ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 2/19/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 2/19/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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::ShopRite Dollar Days

Dollar Days deals require you to purchase XX amount of select products from a brand and then you will receive a Catalina for the amount indicated on the deal, as well as a Free ShopRite Reusable Bag.  All products, for each individual deal, must be purchased in 1 transaction.  The catalinas are good on your next purchase.

Here are some things you’ll need to know.  These are based on similar offers that ShopRite has had in the past.  They may changed for this offer.  We will know for sure once the sale starts.  Of course, please let us know if you find something that works or doesn’t work so we can let everyone know.

  • You can do multiple deals per transaction as long as they are from different deals.
  • Limit 1 offer per manufacturer, per customer during promotion


::Unadvertised Deals

Note: Because these are unadvertised deals, prices may vary by store so please check your prices before you head to the register



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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Lori

    I am actually going back today I think. My husband said with the price of gas it is a waste but I am really thinking about it.

  • Melissa

    I only had one coupon print out for the bags even though I did buy enough for 2. Oh well. I still got the $ Catalinas though.

    • Melissa

      Nevermind, just checked and only had one catalina print out. Guess I have to go back and complain.

      • Veeda

        same here some of my catalina’s didn’t print out!

        • Anonymous

          You can only do 1 offer per transaction. My customer service informed me yesterday that it is 1 deal per customer per transaction, meaning you can do multiple of the same deals on the same card. Even if you buy enough to equal 2 deals (of the same deals) in 1 transaction, only 1 catalina will print out. In order to get the 2 same catalinas to print out you need to do different transactions. I have done the sc johnson, general mills, and the unilever deals each twice. For some reason, the unilever didn’t print out the first time, but did the second (I bought the exact same items). The sc johnson had no issues printing out each time, and the general mills one printed out the first time but not the second time. So I went to customer service at my shoprite and they printed out the missing catalinas for me once they verified that I bought the correct amount of items. I hope this makes sense and helps!

        • M

          I was able to get them to reprint what didn’t print out – Cats for Knorr and Smart Balance.

          I went back to day and was able to get the Glade deal again.

  • Matthew

    BOY did I choose a crummy cashier today.

    She didnt scan my 3rd Knor-lost $1.

    The fruitables kids drinks coupons didn’t double-lost $1.10

    Partially my fault, wasn’t paying attention during the coupon scan beginning. 😐

    • payton

      go in with your receipt or call your store and let them know what happened..customer service can usally help you out

  • Rich

    I tried the GM deal twice today on the same card and the cat didn’t print.
    However, I still did awesome !


    hey all…

    heads up. I went to shoprite and bought 7 smart ones and got back 5.00 catalina

    • Emily

      what? that’s awesome! i went today and bought 10 and I didn’t get a catalina. Maybe a regional thing? Do they do that?

  • Lianne

    I was at the Manchester, CT store this morning around 930 and someone had already beaten me to the Smart Balance oil spray and peanut butter…also got most of the Kleenex hand towels but there were enough left for me to grab 4.

    Went to the East Hartford store around noon and there was a lot more inventory left. I was able to roll the cats on Smart Balance and Kleenex, that made me super happy 🙂

    • Anonymous

      East hartford one is much better! Much nicer people!

  • Rocky

    Cindy, and, all: It looks like the SR ecoupon for Kelloggs is now available. Here is what it says:

    $4 off any Four Kelloggs’ Cereals
    Corn Flakes 12 oz. only
    Raisin Bran 20 oz only
    Fiber Plus 11.5 oz or larger
    Kelloggs Crispix 12 oz only
    Rice Krispies 12 oz only
    and/or Crunchy Nut 10.8 oz or larger
    Any flavor, mix or max
    Expires 2/25/12

    Note that you can’t see all the details unless you put it on your ‘shopping list’.

    • Cindy

      Oh I just posted it but I missed the rest of the details. Let me update the post. Thanks!

  • alexis

    I’ve read tons of comments all day, but I haven’t found my answer. The deals can only be done 1x per card right? Can anyone confirm this? When people say the catalina is rolling does that mean the catalina can be used to do each category more than 1x?

    • Mark

      I did the Unliver deal 2 times on 1 card. However, I did them at different stores and I got the Cat both times. I used my Cat from the first transaction to pay for the other one and got a Cat. HTH.

  • melissah

    So I loaded the extra dollar days coupons onto my shoprite card and noticed something- the mott’s/canada dry/snapple $1 eCoupon actually says Dr. Pepper/Snapple/Motts on the website. I dont know if this is a misprint- I ask only becuase I dont see Dr. Pepper being listed in the paper flyer as part of that deal. Wish it was- There is a new $1off Q on SR’s site for Dr. Pepper 10.

    • Anonymous

      The dr pepper is the same company as Canada dry, it just says dr. Pepper for some reason.

