• Melissa B.

    It didn’t reset for me :). Oh well, I got some ajax for 99 at shoprite. Xtra isn’t my favorite anyway. Now to cross my fingers that they have a b1g1 free coupon and sale at one of the drugstores. Is that too much to ask?? LoL!

    • Niki

      Ajax is always .99 at Walgreens, except when they have it in their sales paper for usually .79 or so.

  • TRP

    Mine printed in spanish. I don’t think I can use it.

    • Cindy

      You can use it. It scans just fine.

  • Stacey

    the ones I printed a while back were in spanish to . I did ot use themand now i can’t print more

  • Christyl

    Will the store get reimbursed for the coupon though? How do they know where to send it if it’s all in spanish?

    • Cindy

      The remit to address is right on the coupon