Hot! Free Milk Coupon wyb 3 Breakfast Products!

Hot Free Milk Coupon

There is an AWESOME new Free Milk Coupon.  The coupon is for a Free Gallon of Milk with the purchase of 3 Breakfast items and is good for any brand white milk.  You will have to “like” Milk Mustache Campaign on Facebook in order to print your coupon.  The coupon is a Smart Source coupon.

Milk Mustache Campaign
Want a coupon for FREE milk to complete your breakfast? We’re giving away 10,000 coupons a day from now to March 3!

Print: Free Milk Coupon

Remember, this is limited to 10,000 coupons per day through 3/3.  So, if you miss it today, you can try again tomorrow!

Thanks Elizabeth!

  • HWMom

    Already gone for today!

    • Ana

      Try again, I just printed mine a minute ago.

  • Stacey

    Gone already today… I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

  • Christine

    didn’t work for me. filled out the info, got the screen that said click to print your coupon, and then got the “I’m sorry, this giveaway is over” message. Bummer.

  • Marjie

    Same happened to me. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    well… i answered the question… hit sumit…. and nothing happens… anyone else having a problem??

  • robi

    just an FYI dont try to print this using firefox on a mac. It wont print and then when you go to safari to try and print again you will get a message that says you have already printed this coupon

  • ruby

    i don’t think it’s over… i just printed a few sec ago

  • Carla

    I must’ve got it in the nick of time! This looks like a great coupon, thanks Cindy! The fine print says it is good for up to $4. I’m always a bit nervous about using printables for free items, but since I have to purchase 3 breakfast items in order for it to work I am more optimistic it will be accepted.

  • Emmy

    GOT IT!! Thanks!

  • Rebecca S.

    Just tried, got a message that it was over 🙁

  • Laura

    I just got mine without any problem at 10:06 am.

  • Bethany

    I got it just fine and I’m using firefox. I’m guessing maybe they were overloaded with the # of people. Keep trying!

  • Eric

    Got it. I just emailed them to see what is considered a breakfast item. None of the terms and conditions were very clear on that.

  • ANNA

    Got it,but for now I don’t need any milk. I have about 7 Smart Balance milks in my fridge.

  • Diana

    I just got mine and I’m thrilled! We go threw so much milk it’s not funny.

  • Natalie

    Just printed one!

  • Cortney

    Anyone know what will be counted as a breakfast item? Assuming pancakes, waffles, cereal, etc. but what about cereal bars like Special K bars (for us ShopRite shoppers doing DD next week)?

  • Rosemarie

    Just got mine now too, and I’m using Firefox also. Great find, my son goes thru so much milk.

  • a kaplan

    i got it

  • Kabby

    Just did it…after registering…error came up and told to try again…I did it over again…just printed….try again.

  • Linda

    I just tried and got one – 10:15 am!!

  • Nikki

    I saw that everyone said it was gone but I just did it. Thank you!

  • Joanie S

    I just got mine! Keep trying!

  • Kate

    Just got one using Firefox! Thanks!

  • Tina

    Got it using Google Chrome @ 10:20! Exp 4/3/12, so we have lots of time after the current free milk coupons expire 🙂

  • Mary

    Tried with Google Chrome and got an error message when I went to print, so I tried again with Firefox and was able to print it at 10:22.

  • Amanda

    Just got one at 10:25

  • Jamie Jewell

    Hooray! Got mine! and its good until 4/3/12 and good up to $4.00!!!

  • alicia

    doesnt support firefox. use ie, chrome, or safari. just tried to print with firefox, and it had my coupon, then i lost it because i had to switch to firefox. i emailed cust support for the promo. hopefully i still get the coup, and they update/revise/state their browser reqs!!!

  • Laura D.

    Couldn’t get through on my mac so I switched computers and used IE I got all the way to print my coupon then it came up with now that you printed your coupon lets play …… which it printed nothing. So I clicked on the contact us section and my computer flagged it as spam and phishing, so I bailed.
    Anyone else get this??

    • cheryl manna

      Yes Laura, very frustrating. I have been trying to print it since 9:30. First I got a message that the offer had ended, even though others were still printing theirs, then the thank you message let’s play. I sent them an e-mail via their contact link, so we shall see what happens next.

