ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 1/8/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 1/8/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that you may not have all the coupons available in your insert.  Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.   Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores. 

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Christine R

    Don’t feel like reading allll of these comments…

    Anyone else having problems with getting the Gorton’s catalina? Didn’t get my $2 back 🙁

    • Rocky

      Christine, did you check your receipt? I haven’t bought mine, yet, but, from the way the ad was worded, it sounded more like an instant savings type of thing, rather than a printed cat. It says “save $2 on your shopping order”, rather than “Receive a checkout coupon for $2 off your next shopping trip”. Did you see it as a deduction on your receipt, maybe, either just below the item, or, in the coupons section?

      • Christine R

        yep, you’re right..thank you!!! I was fuming because a) I didn’t get my cat from the poland springs last week b) I didn’t get the cat for the lean cuisines cause I didn’t think to read the date lol c) I have like 10 excedrins I have to send back and I didn’t get 4 more for free 🙁 and d) thought I didn’t get the gortons one too. It was with the scanned items, just below the items. What a relief!

  • Monica

    Has the Crystal Light Catalina deal been confirmed at Shoprite? When I went last night to my store they had no record of that deal?

    • Christine R

      I got 4 of the crystal light canisters and 1 of the to go boxes and I still got the $4 catalina! 🙂

    • Dana C

      Yes, I bought 5 canisters and got the $4 off cat.

  • RO

    Hi! I am new to all this and was wondering where can I find the Solo coupon for .75 off? I can’t seem to find it on the site! Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Here is one link that was working for people, but, don’t know if it is still valid (they may have pulled it, already: It is no longer showing for me, but, that may be because I already printed my 2. Also, at any time, you can go up to the tool bar on this site, click on Coupons, then click Coupon database. Type in what you are looking for and it will bring up a list. Some items may have links for printable versions, and others may have a note with the name and date of the inserts they came in. HTH

      • lisa


  • MARY

    I see the Gideon’s credit on my receipt. I had already gotten a $2 credit from customer service because I was expecting a cat. Customer service could not kn their ad. It was in the ad,some just don’t read.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone receivedthe purina cat from buying the12 Tbonz bones?

    • Marjie

      I did, but you can only buy 4 per variety for the sale price.

      • Melissa

        I got 8 cat treats ($1.11 PP) and 8 T-Bonz ($2.63 PP) and I got the sale price on all and there was only one variety of each. Total OOp after using (4) $1.50/2 cat treats and (2) $4/4 dog treats was like $17.00 + tax. I got the $20 in catalinas

  • Shannon

    Quick Question….not sure if its just been a long day or not lol For the Coke Zero Deal if they are $2.00 each the total is $10 then minus (4) $0.99 coupons….wouldn’t that be $6.04 or $1.20 each…..How did you get the $0.49 each? Am I missing something?

    • Anonymous

      .99 cent gets truly doubled to 1.98

  • Sara

    I’m not seeing either of the Protein Bar coupons on cellfire. Do they take those away sometimes? I’m still fairly new to couponing..

  • Theresa

    Does anyone know why I can’t print the smart balance milk Q from

    • Janelle S

      try going to the smart balance website

  • Sue

    Has anyone gotten the cat for the Poland Spring deal this week. I did it on Friday 1/6..the first day but no cat printed. Still waiting to hear back from Catalina Marketing..just curious to see if it started working.

  • Ed

    The Nivea Lip Care coupons wouldn’t scan at ShopRite, so the manager came over and said if they don’t scan , they can’t accept them. Is anyone else having this same problem? And is this customary practice at ShopRite, to not enter them manually? Thanks

    • VA

      Thats ridiculous. I had no issues when i bought 4. The manager did have to do a manual scan though but had no problem accepting them.

      • Jill

        I never had that problem…when a coupon doesn’t scan, the manager just manually enters it in…

    • Jill

      For me it all depends on the manager…some say if a printable won’t scan then they won’t accept it and some just override it…I now plan my shopping trips around their work schedules!! 😉

    • Sarah Lambert

      I got four and had no problems

  • Renee

    Question about the Lean Cuisine Cat… It says 1/15-1/31… is that when you can get the catalina or is that when you can use it?

    • Marjie

      That’s when you can get the catalina. I just bought 10 last night at ShopRite and did not receive the catalina.

  • meli

    has anyone tried the napkin deal… $20 get $4?? wondering if its working?

  • yort

    has anyone tried the purina deal? i did and my oop was more than $16.68 🙁 even doing the math it does not come out to $16.68, what am I doing wrong??

    • Janelle S

      yort…..I think there is tax on dog food/products so that will increase your total as well as if your store has the items for more then what Cindy has….the prices listed are from her store and not all stores have them for the same price…and make sure you bought different types…Sometimes ther is a limit of 4 per variety and if you bought all the same type/flavor then you paid regular price for 8 of them…..HTH

  • Yahira

    Hey, does anyone know what zip code we have to enter to get the cellfire for the protein bars and the fish oil? My cellfire list does not have them 🙁

  • Michelle T.

    I wanted to mention a great deal on Natures Bounty. There is a $7 coupon for Ubiquinol. There is also a SR Digital coupon for $7. It is part of the 1/2 price Natures Bounty. Regular price was 28.99, minus 14.50 with price plus card, minus the $7 paper and$7 digital coupons, made it .50! What a deal!