  • Kim

    For the Glade deal … in the 2/12 SS there is a $2.00 off 2 jar candle coupon. Makes the deal worth it … $3.96 for 4 candles and a saran wrap. 79 cents each 🙂

    • Eleanor

      Thank you!

  • Yahira

    Has anyone been able to role the cats on the smart balance deal?

    • Kristine Twardy-Todd

      I did!!

    • lianne

      I did too

      • Yahira

        Awesome! thanks so much!

  • Margaret

    Just wanted to thank you for all your advice and deals with coupons. I have not mastered any great deals but I am saving on my food bill every time I go to the store. It is awesome of you to take the time to list all the deals for us each week and I just wanted to say thank you.

    • Vicki

      Just wanted to second that. I’m a newbie and your site cuts down on my research time. I really appreciate all you do. Keep it up!

      • Matthew

        AND Cindy’s service is priced pretty fairly, too! :-}

        • Laura D.

          Double ditto!

  • Jenny

    If you go to a Shoprite at a different location are you able to do the deal again even if its limited to one per card?

  • Jin

    I clicked on the link for the smartbalance coupons and cannot find them anywhere. Are they gone?

    • D

      me too, able to print .75/milk, and .75/2 butter…nothing else and I’m new to that site.

  • Donna Mc.

    I went to Shoprite in Silver Spring MD tonight, and SC Johnson catalina for $3 and free grocery bag did not print. They fixed at Courtesy Counter, but just be on the look out. Also Smart Balance may was ringing up at $3.19 and not $2.99.

  • andrea

    Was the hormel kids meals in the ad? I couldn’t find it and in the store it says they are $1.99. Maybe it’s just my store I go to the one in niskayuna,ny. Also btw I found some of the glade items marked down to like 85 cents and I still got the $3 catilina coupon for them. so you guys might want to be on the look out for them.

  • Stephanie

    So I’ve read through all the previous comments, and still haven’t been able to find an answer. Are the Dollar Days Cats 1 per transaction, per card, or per store?

    It’s amazing that different Shoprites have different policies on their coupons. Waretown, NJ is great. They generally don’t question them. And as far as I know they don’t have any limit regarding printed coupons or limits on how many you can use (although as I’m getting better and better I’m just starting to use more and more), every coupon whether printed or clipped under $1, doubles. Depending on the cashier, they may “ask” if you bought an item, but they never dig through to check that it was the correct size or specific item. I’m fairly new to couponing, and am so greatful to have such a pleasant store to shop in!

    • Kristine Twardy-Todd

      I have done multiple Dollar Days transactions for the SAME deal with the SAME card…just different transactions. 🙂

      • MARY

        Me too.

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      thats MY shoprite 🙂 and yes they are GREAT

      they do have one rule for coupons: 4 like coupons per transaction, if you do more even if they dont notice, they wont double, so make sure to stick to it, and they let you do as many transactions as you need, no dirty looks lol

      • kmegg

        i heart waretown sr too but i find all the perlmutter stores pretty good.

    • GiadasMama

      waretown is limit 4 like coupons per transaction. i usually go to the same cashiers because they know me and i dont get questioned.
      lacey and manahwakin.. not too fond of those stores

  • Alicia

    Just came back from shop rite and did the coke deal. Which I had not done. The Catalina didn’t print. They told me they were told today that you can only do 1 of the dollar says deals. Not 1 from each manufacturer.

    • Leeen

      That’s nonsense since the ad is clearly advertising that you can save up to $40 this week with dollar days. If you could only do one deal total that would be false advertising. Sometimes CS just doesn’t know why something didn’t print so they make up a reason. I would go back and ask for it.

      • Alicia

        They did give me the Catalina but said that’s the word they were given this morning. It came from the manager and she told that to me and the customer service reps. So I would do my deals at another shop rite. I had gone to hainesport

        • Leeen

          See now that would make me angry even if I wasn’t a couponer. To the casual deal shopper the ad is quite clear, unlike the ambiguous wording about whether or not you can do multiple deals, etc.

          • Emily

            that’s terrible! I did 2 different manufacturer’s deal in the same transaction and both cats printed!

        • Ky

          This does not surprise me about Hainseport! I have written to ShopRite HQ many times to complain about them. 2 times I was humiliated in front of other customers because of their lack of knowledge. Once I was called a coupon fraud and was accused of copying the coupons when there were clearly differnt PIN’s on each one and then the other time I was ridiculed because I didn’t donate to their charity. I only go when I have to go there. I only live 5 minutes from that store, but drive almost 30 to the Hamilton and Bordentown stores because I have NEVER had a problem there.

          • Anonymous

            Ky try Sr on route 38 and ark road in mount laurel-more coupon friendly.

