that it came from the manufacturer’s own website. It seems silly for the manufacturers to put their own coupon online and then have stores reject them. I don’t get it.

    • Anna

      I just looked at that website and I am also shocked at the high value of those coupons. It really bothers me when I see people cheating and stealing. It makes “real” couponers look shady. I hate when I go to Shoprite and the cashier has to call the manager over to ok half of my coupons. It makes me feel like a cheat and I haven’t even done anything wrong!!!

  • Lisa

    On a recent trip to Shoprite the cashier had to call the front end manager over for help with the coupons that I had. The manager proceeded to tell me that I had copied them. I kept my cool and showed them where to look for the different codes/pin numbers and said “if I had copied them how could they have different numbers on them”. I don’t think she liked being showed how to do her job but I spend alot of time gathering coupons for my shopping trips and really don’t appreciate being treated like I’ve done something wrong.

    • E.G.

      On my last few trips to ShopRite i learned a few suggestions. one main one is, if u have internet coupons, go to a cashier that looks like they may have a decent amount of experience, & therefore WILL NOT call over the manager if they encounter a “problem”. i live in maywood & go to the ShopRite in paramus. the last time i was at the ShopRite & had a problem with an internet coupon, the manager was called over & told me & my cashier 2 things:
      1- if the cashier is unable to scan an internet coupon, they’re just not supposed to accept it AT ALL; and
      2- if you use an EBT card (food stamps), which i do, you’re not supposed to use ANY COUPONS AT ALL.
      since the cashier had already scanned the rest of my coupons, the manager “allowed” me to use them, but warned me not to do so again “until their system was adjusted,” a warning i had heard about 1 year prior. i had never had a problem before, or since, but i believe that this is ridiculous. if anyone needs to use coupons, it is those of us that have serious financial issues necessitating food stamps.
      but i also know that these “rules” are not “firm.” on my last trip to ShopRite, i used my EBT card as usual, along with my coupons, & when the cashier was unable to scan one of the internet coupons, rather than call over the manager, he simply deducted the amount of the coupon from my bill manually, as i’ve seen other cashiers do. and i thanked him greatly.
      i hope this post helps other fellow couponers get the most for their effort. & remember- just because a manager says it, doesn’t make it true.

  • geri

    I’m in Somerset County and get home delivery of the Star-Ledger. Today I didn’t have a Smart Source in my paper. I didn’t get it last week either. When I called the paper, I was told there was not supposed to be a Smart Source today. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Keli

    Hi, can you tell me how I can print the coupons on your database. I’m new at this so not even sure if I can but I was specifically looking for coupons and found them but then didn’t know where to get them?

    Thanks so much!

    • Bree

      Not all of the couons from the database can be printed; if they are printable, they will have a link. If you aren’t able to print the coupon from the link provided, that means it’s probably no longer available.

  • Laina

    I can’t seem to find smart source inserts anywhere! I tried using the link you posted and emailing them but it doesn’t seem to go through. Anyone know which newspapers in Central NJ carry smartsource inserts?

    • Keisha

      Check asbury park press

      • Milena

        Home News Tribune and the Star Ledger always have SS inserts. RP isn’t always in the Sunday Star Ledger. I get mine from Quick Check and they’re always in there, unless there aren’t any inserts that week.

  • Jennifer

    Anyone know of a good paper and days to purchase for the philadelphia area? I have been buying the courier post and it’s really random on the coupon inserts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jennifer C.

      @Jennifer, I get the Philadelphia Inquirer. I buy the early Sunday edition on Saturday, and I always get it at the store myself rather than delivery so I can make sure there are coupons in my copy. If you live in S. Jersey you should be able to get it at Wawa or CVS. The Inquirer only has SS, not Redplum. The Redplum comes with my weekly ads that are delivered to me, but I live in Philly.

      • Jennifer C.

        Also, if you were thinking ot get 2 papers, my mom gives me her inserts from the Courier Post, and sometimes the coupons in the inserts are slightly different from the Inquirer, so it’s nice that way.

      • Laura

        Just an FYI…I live in West Chester, PA and I get the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer delivered. If you are missing your coupons, you can call the customer service, and they will mail the just the coupons to you that week. It’s much cheaper to subscribe! Luckily I have only had to call once for missing coupons

  • Fiora

    Hey Jennifer C. how do you get the RP with the weekly ads on thursday? Do you have to sign up for that? I live in Bucks County, I get the store weekly ads but no RP.

