• Eva

    The 8.4 fl oz Nivea bodywash is on sale for $2.00….there’s a 2/1 coupon

  • Colleen

    I did great at dollar general today

    Airwick Gadget (no scent) 4.50- 4.00 coupon (x2) =.50cents each
    Airwick refill 4.50 buy two get one free coupon (3) =3.33 each
    Nutella 3.50 -1.00 coupon (1) =2.50
    Zest 6 pack bar 3.00-1.00 coupon (1)=2.00
    Then i struck bakers gold(i bake cakes) in the clearance section they had bakers cocoa 2.50 each and bogo free ! So i got 4 for a total cost of 5.00 !
    Stride Gum 75Cents clearance w/ bogo =.37 cents each

    i was tempted to use my hersey syrup coupon there but decided not to (also for baking chocolate cakes) luckily i didnt cause it was only 1.69 reg price at target !

    And i scored a 5.00 off coupon on the bottom of my rec for Sept 25th.

  • Michele A.

    Just to let you guys know there is also a $5 off $25 q on their website along with other q’s you can print.

  • elsee

    what size is the wisk that is on sale for $4?