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Target: K-cups Gift Card Deal = $0.47 per K-cup

Target: K-cups Gift Card Deal = $0.47 per K-cup

There is an unadvertised K-cup deal at Target this week.  The K-cup, 18 ct packs, are priced at $11.99.  Plus, when you buy 2, you get a $5 Target Gift Card. The gift card deals runs through 12/24.

My Target only had the sign under the Starbucks, but I bought the Millstone and that worked as well.  So, it seems to be working on all K-cups.

Here are some deals you can do:

Note: There is also a $2/1 Cafe Escapes Coupon (zip code: 12345) available which is for 12ct.  I forgot to check but I think that the box at Target is for 16 ct.

Thanks Alison!

  • celia

    Pricechopper had all Green Mountain k-cups for $5 last week! Plus, they were giving out rainchecks if they were out so you can get them for $5 in the future. I reserved 10 boxes!

    • Rachael

      Plus they had double any coupon up to $1 all week! I totally took advantage of this one! I ordered a bunch of $1/1 any green mountain 12 pack coupons and got 12 boxes for $3 each..$.25 a cup!!

      • Jen

        totally jealous…

  • Becky way

    Can you buy four and get two cards?

    • Anonymous

      last time target had this deal i bought 4 and got 2 cards

    • Kristy

      I really hope so. I have a $5 off $50 purchase coupon to use and I was hoping I could get 4 of these and something else to hit $50.

  • Alicia

    I’m so annoyed that i didn’t make it to price chopper last week, I saw they were $5 on friday and forgot to stop there!

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow! Starbucks k cups are out already. I’ve been looking around for these.thanks for sharing.

  • Kris Ross

    My Target did not have a sign up for the Starbucks K-Cups. I’ll have to go back and look more carefully. Does anyone know if Bed Bath & Beyond takes manufacturer’s coupons? I used a $5 off of a $15 EXPIRED coupon at BB&B yesterday on Starbucks K-Cups. $9.99!

  • Kris Ross

    oh, and the Starbucks K-Cups are GOOOOOD! Even using the 10 oz. setting.

  • Sara Ashton

    The deal is also on Van Houtte French Vanilla, which is so good. I bought 2 Cafe Escapes and 2 Van Houtte last night.

    • Brett

      What size Cafe Escapes did you get and did the $2 off coupons work for this? Also, did you end up with 2 gift cards? I’m planning on going tonight, but don’t want to waste the trip if it doesn’t work out.


  • Larissa H.

    Ughhh the cafe escapes is out of prints….I printed one before but it has since exp. Bummer.

    • Kristy

      That’s ok. The coupon is for 12ct and Target only has the 16ct.

  • Jen

    just so you know folks…k-cups sell very well on ebay! i was selling lots of 15…and buyers could choose from about 20-30 different types…some weeks these lots would go over $20! most weeks they only sold for about $13.-$15 but if you find a great sale and stock up…MONEY MAKIN’ !!! and the best thing about this…this allows you to try new flavors all the time but continue to keep a nice fresh supply by selling out of a personal stock.

  • Anonymous

    The k-cups are still cheaper elsewhere – even with the GC deal… do not waster your money on this one…

    • Jen

      Anonymous… please share where you’re getting them so cheap?!

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