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Unique Sweet Potato Recipes

Unique Sweet Potato Recipes

Yesterday we started with some new and unique ways to make some of the classic Thanksgiving Favorites.  Today’s recipes are for Sweet Potatoes.  These recipes sound delicious.

If you missed yesterday’s recipes, you can check out the list of Unique Green Bean Casserole Recipes

Here are some great recipes I found:

And the traditional recipe: Old-Fashioned Candied Sweet Potatoes:  Whole Foods’ recipe.  Marshmallows and pecans are optional.

Also, wonder about the difference between Sweet Potatoes and Yams?  Click here!

  • George

    Which of the recipes listed are the sweet potatoes shown in the picture..

  • Irene D.

    I found a great recipe for sweet potato bread on Food Network. It makes 2 loaves. I did a trial run and brought it to work. It was gone before everyone could finish their morning coffee. I recommend it.

  • Sonya

    I want to know the same thing! Lol

  • Anonymous

    Was wondering the same thing?

  • Rachel

    btw, I LOVE this idea of doing a post on common foods with a newer twist – im always up for new recipes!!

  • Rachel

    Its the Betty Crocker Sweet Potato Puffs

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