    • Jennifer C.

      @ Fiora, I’m not sure! I live in S. Philly, and the ads are delivered to me by a nice guy who tosses them on my front steps :) MOST of the time the RPs are in there. I have noticed a phone # on the bag that the ads are delivered in….are yours in a bag like that? Maybe call the # and ask about it.

      • Jody

        @Fiora-my sister lives down in Lanhorne and she gets the RP and all the inserts in her mail on Thursday. I am so jealous-she gets the Target circular well in advance!

        • Mary Killion

          I live in levittown and I dont get inserts in the mail! The bucks county courier times has all the coupon inserts – but they refuse to deliver more than one sunday paper.

          So I cancelled my 6 day subscription – got $150 refund – and use it to go buy 6 sunday papers at the dollar store every sunday.

          Their customer service is horrible but the coupons are good!

  • jmontalvo213

    Hi guys,

    For those who looking for extra coupons, check your nearest dollar store, doesn’t matter what chain it is, as long as they sell the newspaper, they will sell the Sunday newspaper for 1.00. The one nearest me allows only 5 newspaper per person, other allow 10, so just a thought…


  • JR

    As much as I like saving, I have a really hard time with the idea of buying so many newspapers only to throw away (well, recycle) almost all of the newspaper. I’d gladly pay the entire price of the newspaper to get just extra copies of the inserts.

  • Kathrine

    Anyone have an opinion on the best paper to get in North Jersey or New York City area? I’m hoping you guys can help me find a paper that has both RP, SS, & P&G…

    • Milena

      If you go to the P&G website you can put your zip code in and it will tell you which papers in your area will carry the P&G insert. I live in Central NJ and the Home News Tribune has all three (RP; SS and P&G)

      • Cathy

        Are all three coupon inserts in the Homes News & Tribune delivered on Sunday, or should I get a daily subscription?

    • http://mydailyswag.com loretta

      the jersey journal (found in hudson county) on Saturdays and it’s only $0.60

    • Rachel

      Kathrine- I live in NYC and I’m trying to come with an option other than the Post. (Since you can only get 7 day a week delivery with them.) So I was wondering what you ended up with?

    • Nancy

      Help with this . Lost with all the diffrent papers having one or not the other. Confused

  • Peggy

    hi everyone. i’m pretty new at this. could someone please tell me where i can get the best coupons for my area, i live in Springfield, MO. thanks

  • Sherry Z

    I am seeking comfort.

    I arranged to visit a local mini store in a gas station late in the evening after calling first. I gave whomever was in charge $5 and received all left-over inserts that they otherwise put in their dumpster. It was not unusual to obtain 40 papers per Sunday.

    This process worked very well for 5 weeks.

    The evening manager is no longer working on that shift and the new one told me that his District Manager forbid him from giving anyone those papers.

    The dumpster is too disgusting to consider sorting through.

    What a disappointment! And I live in the Pocono’s where I have very few places in which to purchase papers.


    • Honey Clipper of Queens

      I feel for you! But don’t give up!

  • Josie

    can someone explain to me why is it i tried to buy pantene today at cvs and wasn’t allowed to use 3 different coupon for 3 different amounts. i was buying 2 shampoos..the coupon stated save $3/2 then i had another coupon save $1/2 the save $1/1..why did it not work its not like i was using 3 $3/2….i was at pathmark last week and i was able to use a coupon buy 2 get 1 free and 3- 1.50/1 and it worked

    • Cindy

      The second number tells you how many items that coupon is good for. So if you bought 2 shampoos you can only use the $3 off 2 ($3/2) coupon. That coupon is good for both products you are purchasing. You can not use another coupon on top of that. It’s the same as if you bought 1 item and use a $1/1. You can not use another $1/1 for the same product.

  • Josie

    i am also new to this coupon thing and still in process in gathering my coupons… i get inserts where i can and print from coupons.com but heres my problem…i have a MAC and some of the coupons I find on the internet i cant print….does any one know how i cant print them without having to buy a regular pc :(

    • kristinak

      If you use firefox some of the coupons wont print even if you have the coupon printer installed. So you have to use safari as the browser and then you should be able to print them. That has been the only issue that I have found using my mac. Hope this helps.