  • http://Keri Kathi

    Is there a certain ZIP CODE needed for the Keri does not come up for me at 07860

  • Michelle

    I didn’t read through all the comments to see if someone already posted this, but my store–Berlin, NJ-had $1.00/3 peelie on the Smart One Weight Watcher Dessert if you don’t have either of the coupons listed, look for the peelie to get them for $1.47 each 🙂

  • http://Enteryouremailhere Nanacy

    I am not able to find the $1/3 Red Pack Tomato coupon. Can someone provide me the exact URL for it?

  • taryn

    Coupon on walmart for $1 off 2 Progresso soups. 🙂

    • Jim


  • Stephanie

    I had coupons for $0.75/2 for Musselman’s Apple Sauce that I think were regional, and they were on sale at Shoprite for 3/$5, or $1.66 each. So grand total came out to $0.91 each.

    If you do the deal, make sure you save your UPCs because you can get rewards for them!

    • Sophia

      Thanks, Stephanie! I’ve been buying these for the kids for school and was psyched by the deal but it’s even better with the rewards! None of my packages showed this website so thank you so much for posting it. 🙂

  • Sarah Lambert

    Can anyone tell me how the Cellfire coupons work? I “signed up” for a few of the ecoupons on the shoprite site- and that came off the beechnut baby food deal i did. (on the receipt it was called beechnut disc.) Then i also noticed on my other receipt there were cfire for cheerios and the general mills cereal. I thought cell fire was an app or something for phones (I could be really wrong!) Then how do all those work together (or when can you use them all) ie- printed MC qs, e coupons, cell fire etc.
    Thanks for clearing up my fogginess!

  • Sol

    Does anyone know how the Yourbucks offers work, i think its from coupon network? I just received one in my email for $2 OYNO for 10 jars of beechnut…Does this print in addition to the catalina for beechnut?

  • Robin W

    The Nature Valley granola bars catilinas are only printing as $1, after I bought 6 boxes should have been $3 catalina. My Shoprite said they know there is a problem with that catalina and are trying to fix it.

  • alwaysave247

    i have a question about the stayfree and carefree coupon the b1g1 fine print states limit one coupon per person no more than 4 coupon for the same product in the same transaction. i was planning to use 4 b1g1 stayfree and 4 of .50 carefree or do i have to do separate transactions. thanks

    • Janelle S

      I have the same question….I think you can use 4 coupons because it does say 4 per transaction but I am not sure….I have the $1/1 Stayfree and $0.50/1 Carefree….I plan on using 4 per transaction, this may be one of those times that you have to argue your point with the cashier that it does say limit 4 per transaction even though it also says limit one coupon per person

  • Cindy

    My shoprite said they do not double internet coupons! Does that sound right?

  • catherine

    Cindy, what store are you shopping at. I am speaking from experience shoprite managers often lie when they are unaware of how to properly enter a coupon. You need to read over the shoprite coupon policy on the website. Then go to your store courtesy counter and ask for a copy of that shoprites coupon policy. Most shoprite has the same policy as the website. And according to that one all coupon 99 cents and under double. Do not believe cahiers and front end manager. Despite how hard we work to follow the rules of stores coupon policys many times employees don’t know the policys themselves.

  • RC

    if your store allows you to split your order, well i haven’t really taken special permission i just do it and no one objects…most of the time, is it wrong to use 2 sets of super coupons from the weekly ad, if you have 2 papers, 1 set in each order?

  • RC

    also wanted to mention if you haven’t gone out yet! lol. You can get a Cabot cheese coupon if you sign up for emails, its toward the bottom of their homepage kinda hard to find. make sure that you tell it to print several because i was able to reopen mine only once after realizing i could get a few more. they expire 1st or 2nd week of feb, i forget lol.

  • donna

    can someone explain this…..i got the ready rice coupon for .85 on 3. i purchased 4 cause it was 4 for 5. The coupon didnt double. when the cashier scaned it it gave me .85 and took an extra .40 off. When i questioned it the mananger said “Yeah it just GAVE U ONE FREE”. ????????? not really the point…shouldnt it of doubled?

    • Melissa

      I had the same problem. Its because they were scanning the old bar code. When I asked the cashier to scan the new barcode it worked. (.85 X 2). Then the cashier was like “they train us to scan this bar code” pointing to the old one. So I believe that the cashiers are just not well trained and the store doesn’t seem to keep up with what is going on in the coupon world. Cindy posted an article about the new barcodes and how store have til a certain date to update their software for compliance.

      • donna

        hey thanks good to know

  • Danielle

    Hey Cindy I did the bandaid/cortaid/neosporin deal but I dont see the $3 coming off the receipt….am I missing it….if anyone else did this deal can you please tell me what your receipt says….also didnt get the Poland Spring cat so I gotta go back & I got charged $1.99 for the Bic pens instead of 99cents like circular shows…..but all is all shopping trip was good….cashier was super nice 🙂

  • Melissa

    Does anyone know what kind of gift card you get when you submit for the $10 tysons anytizers rebate??

  • Mary

    I keep sending the email of coupons i want but it never sends. How do i get the list and how do i print out the coupons? i am new at this.

  • Mary

    please can anyone help me. I have submitted a question but got no response. I have made a list of coupons that i would like to get and sent myself an email but it never came. how do i print out the coupons? i am new at this

  • Michelle T.

    Mary, I just print the list when it’s complete. As for printing, you need to click on each coupon’s link (the type in orange) and follow to each site to print each coupon. Check out the beginners section for more details. It takes some getting used to, but it gets so easy once you learn more. Cindy does make it so easy to follow. Good luck!