  • desiree

    took all my information than said “sorry campaign is now over!!)

  • Karen

    Saying giveaway’s over.

  • Jennifer

    Just printed it at 10:48

  • Keisha

    Got mine!10:51

  • Janice.

    I just printed my coupon, no problems here 🙂

  • Jenn

    Gone for me 10:51.

  • Tricia

    Keep trying…got mine 10:56 am

  • Marissa

    Don’t use firefox!!

  • Linda Hughes

    I got one 11:00am EST

  • Wendy

    I got mine on firefox. Looking forward to free milk with Kellogg’s cereal @ S&S.

  • Irishsaver

    I put in all the info and said they were out of coupons.

  • diana w

    just go mine at 11:05..milk can be buy as many as u can get and freeze

  • nick

    put all info in but no coupon printed said registration errors

  • Marie

    Got one at 11:02 am, but had to try twice. Even though it said the coupon was over and that I had already printed (two different screens on same attempt), when I tried again all went smoothly.

  • nick

    switched from chrome to firefox and got my coupon so def not gone

    • cheryl manna

      That banging you hear is me hitting my head on the desk. I have tried both browsers Firefox and IE, 2 different computers and still no go. Keeps telling me they are gone and then thanks me for printing it 🙁

  • Isha

    I got one at 11:24. thanks.

  • Kit

    I got one at 11:27.

  • Isha

    By the way, if you take a look at the Breakfast Project tab, they have mentioned few of the products that they consider as breakfast items.

  • Joanne

    Now the whole Facebook page is down!!! Irritating!

  • cc

    This will go will with the Land o Lakes eggs sales at Shoprite starting Sun. Is banana a breakfast food? Juices, yogurt, bagels, English muffin, pancake mix, coffee, jelly, butter, peanut butter, maple syrup………? the possibilities are endless. I printed 2 from 2 computers. I think I will use it on organic milk to get $4 off since regular milk are cheaper.

  • Heather

    I gave up printing after the “Printing Your Coupon” window was open for SEVENTEEN MINUTES!

    • Misally

      Looks like mine is heading the same way Heather… far its been about 5 minutes

  • haley

    I got mine thanks !!!!!

  • Robin

    Hi. I just printed mine and it’s 12:34PM EST…

  • susan c

    i just tried it… says it’s over….12:36 pm

  • Lori

    Woo hoo! I got mine! We go through so much milk that I LOVE these offers! Thanks!

  • Amanda

    Got mine at 1:32!


    Got it 1:51

  • Sonya

    Still got one and it’s 2:41 pm

  • Linda

    OMG! I just went back to the site to see what they considered breakfast food, registered, and about 5 min. later a coupon popped up on my desktop!! I already had closed out of facebook. I was only able to print one this morning – maybe they allow 2 of this coupon after all!! 2:40 est

  • lachelle

    still didnt get mine even when i use firefox

  • Vanessa

    Got mine… just one, but YAY! 2:55pm EST.

  • tj

    I registered and tried to print, it seemed like it was working but nothing ever poped out of my printer. hmm..

  • michelle

    Just got one!! Took some work, but I got it 🙂 3:15pm

  • Robin

    Just printed one at 3:21 pm est

  • Christine

    It is 3:53 EST and I just was able to print this coupon! Looks like they updated the instructions …. Good Luck.

  • Christine

    I was able to print one at 3:53 EST

  • Amber

    I just printed mine with a few glitches getting to it on their FB page, but YAY!!!! 🙂

    • Amber

      Can’t wait to use this with the Kellogg’s Dollar Days at Shoprite! I’m out of cereal and those Krave coupons and this milk one just made my day!

  • Mark

    At 4:10 est printed one.

  • Cortney

    Interesting…I was able to print a 2nd just now at 4:20 EST.

  • Penny

    It’s 3:32pm CST in Missouri and I just printed a coupon for the free milk. I had to use Safari as the browser & not Internet Explorer to print.

  • Jessica

    I just printed one now.

  • cheri

    Just printed mine @7:22 pm in CT

  • keelah

    just printed my at 7:50 pm in central new jersey

  • Anita

    The coupon printed. Keep trying. Thanks.