Walmart: Similac Money Maker

Walmart: Similac Money Maker

If you received the $5 Similac Coupon in your 4/3 SmartSource insert then you may be able to score some Free with overage at Walmart this week.  Remember, Walmart’s new coupon policy allows for overage of a coupon so be sure to take a copy of the policy with you when you shop.

Here is the Similac Deal:

Similac Sensitive $3.84
use $5/1 Similac Coupon from the 4/3 SS
Free + Overage after coupon

If you have no need for the product but want to take advantage of the overage, then consider getting it for your Couponing for a Cause donation.

(Thanks passionforsavings!)


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  • cris

    I know that different Walmart’s price items differently. Has anyone actually price checked their Walmart to see the price of Similac? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Great deal! This may be combined with the $5.oo checks that similac mails out when you register with their website and with the $2.00/$3.00 coupons usually found in the pediatricians office! Best savings would be if this was purchased in bulk form a Costco or Sam’s Club!

  • Jil

    My papers both a $5 off and a $3 off. My children are older but I was thinking of using the overage from the $5 off to offset the $.84 owed on the $3 off and get a bunch for free to donate to my church. The deal will still have a small overage.

    • Paulette

      That’s what I was thinking too! 🙂

  • Cara

    The Walmart near me sells Similac for $5.50~$6.00, Shoprite is cheaper. I wonder if the “rollback” pertains to all Similac Sensative or just the one pictured. I have tons of $5.oo coupons (I have twins so I collect them from everybody, everywhere) but they drink the Orange/White bottle, Sensative for fussiness and gas. If anyone knows please reply! Thanks!

    • I had the same thoughts as many of you, and headed off to Wal-Mart with 4 $5.00 coupons. The Sensitive is indeed selling at $3.84. (I picked up the organic first because the shelf also listed it at $3.84 but it was incorrectly labeled.)

      You can only purchase one per transaction AND since I had problems with originally picking up the organic and the cashier not knowing about the cash back program the managers would not let me purchase more than one. YMMV

    • jamie

      yes…I buy the same formula(sensitive, orange bottle) and it is on all ready to feed any type

      • Margaret W.

        Has anyone TRIED to use more than 1 coupon anywhere?

        • Jil

          I got 4 and it wasn’t a issue. Their policy has some quantity limitations but it doesn’t say a limit of one so if you bring the policy with you and are prepared to state your case they may honor it. I say they might because I have been hearing a lot of different stories in terms of what the store managers will allow despite the new policy.

  • Jil

    I had a completely different scenario. My Walmart didn’t have the price rollback but they were all priced $4.17 (all the different kinds – sensitive, regular and soy). I successfully purchased 4 and was able to use the 4 coupons against all of them. The cashier was not familiar with the new policy but I showed it to her via my print out. All was good!

  • Patricia

    Did this deal today at Walmart in White Plains, NY. Bought 4 Similacs and a magazine for my hubby. They gave me $0.15 back! Best score yet!! 🙂

  • shelly

    Corporate said that their policy states you can use unlimited # of coupons in a transaction and she said that coupons that state 1 per transaction are to be overide and if their is a problem to call the 800#. My Northern Cali Walmart has the advance for $5.47

  • Lesly

    I just used 24 of the $ 5.00 coupons for Similac Sensitive spit up ( i have multiples) at the White Plains, NY Walmart. They did it in one tranaction woth other items and when they entered my coupons it rejected so a manager was called and she told me that you were only allowed on per transaction so i needed to break it down to 24 transactions. They rang up one siimilac at a time with a $ 5.00 coupon and I was given the difference of $ 1.16 in cash 24 times which i then used that money for my 25th tranaction to pay for the extra items. It was a long process and now my concern is I ordered more Similac for the reamining coupons i have and I assume they will have to do it again one by one. My question is would I have to get the manager to call the 1800 number to corporate to get an okay to have it in one transaction ro do I call myself when I am at the register? Need some help with this since I will be going back to walmart on Sunday for my remaining formula

  • Meg

    Where does one get a smart source insert? I too am trying to go to the white plains Walmart