          • Ruth

            ShopRites are independently owned so complained doesn’t do much, I found that out. There are four ShopRites in my area and they are owned by the same family. They all have atrocious customer service and they are not coupon friendly. They have actually succeeded in stopping me from shopping there, I only go there when there is a good deal. I have been couponing for 8 years so I can do very well and they have done a lot of things to discourage me from shopping there. One time, as I was existing the store, the locked the wheels on my cart remotely and went through my cart to check if I paid for everything. I had just gone through a register so they know everything was paid for. I had shopped there for years and they knew me. They just wanted to humiliate me but I just smiled and shook my head. That was the last straw, I started to get worried that they might put something in my cart or not charge me for something purposely, in that case, it would be their fault. Now I only go if there is a great deal and I try to get in and out as quickly as I can. It is not a pleasant place to shop, I would rather spend my money at places like Giant and Acme or CVS where they have great customer service.

          • kariz

            I live in New York and I have had bad experiences. One shoprite is 5 minutes away, but the cashiers are so rude and hate coupons. One time that I went, they tried to imply that I was copying online coupons (which I didn’t). I usually travel to another one about 25 minutes away because they are much nicer.

    • Disgruntled Shopper

      I must ask… what Shoprite was this? Had a similar experience yesterday but they don’t get rid of me that easy… it was absolutely ridiculous. Telling me I can only do one deal… they were clueless when I attempted to explain that it’s one per manufacturer. Finally they agreed to give me the Coke one, but said I had the wrong varities… check this out, I had a couple Coke Zero’s (vanilla and cherry), diet coke and sprite zero. They said the ad doesn’t say any of those so I can’t get them for the cat. They then said ok, I can get the diet cokes, even thought it does not specifically say them, but can’t get the vanilla/cherry coke zero’s… crazy stuff with no rhyme or reason. Then they were like “wait, you already got a cat for another deal!” I was like yea, so… they said they’d now give me the soda one (after sending me back to pick out other kinds) only because they already printed out the other cat. My SR does not fully double, so may have to start doing more Acme deals (they do fully double and are very friendly). I will say there is a distinct difference in experiences at my SR based on time of day I’m there. The evening staff is much friendlier and doesn’t give me any problems… Sorry for the rambling, just really frustrated. Last year went so smooth. This year I feel like my store is clueless and doing anything they can to cause trouble. Had to keep my name off this one as I’m honestly scared of retaliation, lol!

      • Anonymous

        Same thing happened to me today at SR NR. I did the Unilver deal, got $3 cat, also did the SC Johnson deal, my cat didn’t print for that one. So I went to CS and the young girl told me that I could only get one deal, pointing out the small print in the circular stating “Manufacturer offers cannot be combined. Limit 1 offer per customer, per transaction, etc.” I had her call the Manager over and she did’t know why it didn’t print, but told the girl to print it. The girl actually argued back stating this is how she interpreted it and she couldn’t wait for this Dollar day sale to be over!.. I don’t understand why corporate and Managers don’t explain to their CS staff how these deals work so we don’t have to go through such a hassle at the store. SR PLEASE train your CS staff on these Dollar days deals, it’s actually frustrating to them too when they don’t understand how it works.

  • Lora

    There’s a fairly good deal on Sensodyne toothpaste this week. They are on sale for 3.99. There’s a .75/1 printable coupon, which makes them 2.49. When I looked over my receipt I saw a cellfire deduction of $2.00 (forgot I put that on my card), so makes them only $1.49. I think that’s a pretty good price, that toothpaste is very expensive.

    • Rocky

      This is a great deal, Lora. ‘Regular’ price runs anywhere from $5.59 to $6.59! And, this is the only brand of sensitive teeth toothpaste that seems to work for me! Thanks for posting this!!

    • Anonymous

      where is the coupon?

      • Lora

        The .75 off coupon is in the database and is from, I believe.

        • peach

          there are sensodyne coupons in a booklet I found at cvs that has other coupons as well.

  • D.

    The link for the DIAL lotion is only for Body Wash… can’t find the lotion coupon anywhere on their facebook pages or site.

    • Sandra

      The Dial Lotion coupon was in the 2/19 Redplum insert hope that helps

  • Jessica

    Are the Dollar Days Cats rolling? Can you use the GM Cat to pay for another GM deal and get another Cat? Thank you!

    • Matthew

      It says right on the printed Catalina that you CAN use multiple DD rewards catalinas per transaction…at least on mine it does. hope this helps.

      • Rocky

        Wow, thats’s interesting! I’m really curious – what does it actually say on the cat?

        • Matthew

          It reads “multiple dollar days reward certificates can be used off your next shopping order. Thank you from xxx products.”

          Doesn’t say anything about not being able to use to get additional Catalina’s.

          I have 6 that say this.

          • Rocky

            Oh, how COOL is that??? They must’ve added that line specifically for all of us…Cindy’s “kids”….heheh! Thanks!

  • Liz on LI

    Were the smart balance Qs regional? I don’t have them in either of my SS from 1/8

    • Kabby

      I believe they were regional…the ones I received are a $1 off one…not .75/1.

  • Deana

    Is anyone else having trouble finding the $5/5 for kelloggs and the one for Nature Valley Protein Bars. Could they possibly be out already. Used the 2 different zips listed but not seeing them anywhere.

