ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 2/12/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 2/12/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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  • Dolores

    The cats print at the self check out. Sometimes you will see them hanging there b/c the person before you didn’t take them. (I love that!)

  • billie

    hi just want to ask because i did the nature’s bounty deal using 3 manufacturer’s coupon and was going to add a 2 dollars off shoprite coupon that i got from buying last week(2 off when you buy 3 any nature’s bounty)
    and the manager said i can’t use both? is she right?

    thanks for all the things you do to help us!

    • Rocky

      Those catalina coupons that print out are actually considered manufacturer’s coupons (it should state that on the coupon, if you check it out), even though it will also say ShopRite on it. These are up to SR’s discretion as to whether or not they consider them manuf coupons, or, SR store coupons.

      My SR will not accept them as store coupons (if they were, you could then stack them with another manuf coupon), despite my going round and round with them telling them since they say SR on them, I can’t use them anywhere else . On the other hand, some people have argued successfully and gotten them through. It all depends on each particular location, unfortunately.

      • Ana

        I have been able to use the print out coupons from Shoprite at other stores like CVS if they don’t say “Use only at Shoprite” on them.

        • Rocky

          Ahh, that’s good to know, Ana, thanks. I am not yet a full-fledged CVS-shopper (but I hope to be, when I grow up…heheh, just kidding!), so, it is good to know they will accept these! Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          I read Walmart coupon policy and I think u can use them there as well.

    • michele

      those catalina coupons that say “manufacturer” on the top are just that, MFR coupons, even though they are only good at the store listed on the coupon, and you can’t use another manufacturer coupon with it, unfortunately.

  • Bonnie

    well I waited till my sr in washington, NJ got there shipment in go to buy the lipton and sorbe was going to do a second transaction and wow! was not aloud to do it and my store has it now that you get the first 1o for 10 and your flaged for the week! good luck I ran to Greenwich

    • Laura Cotto

      Hi Bonnie, I called Greenwich and they said 1 per customer. Did you try it twice? I did it once on Sunday and once yesterday but I wonder if they are allowing to do more at Greenwich or it that it for the week with my card? Any input would be appreciated ..thank you.

      • Bonnie

        Laura Greebwich wants you to come back they love this deal its just Washington’s SR. when I was there at Greenwich they told me to put the stuff in my car and come back so I did

    • Lisa

      You don’t need your price plus card to get the deal. It rings up $10 for 10 and the catalina prints even if you don’t scan your price plus card. If you don’t use the card I don’t see how they can flag you.

      • Lisa

        I tried to do the deal in succasauna without my pp card. They rang up $1 each but nothing printed out.

        • Dave

          Same here. Tried to purchase without my PP card and received no catalina. Trying to take receipt back to store tonight to see if I can apply my card with customer service.

  • brittany

    has anyone tried the deal without their shoprite card? wouldn’t the price not come up as 1 dollar each?

    • Rocky

      The $1 price is a regular sale, not the additional, deeper discount price plus sale.

  • Anonymous

    I was at my local Shoprite yesterday and i was informed that you can only do 2 trans with the same Shoprite card.

  • natalie

    I was at my local Shoprite yesterday and I was informed that they are limiting the amount of Lipton/ Sobe to two per Shoprite card

  • stephanie

    With the 10 for 10$ deals check w customer service firsti found out the hard way that its limit 1 offer per customer

  • Christina

    Lisa …. I am wondering if with the new barcode if it does not say DND if the cashier must manually double it…… I tried it out with my starkist buy any 2 get .75 off that I found on tearpad next to the tuna it didn’t say DND anywhere, when I told cashier it didn’t double she manually doubled it which makes for some cheap tuna. I am thinking you maybe have to let them know it didn’t double…..

  • P

    any updates on the lipton/sobe deal?
    Anyone tried it without a SR card?
    I shop at wharton – was working on Monday

    • Lisa

      I did the deal without the card and they automatically came up 5/$5 (or 10/$10) and when I bought the 10 I got $10 in catalina. I rolled at three different stores and came away with 80 bottles. Going back for more tomorrow and Sat to other stores while visiting some family out of state. This is such a great deal since our family loves these iced teas! Thank You!

  • kelley

    I did the sobe deal without pp card and didn’t have a problem

    • Dave

      Kelley, are you saying that you don’t need the PP card to receive the $10 cat?

      Any SR Ramsey shoppers? They seem to have a policy that says one deal per household. Is that correct, or did I just get stuck with manager making his own rules?


      • Matthew

        Nope! Don’t need to have PP card!!

        • H

          Nice and good to know. My only Question is if I buy more than 10 in one transaction will I get more then one $10.00 cat. For example if I get 30 in one purchase will I get 3 $10.00 Cat’s???