      • Tarah

        I have a mac and for coupons.com I have to use the most recent version of firefox (an older version I had did not work) and for smartsource.com I have to use safari. For redplum I use either.

  • Pam

    For those of you who don’t have anything to do with the extra newspapers from the Sundays you buy more than a few check out your local middle or high schools. I know that many teachers in the Social Studies classes use the papers for current events and teachers don’t turn down free items that they can use. I figured this might help the person that commented on feeling silly buying so many papers at once. Now you can do it with a double purpose.

  • Sue

    Strange happenings in Howell NJ for the first time ever — I went to get the Asbury Park Press in Walgreens and they only have the RedPlum insert (my home delivery copy has both RP and SS). I checked the APP and Star Ledger in Stop and Shop, and the APP has only RedPlum and Star Ledger has only SmartSource. Is this happening to anyone else? Usually the store copies have both inserts.

  • Lisa L.

    Same here.. last week and this week, Bergen Records only had redplum. I went to CVS, Dollar Tree and local newspaper shop and all only had redplum. Do they stop carrying Smart Source? I don’t get home delivery so I wonder if it’s happening only on the store copies.

  • Samantha

    I live in south Jersey.. I started this couponing back in May.. I buy 2 papers per week.. Courier Post & Phila Inquire… What I have noticed is the the Phila Inquire has more of the coupons that I need.. They will both carry smartsource, but they are different… Odd, but true…
    And I found that Inquire has the coupons that I need.. So needless to say this week I bought 2 Inquire’s and no Courier Post, I have too see how that goes…

    • Chrissy

      I get the Courier Post and Philly Inquirer as well…Could not find ANY P&G’s in the Courier Post, and I searched through about 20 papers…and Philly Inquirer bumped up their price to $2.00 now…..=(

  • Eileen

    my 2 cents, I live in southern coastal jersey (jersey shore) but often I visit my mom on the weekends in central jersey, I always go to the dollar tree for my papers, and it all depends on what time I get there as to what they have, USUALLY I go for the Asbury Park Press “Sunday Press” (not “the Press of Atlantic City” which always has only one insert) the APP usually has everything, but because subscribers get first dibs on the inserts sometimes the ones you pick up at the store are missing inserts…sometimes they are out of the Press and I get the Star Ledger, which often had all or nearly all the expected inserts…
    This morning I had to go to a different dollar tree because the closest one was closed for moving location…(I could see the papers inside the store but noone was there to sell them to me I wanted to scream) anyway the one I went to only had the home news tribune, which did NOT have the playschool or the pepsi inserts! bummer….I also get one APP home delivery and that had EVERYTHING :) hope this helps

  • Karen

    I contacted several local papers in my area (CT) to ask about inserts. I called 4 companies and got the same response from all about inserts. The only guarentee for inserts is home delivery. Inserts that are left over after are put into insert packages for paperboxes, stores, etc. WOW was all I could say.

  • pat l

    cindy can you please tell me why ss and rp coupon books are different from the ones in the newspaper to the ones they deliver in a package to your house i live in queens, ny the ones that come to the house don’t have half the coupons that the sunday papers do n its not that pages are taken out coupons are printed completely different

  • http://none bj

    Re printing problems on a MAC, Iwas able to print Bricks coupons until the Genius Bar worker s did a repair. I took it back (Macbook) to the geniuses & after 3 visits they figured out that they couldn’t fix it on Safari, and switched me to Firefox. I have to switch back & forth between Firefox & Safari but I can print those high value coupons from Bricks.

  • Jamie

    I have a question about printing.

    I used to print all my coupons at work, but I just lost my job and now more than ever I need to print coupons. Does everyone here own a printer and use up ink on coupons? It’s especially frustrating when I want to print a specialty coupon from the company’s site so have to use a whole page for 1 coupon. Has anyone found an amazing deal on ink, or are there any people here who print outside of the home?