  • Ashley Brazeau

    I’m sure this has already been confirmed, however I thought I’d post in case it hasn’t. Yesterday morning at my store I did the GM, Unilever, Motts, and Pompeian DD deals all in the same transaction, along with the SB and Sundown deals. I got all CATS except Unilever for some reason, went to CS and they printed it for me no problem. I went back later in the day and did the GM, Motts, Unilever, and Sundown deals again, I used the same SR card and used all the CATS I earned earlier in the day on this transaction and sure enough I received all the DD CATS as well as the Sundown, so happy to share that it is not limited to one per manu. per SR card 🙂 HTH someone 😉

  • Rocky

    Kind of off-topic, but, related to dollar days: anyone remember, from last year, if there were any dollar deals on canned or jarred gravy during any of the weeks’ promotions? I just used up almost the last of my stock from that great October deal, last year, and really need to restock – am hoping something might come up in the DDs for next week, or two!

    • Bernell

      Hi Rocky!
      Canned Gravy wasn’t a part of last years DD!
      The Gravy deal was back in October I believe, where it kept rolling and rolling!
      last years DD deals were pretty similar, regarding manufacturer, but I do remember the deals being MUCH better!

      • Rocky

        Hi, Bernell, thanks for thinking back on this. I didn’t think I remembered anything for gravies around this time of the year, but, since I wasn’t quite so ‘into’ these deals, as I am now (!), I wanted to make sure…bummer! Yep, thats the sale where i really stocked up (my first encounter with rolling cats, it was like an epiphany…heheh!), but, alas, I am just about out, now. Regarding this years DDs, prices, to me, seem a lot higher than I would think, for DD sales… Thanks, again!

  • hp

    This isn’t related to Dollar Days, but I wanted to post that I was able to get a free bottle of Centrum Pronutrients Omega-3 today. I had forgotten that there was a $5 cellfire q for Pronutrients, so coupled with the $5 off coupon from the paper this weekend, it was free! I can’t remember but I think the ecoupon was possibly expiring this week.
    The sale was advertised as being for Omega-3, but I’m pretty sure the Fruit & Veggie and Probiotic varieties were also priced at 9.99.

  • Lyn

    Just an FYI – on the boxes of rice krispies were coupons for buy 2 rice krispies and get a free bag of m&ms.

  • Danielle

    Yay! Great deals this week and walked out with $20 to spend next week! Thanks Cindy!!

  • Kelli

    Bimbo bread is .99 for the small loaf so if you printed the
    coupon its free

  • Kristin

    Just left my ShopRite (East Windsor, NJ). Customer service said the deals are limited to one per manufacturer per price plus card for the length of Dollar Days. I did the Unilever deal yesterday and tried to do it again today. 🙁

    • MARY

      I did two unilever deals and gm deals tonight in same store and price plus card.

  • Andrea

    Hi Cindy, I had a great (and surprisingly smooth) trip to ShopRite this morning–all my deals worked, all the cats printed and all the ecoupons came off:) But the best part was the conversation I had with the young mother behind me. She actually stopped me on the way out of the store to ask me about how to use coupons. We had a solid 5 minute conversation and I made sure she had Living Rich with Coupons engrained in her mind before we parted ways:)

    • Stephanie

      So funny. because I just came back from SR and had a great trip, got all my DD cats and the cashier was gushing over my transaction! She said she wants to start couponing because she has four kids and her salary is just not cutting it. I wrote down LRWC’s website for her and also gave her my shopping list for Dollar Days and coupons to go along with the deals she was so grateful and it really made my day.

    • Sherry

      I made up small cards with the URL for LRWC. I give them to cashiers, CSR and to customers.

  • Beth

    First of all, thank you Cindy for all you do! I can only begin to imagine the work you put into this every week – it’s enough to make one’s head spin! Thanks!!!!

    Now, about my trip to ShopRite. The condensed version is this: I still did pretty well, but I was accused by the manager at the checkout of photocopying a coupon. I was absolutely livid, and told him straight away that it was not copied, nor would I EVER do that! He had barely glanced at it, threw it back down and simply said “it’s copied”. I was completely stunned. THEN he told the cashier to “punch in the numbers” and apparently she had tried already (I didn’t see her try at all) and he said something about it being in black and white, and my other coupon was in color. Apparently that was all he needed to spot a “fake”.

    Now, I’ve been going to this ShopRite for over a year (we just moved here) and have never had a problem. I am always using coupons (duh) and will continue to do so. My head was spinning. I was using 2 coupons (.50/1) for two products (either the Nature Valley Protein bars or the BC FunDaMiddles – I can’t even remember which) so it’s not like I had 50 boxes of x paired up with 50 coupons for x. >:(

    Anyways, after all that, he said to scan the one “good” coupon twice, and that was it. He walked away. It was after my second transaction (this all happened on my first) that I was going to use my cats from #1 to pay for all of grocery items in #2, that I realized my Knorr cat didn’t print from #1.