  • Lauren

    tried to roll lipton $10 Cat at Flanders SR and they confiscated the one I earned, showed me a paper that’s it’s one per family. then drove down to SR in chester and bought 10 got the $10 Cat. SR in Chester NJ, everyone in the store knew about it. Another customer I met rolled the Cat in the register next to me.

  • I purchased (4) Pampers wipes packs and only (1) $4 Catalina printed. 🙁
    Emailing Catalina now…

  • amanda

    Does anyone shop at the parsippany SR? Have they stop allowing people to roll the lipton deal? I was hoping to roll this deal. 🙂

    • susan c

      i’ve been rolling this all week…i even did 2 transactions this morning….but when i went to my post this afternoon…( i’m a crossing guard) one of the moms told me they put a sign up saying that it’s one deal per card now…. i just knew this wasn’t going to last all week….lol….i have enough drinks to last me for some time….and i still have a $10. cat that i’m holding on to for next week…:O)

  • Christina

    Shoprite Manchester had a sign by Colgate toothpaste that the manufacturer is no longer making 4 oz….so whatever is left is it! That stinks since all coupons usually state 4 oz or larger.

  • AA

    ShopRite of Parsippany was out of stock this morning, between 10 and 11am. My Catalina beeped yesterday when I was doing the deal there. It said I reached the max allowed, but the Cashier came to override it ( I used self-checkout). Thanks to Matthew and others for their comments earlier today I went to Wharton. Wharton is more accepting of the deal. You can only do 10 then go back the next day for another 10.

  • Meghan

    I just went to the Shop Rite in Wilmington, DE. They have no limit on the Sobee or Lipton Ice Tea. Did not use my Shop Rite card and I got 150 for absolutley free (DE is tax free, added bonus!)

    • PK

      Which Shoprite in Delaware? I shop on Thursday nights and was going to get 10. What does their stock look like?

    • H

      Meghan Did you get your money back in Cats? and did you do one transaction?

  • Payton

    just an fyi…i work customer service for shoprite and wakfern sent notice to the stores today that the lipton catalina was suppossed to only be one per customer for the week and they are currently in the process for changing how it prints so be aware that by morning the ‘issue’ may be ‘fixed’ and you may not be able to get anymore $10 cats to print

  • Maria

    I live in ct and I have been able to roll the Lipton deal by making 2 transactions and going back the same day and doing it again with no problem . My husband for the first time was excited to see how many drinks I got for him.

  • Kabby

    I sent in the rebate to Kellogg for the $10 gas card…it was returned as undeliverable …anyone else have this happen? Any suggestions.

  • Beginner

    Good moring, I just wanted to know of anyone has tried the lipton deal again today and got a $10 cat.

  • Jen M

    At my Shoprite (Hainesport), the Hormel Compleats Kids meals are $1.99 this week. I used the $.55/1 from the 2/12 SS. Makes the meal just $.99 at my store but if you store truly doubles it would be just $.89.

  • adriene

    OK everone, I have seen some crazy things at shoprite this week.People with carts FULL to the brim with lipton and sobe products going over to self checkout and checking out 10 at a time. I have gone every day this week since Monday and bought 10 each day, I just got back from todays trip and the catalina machine is printing out a paper saying that you have already done the quaker promotion during this promotion.

    • Ruth

      In the stores in DE, they allow only 25 items at the self checkout and two transactions maximum. I gave up on shopping at ShopRite, it is just not worth the hassle. I used to get the best deal there for the last 6 years, ever since Extreme Couponing has been on the air, they give me a hard time every time I go there. I do have a personal shopping business and the deals I find help a lot of low income people but it is getting harder and harder to coupon.

  • Rachel

    Where can I get the Kellogg’s Great Days Booklet?

  • Christine

    Everyone is trying to find a way around the limit but has anyone stopped to think of why they changed it up??? When too many people abuse something, it gets changed and it affects everyone. Let’s be responsible and honest couponers because I can see in the near future many stores like CVS changing their policies. Rite Aid is already testing out UPR’s being loaded onto Wellness cards and stating that you can’t use a UPR on the same day and must wait until 6am the next day to redeem the UPR. A good deal is great but turns bad when people get greedy.

    • Susan


  • AA

    I couldn’t find the Tyson Grilled and Ready Q. Only saw the Any’Tizers. Is it gone? Or am I not looking in the right place?

    • Loretta

      I think it’s gone 🙁 I didn’t have it in my inserts either

    • Roslyn

      I’m not sure which paper they were in, but I have .55/1 and $1/1 for the grilled and ready, so they’re out there. I’ve actually had mine for a while now.