    • E.G.

      as a former computer tech, i have a suggestion if your printer is using up an extraordinary amount of ink when u print your coupons. do u print your coupons in color, or black & white? ur coupons don’t need to be printed in color, & they use up a lot more ink in doing so. here’s a suggestion:
      change your printers’ preferences.
      you can either do this on a print-by-print basis, or change the default preferences, & just remember to change them back when u print something important.
      -here’s how to change the default settings:
      go to the start menu, & open the “printers & faxes” control panel. right click on your default printer & select “printer preferences.” look around, & change the print quality to “fast,” & the color to “greyscale.”
      this will make your coupons & documents print much faster, using less ink.
      -to do this on a print-by-print basis:
      when u select “print” & the box comes up, click “properties” next to the name of your printer, & change the settings to those u require.
      but since most coupon printer apps print without this box coming up, i suggest changing the printer’s default settings, & only changing them back for special printings that require color and/or high quality (such as photos).
      good luck!
      p.s. for printing outside the home, your local library is usually a decent choice, just beware of sites that requires u to install their their own “coupon printer app.” the library may or may not allow that.

  • michele a

    I actually buy my ink on ebay from a reputable re_inked seller. I always buy a 5 pack with 2 color and 3 black for around $30 and then buy just about every 6 months. I print everything on my HP printer so this works best for me. Good luck i hope this helped you.

    • Sherry Z

      Michele A, would you please reveal the Seller from whom you purchase? If you do not want to post here, please contact me at Tapshoe@gmail.com

      Thank you!

  • Shannon F., Auburn WA

    I think if you stick to the same stores repeatedly, the managers and cashiers get to know you. I’ve had a few ask where I got my coupons from, the printable ones, but more out of curiosity. I’ve not had any problems with either to date, and I think in part it is because 1. I don’t use TOO many coupons at a time, and 2. I shop even without coupons at times as well. Walgreens in my area would see me frequently for my photo printing, so I was already in the store alot…I think alot of it is about a repore but that’s just my opinion.

    I’ve noticed that alot of the coupons also state: no more than 4 like coupons (or similar verbage)…so I believe there are some that misuse and over use and that can be bad for those of us that are not abusing the ‘coupon’ privledge. Again, just an opinion.

    • Laura

      I must absolutely agree with you!!! I have a Shoprite a block away from me and I am in there all the time. The cashiers and managers know me (and my kids) and if a coupon beeps, they usually just override it and I think it’s partly BC they trust me and know I’m not going to misuse any coupons. That relationship you develop with personnel is sooooo very important.

  • http://Ant Louise

    I have a question about printing. I received an iPad for Christmas and have set up a wireless printer for it to print to. I still cant print most coupons I come across. Has anyone set up coupon printing from there iPad and if so maybe you could tell me how. Thanks

    • T Williamson

      Louise, you need an HP Printer (e-print) to print from many apps including coupons.com, etc. It’s a worthwhile investment and available for cheap now, so go get one if possible.

  • Judy

    Hi all, I get the throws up to my door on friday, I have been nice to the guys and they now really put a bunch on my doorstep, last week he gave me 10 SS and 8 RP, I asked him if he could do this every week and he said sure, my mom gets hers deivered on wed/thurs. I also asked the guy at 7-11 if I can have inserts fromleft over paper and he said he will save for me I did tell him I would recycle for him. I live in Union County.

    On a 2nd note went to Walmart thinking I was going to have a scoop of a day only to be very dissappointed to find that Schick Hydro Razor was going for 9.97 and even with the $4 off cpn I didn’t come near what was stated on the match-ups of even coming close to getting it for 1.97@and what clorox 2 can you get for 1.84 I am wondering what Walmart everyone is shopping at because the prices I am seeing are way higher than what is being quoted, I asked the saleswomen if I can use 3/2 on 4 she said no I really didn’t know what you guys did to get it at this price….HELP!!!! Needless to say everything else I wanted the shelves were cleaned ouut but good…gluttons..lol

  • prifafer

    Gd afternoon! I live in Elizabeth and need to know and ask to someone that live in the same area which is the best sunday paper to buy and get most of the coupons to get the most on all of the deals? Need an answer really fast because I just went out to my nearest bodega and they did not get any of todays sunday newspapers at all. I know that there are different sundays paper but want to spend on the ones that comes with the majority of the coupons. Thanks need answer asap please.

  • Sherry Z

    I would like to know how to differentiate between RP1 and RP2 or SS1 and SS2.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Shelby

    Does anyone know a newspaper in the Austin area that has coupons?

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