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Skim Plus Coupon Update

Skim Plus Coupon Update

Earlier today, I posted a coupon for a FREE half gallon of Skim Plus milk from Farmland Dairies.  I received emails from a bunch of you saying that you spoke to Farmland Dairies and they claimed the coupon to be fraudulent.

Well, of course, I know that can not be true since the coupon is hosted on the Farmland Dairies website and I’m very careful as to where I get the coupons links from.

So, I gave them a call myself and spoke to a great representative at Farmland.  We had a nice conversation about the coupon and I can 100% confirm that it is a valid coupon.  HOWEVER, this was a promotion that was run a few months ago directed to specific consumers.  Unfortunately, for Farmland, they left the link up and it’s still active.  And, we all know the world wide web is a very big and scary place where nothing ever really goes away.  Like coupon links that companies do not take down.

They are in the process of removing the link from their site and they have asked me to take down my post.  Which I did.  However, if you already printed the coupon, it is a valid coupon that expires tomorrow and you can use it knowing that it is a valid coupon. I confirmed that with them too.

Hope that helps answer any questions about the coupon. :)

For those of you that didn’t get to print it, there is a $1/1 Skim Plus Coupon that is available and still active.

  • RN

    thank you for clearing this up, cindy! this really helps. i’ll be going to stop & shop or shoprite tonight. hope that none of us will have any problem getting the free milk..

  • Betty

    Cindy, that link for the valid coupon my Shoprite in Wall would not take. They said it was a fake, there was no watermark on it!!! This is not the first time they have refused to take coupons from me…I’ve been told my coupons were copies because they were in black & white. It’s not the money but the principle that really gets me angry! I’ve been shopping there for over 8 years. Now every time I go I wonder what coupon they will say is a fake.


    • Cindy

      Betty, as I explained in the post, it’s not a fake. However, as I said in the original post, some stores would not take a coupon for a free item. Not because it was fake but just because they don’t take printable coupons for free items. My shoprite will not take it and I do not even try. Just stay with the coupons that you know your store will take so you don’t have an issue.

      • Betty

        It was not for a free item it was the same coupon currently on the Farmland Dairy website for $1 off 1. If it were free I would question it myself. It’s just the principle, I understand they lose a lot of money with fake coupons & have to watch. But because there’s no “watermark”…


        • Cindy

          Ah, yes. Well, unfortunately that is an issue too. A lot of the stores will only take Bricks coupons or Smart Source coupons. Some won’t even take Smart Source.

    • Melinda

      Hi Betty!! It’s cool to see a fellow LRWC member at Shoprite in Wall! Unfortunately, I’ve given up on this store as far as coupons go….they are extremely unfriendly…the ONLY coupons they take are from b/c they have a watermark and a website: They won’t take coupons printed from smartsource, redplum, or any pdf coupon or any other place you can get a valid internet coupon. I’ve spoken to the store manager so many times about this and all they say is they’re just following “policy.” They were told to only accept IP coupons that have watermark/website printed on them. I was given a # to call once and for some reason I never called…just didn’t want to give it the effort I guess. I turned to shopping at the SR in Neptune, which is further for me and not my favorite place to shop but they are much more coupon friendly…here’s the kicker…they have the same franchise owner as Wall! The SR in Neptune takes most all of my IP coupons (all smart source, etc). Once in a blue moon they won’t take a PDF coupon. I’m planning on trying this today or tomorrow and will report back if this Farmland one works at Neptune. So if you can, my advice is try shopping at Neptune when you can. Hopefully one day the Wall store will change!

      • Betty

        Melinda, I work less than a mile from the Shoprite in Neptune, it would be great to see a fellow LRWC too. Maybe we can arrange a shopping trip together. I have also gone the Shoprite in Brick & they are much nicer about coupons. i believe they too have the same franchise owner as Wall. Amazing! I just might have to change my store.

        • Melinda

          That would be great to meet up sometime..why don’t you consider coming to the couponing workshop Cindy is doing at my church in Belmar, NJ? It would be great to meet you and I’m sure you’d learn a lot like all of us at the workshop…and plus, you’ll get to meet Cindy…she’s like a superstar and famous in my book ;) It’s down as a private event on her list of workshops just b/c we want to keep it somewhat intimate and on the smaller side but you’re more than welcome! If you e-mail me I’ll send you the details and address if you’re interested:

          • Michelle

            Hey ladies! I am a fellow Neptune Shoprite shopper and longtime follower of LRWC! I agree that Neptune isn’t my favorite place to shop (always crowded!). I used this coupon about an hour ago and they accepted it with no problems!

    • Aly

      It’s probably not that it’s even for a free item, Shoprite is just horrible with accepting coupons. I hardly ever shop there now.

