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New $0.50/1 Hamburger Helper Printable Coupon

Wow, here is a rare coupon.  Well, Hamburger Helper coupons are not rare, but a $0.50/1 Hamburger Helper Printable Coupon is rare.  These are always going on sale for around $1.00.  And, if your store doubles, that is some free Hamburger Helper.

We are not Hamburger Helper fans in this house but I am printing up some coupons as this would make a great addition to my Couponing for a Cause donation.

(Thanks eeendeavors!)

  • mandee

    it this one says you already printed number aloud close the page and go back in it did not work hitting back.

  • ashley

    The coupon says do not doubt or tripple

  • Rebecca

    The link is for a Weaties Fuel “Pick your favorite Driver” contest. I haven’t seen the coupon yet…I checked and it has the same link…

  • Pat Kumer

    Did not get .50/1 Hamburger Helper coupon to print either

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