  • Jennifer

    Guys they stopped the catalina for the 10 for 10 only one per price plus card just a heads up

  • estee

    I am so annoyed with shoprite they wouldnt take many of the coupons i printed out online like the marcal small steps toilet paper and the stoneyfireld yogurt. They said it wasnt scanning and they wouldnt try to put it in by entering t he barcode at the bottom- I am so frustrated!

  • MARY

    Cindy posted an update on the Lipton/Sobe/Quaker deal — they are no longer allowing more than 1 per customer. Since the change was made, you can do he deal ONCE more and after that you get a notice from the cat machine telling you that you already got yours.

  • Rocky

    Heads-up, coffee lovers! SR in NW NJ has an end cap display of Chock Full o’ Nuts coffee for $2.49 again (the display was there earlier in the week, but, at the regular price – they just lowered it, again), so, if you have any good coupons left, check your stores! They may have overstocked for last weeks’ sale and now need to move them out – woohoo!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What page is the Kraft parmesan grated cheese of $1.00?

    • Rachel

      It was not in the flyer, but I found it in the store. I think that is the regular price, not a sale price.

      • Lisa

        I can’t find the cheese, what size is it, and where is it located?

        • Rachel

          It’s a tiny can, only 1.25 oz. In my store all the “canned” non-refrigerated grated cheeses are in the dairy section, but on a non-refrigerated shelf. So find the grated cheese and look high and low!

        • Mary

          It is a very small can. At my store it was in the pasta sauce section.

        • Lisa

          Hmmmm…I’ve check a couple shoprites mainly where the other larger sizes are and no luck 🙁 I need to check again

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Rachel,i cant find it in our store and i like to ask for a raincheck but i dont see it the flyer.

        • Rachel

          They just might not carry it. If you have another Shoprite near by, maybe you can drive over and look for it. I really think it’s the regular price.

  • Selina

    Was able to roll the CAT for Lipton on Monday, but not today. I even tried paying with cash and not using my price plus card, but again no CAT printed. I asked at customer service and they said the limit was one per family but she gave me a CAT anyway.

    Also found a great deal on Pillsbury refrigerated Valentine’s cookies. They were on sale for $1.49 and used a $1/2 ( and $1/2 (cellfire). Paid $0.98 for two!

    • brittany

      where did u find the pillsbury cookies?

      • Selina

        They were in the refrigerated aisle Ina separate cold case next to the pillsbury stuff. They had hearts, Disney princess, and Mickey varieties.

  • Rachel

    Is it just my Shoprite or are they all this bad? They seem to run out of stock on the sale items every week. This is the 3rd week in a row that I had to get rainchecks on a few items. I don’t have this problem, this much at other stores.

    • Laura D.

      Unfortunately I have an entire page in my binder dedicated to rain checks from Shoprite. I have been trying to do most of my shopping now out of town at a better stocked Shoprite. Sometimes it is just the particular store you visit most. It does stink when you have to travel further to find a store that is well stocked. I have found that this is the nature of the beast when using coupons.

      • Rachel

        I have 4 Shoprites to choose from, depending on which direction I’m headed for the day. This one has just been convenient because it’s near my daughter’s dance class. Even the customer service desk knows the store is under stocked on the sale items. They were laughing saying that those items have been out all week.

  • Lin

    I got a great unadvertised deal the other day. I found a big canister of 80 tabs Finish dishwasher tabs on sale $9.00 off so they were $6.99 minus $1.50 with my 75c coupons making it $5.50 per canister. I usually buy the shoprite brand liquid dishwasher soap which runs me $4.29 and lasts me about 3 weeks so I will get 80 days out of this canister and found it to be a great deal. I took my catalina which i got from the sobe water and bought two more canisters the next day, now Im set for about 8 months.

    • Kabby

      Great use of catalina…8 months(32 weeks) of dishwasher for about 6.50 where you would have spent about 43.00 over that same period of time……AWESOME find. These unexpected finds are such a rush. I will keep my eyes open to see if my shoprite has this..crossing my fingers…I also still have my $10 catalina. Thanks for the tip.

  • Donna

    i have a question ……i hope someone will answer. My shoprite said they will not take any coupons that say “available at walmart”????? I coundnt use the coconut milk coupon cause it said available at walmart. I thought this was like an ad or something……it doesnt say redeemable only at walmart? Im new to this so is this right?

  • Lilly

    I am having a problem with the Olivia Organic Salad printable coupon. It prints without and expiration date. Shop-Rite will not except the coupon without and expiration date. I would enjoy using this coupon at my Shop-Rite. Can you help me?