    Needless to say, I was so frazzled that I just paid and left. Of course, the manager said “Have a nice day” as I was leaving.

    Now I have to go back, deal with the missing cat, pick up my free bags, and then what? Looking for suggestions from you all for what happened / what would you do about the manager and the case of the not-fake-fake-coupon? Thanks

    • Kabby

      sorry for your bad experience.
      My suggestion would be to go back to the store at a different hour than when you have access to different staff. At customer service first inquire about the missing Catalina..(do double check to make sure you purchased the proper item and proper totals before you go)…some people are reporting a problem with the Knorr not printing…I believe the Asian style is one that is “not” in the computer for the promotion. After fixing that (hopefully giving you a printed catalina) …or return the Knorr products. Inquire about the accusation of photocoping the coupon….possibly ask who you should contact for store survey/comment.
      Keep a smile, remain calm and do not lose your cool. Hope that helps…heres to better experiences.

      • Beth

        Thanks Kabby – I was planning to go back tomorrow for the 4-day sale deals, so I’ll go to customer service about the Knorr cat and the manager. I was keeping cool and said “Thanks, you too” to the mgr as I left (after he told me to have a nice day) so I think I kept my head, though I was definitely seeing red. I’ve seen others and read about others taking advantage of the system, and even using copied coupons among other “illegal” activity, and it makes me furious. And then to be accused? Grr!

        Anyways, I’ll be heading back in tomorrow – hopefully to take care of this.

        By the way – VA – I go to the SR in Brodheadsville, PA (Northeastern PA)

        • Heather C

          Huh, does that double fully? I leave equal distance between that one and the one in pburg, so I usually go to pburg because it fully doubles.

  • danielle m

    I just got back from shoprite and none of my cellfire or e coupons came off. i had the 4 off cereal, the additional dollars off my deals, and one for fundamiddles and fruit snacks. i came home and called and the store told me im out of luck because they have nothing to do with them so now what do i do?

    • Anonymous

      call shoprite cust. service..the general number on the website

    • Matthew

      sometimes it takes 24 hours to ‘load’ to your PP card. Sorry

    • care

      cell fire coupons rarely come off for me. the first time it happened, i reported it to cell fire and they loaded add’l coupons for $ off my order to my cell fire account. i’ve just stopped counting on them at this point, though, because they are so unreliable for me. i’d say they go through 1 time out of 10 for me.

    • Arizia

      call 1-800-shoprite. They were very nice when my razor ecoupon didn’t come off. hth

      • 08036SR

        In my experience, if you load both cellfire & shoprite ecoupons neither will work; they cancel each other out. PIA

        • D

          this happens w/ Upromise ecoupons also, “only one of them will work”, (they say the best one will work, ) but neither have worked for me. And theres no way to remove one once its loaded….

        • Jessica

          for me the SR e coupons override the cellfire so they come off first. If I do multiple transactions the cellfire comes off on the second order.I ‘m not sure why I think that’s how our store programmed it to work

  • Jessica

    I’m guessing the $5/5 kellogs Q is NLA? Can’t find it anywhere and have tried 6 different zip codes.

  • Betsy

    I bought 6 Knorr pasta sides, used 3 $.50/2 coupons and got back a $3 Catalina, but didn’t have the $1 Unilever ecoupon applied. I did get the $.50/2 cellfire for Knorr, so maybe 2 ecoupons for the same items, both won’t be applied. Has anyone else done the Knorr deal, and if so, were both ecoupons applied?

    • Allison

      Hey Betsy, I had the same exact transaction and I was missing the unilever ecoupon as well. I had some ecoupons come off but others were missing and I don’t usually have that problem but at least we got the catalina.

      • Betsy

        I went back today and got 6 Ragu. This time the $1 Unilever ecoupon was applied.

        • Jessica

          CS said that since the sr e coupon of 50 cents came off – it was like I only bought 4 towards the buy 6 get the $1 e coupon come off. So the next order the $1 one will come off. Its ok since Im doign the rice a few times 🙂

          • Kabby

            I did the 6 Knorr pasta deal twice (separate transactions) the $ e coupon did not come off. I then did the 6 Ragu deal and the ecoupon came off.

  • Anonymous

    what insert/week did the betty crocker coupon come?

  • Betsy

    I also wanted to mention that there’s a $2 coupon for Benecol spread from the 2/5 RP. This goes with the Splenda Dollar Days deal.

  • Cynthia

    I know you here it ALL THE TIME! BUT, THANK YOU so much for all you do!
    I have been couponing seriously since April of last year. Because of you I have a nice stockpile and have saved a couple thousand dollars! My son was only 4 months old and now the second one is on the way. I have been suffering from morning sickness for the last 2 1/2 months so I really haven’t worked or gone out to shop AT ALL in that time. BUT because of you we really haven’t had to shop for much except for things like dairy, meat and bread.
    I just wanted to say, you make such a difference in SO many peoples lives! God bless and once again thank you. You are greatly appreciated!

