Free Martha Stewart Living Magazine: 1 Year Subscription

Free Martha Stewart Living Magazine: 1 Year Subscription

You can score a free 1 year subscription to Martha Stewart Living Magazine. This offer is through Rewards Gold and requires you to complete a survey in order to receive the magazine.  These offers usually go quickly.

Free Martha Stewart Living Magazine

  • Heather

    Got it. Thanks!!

  • Jackie D.

    Thanks! Not a mag that I would have paid for, but I will love having it for free!

  • Sharon

    Thanks I think I finally got in on this one.

  • Emily

    Got it…thank you!

    • Anonymous

      me too, thanks

  • kelly

    Wow….that was so not fun. But thanks for the heads up on the free magazine!!

    • Prudence

      I agree….we had to work for that freebie!

      • Anonymous

        24 words on 4 reviews! had to do some quick thinking!

        • Paloma

          Ditto 🙂 for one of them I put “Bananas”!

  • Prudence

    Woohoo! Thank You!

  • Nikki

    So far that’s 2 magazine subscriptions I will be getting free! Thanks so much! I love this site!!

  • Ali

    Got it! Thanks!!

  • Brittany E

    great!! Thanks! My subscription was up this month and I was bummed I wanted to keep the magazine coming but didn’t want to pay it! Super excited Now I have it coming free!

  • Heather

    I agree with Kelly, not so fun.
    But it was totally worth it for the free magazine! Thanks!

  • cheryl manna

    Thanks Cindy, got it!

  • Does the magazine ever contain coupons?

  • Erica


  • Chana

    Thanks! Did any of you receive a confirmation email or registration email for rewards gold as I didn’t…

    Maureen, the magazine does include coupons but not too many usually 2 or 3.

  • Alicia

    I wonder if this will extend my current subscription or will I get 2???

  • Margaret W.

    Sent mine to my mom ((great xmas gift!!!!)) thanks!!

  • thanks so much im excited!!

  • Christine

    Think I got it, will love seeing all the decorating ideas!

  • Thanks!

  • Christine

    Woohooo!! I love her teams ideas….thanks for my Christmas gift Cindy looking forward to this.

    Enjoy all!

  • shana pitta

    love this magazine!