      I had a $.75/1 coupon from Santa Cruz Organic, which came directly from their website that they wouldn’t take because it didn’t have a watermark. Apparently if it doesn’t have a watermark it’s a fraud and the manager tried to tell me they wouldn’t be reimbursed for it. Which made no sense since they mail the coupon to Santa Cruz!?

      I feel the same way though, it’s not the money because I can go to a different Shoprite and use it, but the principal of the matter.

  • Betty

    My Shoprite takes any coupon I give them. (northern Bergen Cty)

    • LISA

      Which one? I’m in Northern Bergen Cty as well. Ramsey is very good about taking internet type coupons from the verifable sources (smartsourse,, etc). Others and PDF types they won’t accept.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even need this coupon but am really impressed by how far you went to check on the validity of this coupon I just had to respond! Thank you for all you do to help us save so much money :)

    • Betty

      Amen to that!!! Thanks Cindy we really appreciate all your work. I recommend your site to everyone at work & even strangers I meet in the store. You do go above & beyond, thank you!

  • Justin

    Is there a list of stores compiled that we know of that won’t take Free or BOGO free coupons? For instance, I know Giant Food in PA won’t take this free one.

  • Megan

    I’ve used the $1/1 coupon before and had problems every time. They can never get it to scan (for me, it prints slightly blurry so the UPC code won’t scan). They end having to call someone else over who figures out what to type in to accept it. They always end up taking it but I haven’t found it to be worth the five minute ordeal involved in getting it into the system. Also, someone on a previous post pointed out that you can print out as many of these as you want and they all have the same UPC – does that make it fradulent?

    • susan

      i was curious about the print outs also, i printed 4 times (just to see how many it would let me print) and now am feeling guilty for some reason about printing more!

      • Janelle

        It doesn’t maike it fradulent because your not copying the coupons but some people see it as not being an okay thing to do…..but not me….personally I feel like if a company is dumb enough to let you print out as many coupons as you want then so be it…..just never print out like 100 coupons because then there won’t be enough for all the other couponers that want to print out the same coupon……HTH

    • Aly

      No, it is going to have the same UPC. There’s usually some top of dot scan barcode (if it’s a brick’s coupon) or smartsource has ID number’s. This one I don’t recall anything like that since it’s printing as it does. I think it might have the date and time and maybe your ip on the outside though.

      But all coupons that are the same have the same UPC code. Even ones that are different prints have the same UPC code, just different dot scan codes.

  • LISA

    Shoprite in Ramsy would not accept my coupon. They claimed it was fraudlant although I explained how I got it. They would not return it to me to (they ripped it up in fromt of me). I did want to see if Pathmark would except it when I went there tomorrow. I guess not!

    • Aly

      WOW, I’m shocked they ripped it up in front of you!! That’s your coupon, they had no right doing that AT ALL!! All they need to do if they won’t accept it is say no and give it back. I would have pitched a fit if that happened to me.

      If I were you, I would call corporate, because that was just wrong. That’s insane.

  • Tim

    My shoprite in Mullica hill claimed it was fraudulent and took the coupon and I even left the web address on the coupon. The manage showed me the fax they got from corporate saying it was fraudulent.

    • LISA

      I feel your pain … as my post previously said the same thing.

  • Jenn

    I can’t believe that they ripped up your coupon! That is so rude!! They act like couponsers are masked robbers or something! We should protest somehow!

  • MARY

    I would complain LOUDLY to Wakefern about that treatment. 1-800-SHOPRITE

  • rosanne831

    my shoprite wouldn’t accept the coupon – not because it was an internet printed “free” coupon but because it wouldn’t scan. they also tried to manually put in the coupon code and unfortunately it still wouldn’t work :(

  • Mark

    Has the coupon worked for anybody? I’ll give it a shot tomorrow at Stop and Shop.

  • Steph S.

    I lucked out and picked up 2 of these for free at ShopRite. I didn’t read the specifics on the coupon too well and didn’t realize that it specified a certain type of the milk, but ended up getting the one indicated and also the chocolate version. This was at 2 ShopRite’s in south Jersey.

  • Steph S.

    Just another note – both cashiers used the scanner gun on the coupons for me.

  • Mark

    I tried it at SCO and it wouldn’t scan. The cashier came over and manually entered it at Stop and Shop.

  • Suzanne

    I use the $1 off ones on the 12 oz bottles, which are often on sale for $1.00.

  • Roseann

    Shop Rite in Brick did NOT accept my Farmland coupon. One of the managers said it was fraudulent.

    • Anonymous

      Same here. I went to ShopRite of Washington, NJ yesterday, where I NEVER have a problem with coupons. It wouldn’t scan and the cashier called over a supervisor who grabbed a binder showing a memo with ATTENTION written
      across the top and told the cashier (never looked at me) that it was fraudulent then the cashier said same thing to me. I explained I left the http address for Farmland dairies across the top if they wanted to check the website but I knew I didn’t have a chance if they had a memo. Too bad. I gave em back the milk.

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