  • Janice

    I LOVE dollar days!!!! I spent $15 oop and left with $21 in Cats. I went to the Shoprite in Timonium, MD since they fully double. The cashier was amazing and VERY coupon friendly. The Cats were still rolling from the machine long after I had completed my transaction! 🙂

    • Becky

      TIMONIUM FULLY DOUBLES!!!!! None of the Shoprites where I live double, but I work in Towson and actually ran to that SR for the first time last week to grab some free water. I had no idea that they fully double. That changes my life 🙂 Thanks for mentioning that.

      • Janice

        Glad I made you smile 🙂

  • Shari

    It was a very good day. Thank you to ALL for your advice. Went to Nutley, Bloomfield and Livingston locations, today. Did the SB deal 6x, unilever 3x, general 1x, kim clark 2x . All on the same card. Spent 125.00 saved 289.15 rolled all my cats and dds. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

  • keena

    If anyone is interested I have a ton of GM coupons that I’m not going to be using if you like we can trade or I’ll just mail them to you. Hate to see good coupons go to waste? My email is Daintygyal @ gmail .com without the spaces

  • kmegg

    is there a def word about doing the deals more than once ? i did 5 diff deals sunday & would like to do a couple again ?

    • adriene

      I did the knorr sides 3 times since Sunday.

      • Anonymous

        ive done it four time. on two different days, 2 transactions each day back to back and used the cat to pay for next deal and still got a new catalina! yay! It works in toms river nj!

  • Sarah

    Is the $.50/1 Nature Valley gone? I can’t find it.

  • VA

    Can people seriously put WHAT STORE/TOWN you shop in especially if you have a bad couponing experience????

    Putting a blanket “It doesn’t work in MY store” …. means NOTHING, and is not at all helpful.

    Just a suggestion….Cindy you’re awesome 🙂

    • Ruth

      For Shoprite, you will have a bad experience at most stores if you shop with coupons.

  • Bernell

    Of course!! Thanks Cindy for all your hard work!
    I went to 2 Shoprites tonight.
    I tried to do the Unilever DD and I purchased 4 wishbone dressings, 1 lipton pyramid tea (as if I didn’t enough from the Pathmark, and 1 box of Q-Tips. My Cat didn’t print.
    I took receipt and items to CS, and she wasn’t that friendly.
    I showed her the paper, showed her the $1 E-coupon that came off for the deal, etc. etc.
    She tried ringing them up again and the cat still didn’t print.
    So she rang up 6 wishbone’s and the cat printed.
    Long story, short…….. she said the items working for the Unilever deal do NOT include the items below the Bold Line in the circular (Q-tips, tea bags, etc.)..
    I said “oo-kkk”, but she let me get the 6 wishbone dressings, I got the Cats.
    So just be careful when selecting your items.

    • Marie

      Just a thought, but if you create your shopping list directly from the circular on line and click on the tea or wishbone, etc. , the dollar day promotional info for that item comes up. If you then click the “Go to Full Shopping List” button and select all the items on your list to print, and print the selection, the list will print with the catalina info for the items you have on your list. Also, if you added the eCoupons, they will appear as well. I don’t know why most of the info is dropped from the print format, if you use the normal print function, but I wish SR would correct it.

      • Cindy B

        I am not familiar at all with the idea you have suggested. Can you please sene instructions on how to set up a shopping list from the circular. Sounds like a great feature of this site that I wasn’t aware of. But when I view the circular I don’t see an option to create a shopping list. I see if from the page the comments are on but not on the ad page.

      • Rocky

        Marie, this is really helpful, thank you. I agree, going through all that…rigamarole…is a pain in the neck. Have you sent your request to SR through their Contact Us button? I’m not sure how responsive they will be, though, since I sent them something at least a week ago about a different matter, and haven’t heard anything back yet. Not even a form letter-type email…!

      • Marie

        Cindy B — you will need to create an account on, if you don’t already have one. Once you have an account, and are logged in, you can add e-coupons and create and save shopping lists. To create and save a list, simply open the week’s circular and click on the desired items. They will appear in column on the right as your shopping list.

        Rocky — I have made the suggestion several times, and received a lovely “thank you for your comments” type response. Unfortunately, no actual change has taken place. Hope you get a response to your e-mail.

    • Rocky

      Oh, that ‘not below the bold line’ has got to be bogus! There are 2 pages of dollar deals, and, on those pages, there is NOTHING else! Each manufacturer’s deal is graphically set up in different formats (some in biiiig square boxes, some little, some really long and thin, etc.), however, all of them have the bold line below the beginning section where the round dollar days graphic is. It’s for visual balance. And, as you said, you received the $1 Unilever deal ecoupon, so, had to have met the criteria! You should have had missy know-it-all call the overall store manager over!

