Free Gain Fabric Softener with New $3/1 Gain Coupon

There is a great, high value, $3/1 Gain Fabric Softener Coupon in the 2/13 RedPlum.  Here are a couple of places you can use them to score some free or super cheap boxes of fabric softener.


Gain Fabric Softener 80 ct $3.26
use $3/1 from the 2/13 RP
$0.26 each after coupon

::Dollar General

Gain Fabric Softener 60 ct $2.99
use $3/1 from the 2/13 RP
free after coupon

::Family Dollar

Gain Fabric Softener 60 ct $3.00
use $3/1 from the 2/13 RP
free after coupon
(Thanks Nicole!)

::Rite Aid

Gain Fabric Softener 24 loads $2.99
use $3/1 frmo the 2/13 RP
Free after coupon
(Thanks Bernell!)


Gain Fabric Softener $3.69
use $3/1 from the 2/13 RP
$0.69 each after coupon
(Thanks for the Mommas!)


Buy 2 Gain Fabric Softener $3.99 each
-(2)$3/1 Gain from the 2/13 RP
Pay: $1.98
Get a $3.00 Catalina
Free + $1.00 Money Maker
(Thanks Michelle!)


Gain Fabric Softener 21 loads $3.79
use $3/1 from the 2/13 RP
$0.79 each after coupon

Let us know if you found any other deals at your store and I’ll add it to the list!

  • Bree

    Dollar General had two different boxs of sheets (don’t remember the count) and they were $2 and $2.75. I think they had the liquid too for about $3.

    Hoping a good SR deal/catalina comes around soon!

  • Staci

    Is the fabric softener on sale at Dollar General for about $3 today?

  • Carrie

    Where can I get this coupon? Thanks

    • Bernell

      I ordered mine from Ebay a few days ago when I found out they would be in this Sunday’s paper.
      I’m sure the prices are REALLY high! Best thing to do is order from Coupondede or mycouponhunter tomorrow night!

  • brooke

    please keep the coupons coming!

  • Bernell

    Rite Aid has Gain Fabric Softener 24loads for 2.99 (non-sale price)—if you have 20% wellness discount…only $2.39….which means FREE!

    • Stephanie

      Is the Rite Aid price for liquid or sheets?

      • Kristin

        Rite Aid has the liquid, but regardless of whether or not you have discount they’ll be free.

        • Bernell

          True… everyone wins

      • Bernell

        This price is for the liquid…and my correction….its 23 loads.

  • CJ

    The 80 ct Gain sheets at my Walmart was over $5. The 40 ct box at $3.12 was the only size even close to $3.

    • CJ

      My mistake – the box I got was the 80 ct, not the 40ct, for $3.12. I feel better now 🙂

  • Michelle

    My scenario— Dollar General. Our local DS offers a $5.00 off coupon when you spend $25 on Saturdays only. The Gain liquid softener is anywhere from $4-$5 depending on sale times.
    Work it like this:
    Buy 5 Liquid Gain Softeners for $5 each (roughly)
    Spend $25
    Use the $$5 off coupon first
    Then use 5 $3 off coupons
    Total is $5 for 5 liquid softeners…What you would have paid for ONE!!!!! If the price is lower then you get the point. The item would be FREE!!!

  • Michelle

    Check this out. A money maker from Meijer.
    Buy 2 for 3.99 each/total 7.98
    use the 2/13 Gain coupons for $3 off both/ total $6 coupons
    $1.98 for both after coupons
    Receive $3.00 off next shopping trip
    The next two purchased with 2/$3 coupons and the $3 ONST
    You make $1.02!!!!!

  • Yolli

    Went to Dollar General and picked up the wrong size (the $2.75 size was int the wrong place and I couldn’t figure out which one was the right size for that price). Went and found a few Valentines day items – just in case, they would not let me use the coupon. I got two Gain for $2 each, pair of socks and V-Day card for $0. Cashier said I owe you $$$ and actually gave me $0.17. WooHoo

  • Laurie M.

    My Rite Aid only had the 120 count for $4.99. So I paid $1.99 but it’s a much larger count. I’ll get the freebies with my other two coupons.

  • Oni

    My Family dollar had the 120 count for $3.75 I felt a little cheated. They had the 40 count for 2.15 I got 3 boxes of the 120 count and 5 of the 40 count. $2.98 oop due to tax and .75 cents a box for 120 count.

    No $3 120 count there.

  • As a gain user for the last 2 years. I was very disappointed when I purchased 3 bottles of fabric softner from a locally drug store that had no scent to it what so ever. I tried to exchange them but the store wouldn’t take them back. Very upset from St.John’s Newfoundland .