    • Piya

      Exact thing happened with me yesterday at Bayonne,NJ shoprite when I bought 3 ragu & 3 lipton green tea bags. My catalina didn’t print & when I went to customer service I was told that only items above the bold lines work (Q-tips,tea bags etc were not a part of the deal) The store manager also said the same thing. I had a hard time explaining them that these too are Unilever products included in DD. But they were persistant on their thoughts and did not give me any catalinas. I am so disappointed. I called 800# and they said they will look into it.

  • Bre

    I had such a bad experience at the shoprite in millville nj. I was trying to get my gm fruit snacks as part of the catalina deal and the cashier informed me I could not use more than 2 of the same printable coupon. So a manager comes over and confirms it so I asked when this happened and he wasn’t even sure he thought maybe a few weeks ago. I have never heard anything like that from shoprite before and I plan on going back and talking to cs because this cashier also gave me such an attitude when I told her I would have to have the whole transaction taken off. Which made me mad because I never did any thing wrong I know their coupon policy like the back of my hand and I have used more than two printable coupons in the past few weeks with no problem so how would I have known. Anyway just a vent I was wondering if anyone else had a problem. I was thinking too that the cashier just had it out for the couponers because it was the first day of dollar days and the store was packed full of couponers.

    • Lauren

      I had a bad experience in Wash Twp NJ too. The manager was a big help, but the cs rep I initially spoke with was nasty and didnt even know what ecoupons are. I love shopping at shop rite but I wish they would give their employees training on the ins and outs of ecoupons and their coupon policy in general. At this store they are usually great about helping when things go wrong at the cs counter. I just had a bad guy! But, it is getting frustrating that so many of my ecoupons and catalinas arent printing. If you aren’t watching like a hawk you will lose out! I was refunded $5.50 last night!

      • A Cashier

        Make sure your Price Plus card is scanned before proceeding with transaction. I’ve learned that the hard way at least twice. HTH

    • Kabby

      The three shoprites that I go to in Bergen County have had that policy in place for as long as I can remember…only 2 of the same printable coupons per transaction…that is why I make separate trips if I have more than 2 identical printables.
      Also each register has a coupon policy posted…maybe you can ask for a copy from your store. Hope that helps.

      • Bre

        thats my plan when I go back I never realized before that individual stores have coupon policies different than what they have posted on the store website.

    • D

      Bre I use Millville all the time. That policy has been in effect for at least several weeks, maybe back when they started ‘no more than 2 transactions per customer’. (several months) You may not have had any issues before becuz many coupons print for the same product but from diff sites, (, and, redplum, ss, etc will be ‘different’) You may have inadvertently been handing ‘diff’ qs w/out realizing it? I’ve had 6 same product, but 3 diff sites and no problem becuz they were only 2 of each type..met their policy…Also, if it is same site but different value, then is diff q….meets the policy. And of course, human factor, cashiers not paying attention to coupons or policy, and now you got one that does. For the most part, our stores are really bad at coupon friendly anything. Acme decr their dble value to .75 = 1.50; but .80 = 1.00. SR on Lincoln no longer ‘fully’ dbls. And I’m finding lots of issues w/ mismatched circular info. Our 3 stores will support each others ads, but NOT CINDYS list from up north. Been a couple items that were ‘store specific’ and they would not honor the screen print that I showed them. It’s getting hard down here.

    • teresa

      i usually go to the one in vineland.. not on delsea though… and im kinda perturbed that they would not accept my meullars coupons… because they said they were fake… i was like huh??? i printed them from the link in my inbox… apparently someone has been copying coupons and its making it difficult for all of us… but i can honestly say I rarely have an issue at SR but im certain they will adopt that policy of 2 per transaction soon, since there is so much fraud going on.. smh

  • Michelle

    Does the sundown folic acid work with the sundown NATURALS coupon?

    • Jules

      the folic acid i bought says NATURALS on the front… and i used the naturals coupons.

  • melissa

    Hi, Does anyone seem to know where I can find the 1.50 off SB enhanced milk coupon?

  • Sherri

    I received a $3 catalina from Scott. Not sure why? I purchased 2x 12-pack Toilet Paper & 1x 6-pack Paper Towel.

    • Angela

      I received that catalina today also. Didn’t buy any paper products though.

  • donna

    Just fyi 2 new coupons….entenmann mini cakes…..try the rassberry!! and muffin tops for 1.00 off at

  • Anonymous

    is the smart balance milk q NLA? I was only able to print it once from each computer and then it looks like it disappeared?

  • Aileen C

    Sargento shredded cheese is 1.99 this week. There’s a .55/2 in the 1/22 SS that expires 2/26. It’s a DND w/ a long bar code, but it doubled at my store. So $1.44 each after coupon.

  • heather

    Some of the coupons from inserts I cant seem to find. What does the R mean in like (SS 1/29/12 R)?

    • Laura D.

      Hi Heather, it means that coupon is “regional” to a specific area and not all of us get it in our local papers. 🙂

      • heather

        Thank you Laura!

  • Meg

    I don’t have any boxes next to the items to check off and make my list. 🙁 Anyone else have that problem?

    • Laura D.

      I think Cindy is working on the site again, it will come back shortly like the other day. I thought I was turning into a complete ditz this morning, things were popping up (Rite Aid ad 2/26, science magazine, etc) then disappearing, then I was getting completely blank pages when trying to navigate the site. Funny little blue question marks kept appearing …… then disappearing.
      It started to cause some serious brain fog especially since I’m running on 3 hours of sleep and only one cup of coffee and trying to get out of here and do a deal before my appointments, lol. It is you …… right ……Cindy!!??!!

      • Cindy

        Yes, my apologies. We have been in the process of moving the site over to a completely new server. It’s been a long process so we don’t lose all this info. We should be at the tail end of it but right now, the print list has been disabled but they are working on it.

        • Laura D.

          Heck! No apologies necessary 🙂 Just glad to see it wasn’t me …. or my computer, lol! Hope it all goes smoothly for you. Thanks for all you do!!

    • heather

      No boxes either 🙁

      • jeanine

        I lost the check boxes too when I upgraded my browser to IE9 but if I click on icon for broken page (to the right of the URL looks like a paper torn in half horizontally) it puts the page in compatibility view for IE9 and the boxes reappear. HTH 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I just hit my ShopRite to pick up the Kellogg’s cereal deal. The bonus $1 ecoupon in each category works when you only purchase one item from the category. For example, I purchased one bag of Purina cat food but not the three required to save the three dollars and they still deducted the extra $1 savings from my bill. It also happened on the Saran Wrap. I didn’t need the whole deal but it was nice to get the extra $1 off in each category without completing the whole deal.

    • Rocky

      Thanks for the updated info on those $1 ecoupons. Wasn’t aware you could still get them even if you didn’t complete the deal. I just LOVE all the helpful readers/info on this site!! Thanks, again, for reporting back!

    • Cindy

      Hmm, that is interesting. Might have to experiment with that find 😉

      • Laura D.

        oh this is great! I’ll have to give it a try! Thank you for posting it.

  • Kabby

    FYI…Got2B is still $2.99 this week if you have last weeks $3/1 (Free)
    Gorton’s fish $4.24 a bag use $1/2 insert that has been in all the bags that I have purchased in the past. ($3.74 a bag) There may be a printable as well.
    Entenmanns mini cakes $2.14 use the printable $1/1 ($1.14)

    • Rocky

      As above, thanks, Kabby, for reporting back on your findings. One of my favorite things about this site is when people tell us the ‘sos’ (still on sale) items that they find, like the Got2B sale! So many times I have a couple of coupons left that I couldn’t quite manage to use during the sale week, and, finding this out is soooo helpful! Thanks, again!

    • Rem

      Thanks for the heads up…I got 30 cpns for this. I use only Got2B. Just used 10 @ walgreens. OOP was .71 just tax. I didn’t even check SR, just got back from there for my 3rd dollar days run! This week is great.

    • Betsy

      Thanks for the info. I bought 3 Got2B for free – no sales tax in Delaware on anything!

  • robin

    i cant find the $3/3 smart balance ip is there a certain zip i should be using

  • Marjie

    Today I bought 4 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaners and 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Foamer Shower Cleaner. I did not receive the $3 Catalina. I think it is because you need to buy 5 Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Foamer only. I did however have $4.50 in coupons and a $1.oo Dollar Days Ecoupon and a $1.00 SavingStar deposit. However, I am bummed about not getting the $3.00 Catalina.
    Heads up to others who try this deal.

  • Christine

    I have a bunch of $0.75 off Smart Balance milk if anyone wants them. Should double. Would love to trade for some Box Top (fundraiser labels), my sons school is having a contest.

    • kara

      I would LOVE the Smart Balance coupons! My youngest only drinks their lactose free milk. I have some labels already on a sheet, as my oldest collects them for school. When I get all 26 on the sheet I could send it to you….

      • Christine

        Kara you can just have them. I need the labels by tomorrow. Can you send me your addresss to my email at I live in Mercer County NJ, if you are close maybe I can pick them up, but it’s really ok. I scored big on all the Duncan Hines cake and frosting which all had double box tops! Plus all the other box top stuff.

        • bobbi

          do yo ustill have smart balance .75 q’s available for trading? i am in the lawrence area and would be willing to trade box tops.

  • peach

    If my total for the smart cooking spray comes up to $9.96, will the cat still print

    • Cindy

      No it needs to be $10 at ShopRite.

      • Simon

        I bought 4 cooking sprays $2.49 each = $9.96 and still got the $3 catalina.. YMMV?

        • Kabby

          The cooking sprays worked because it went by “shelf” price of $2.99 each x 4= $11.96 NOT the “sale” price of $2.49….the register computed the shelf price for that item thus you qualified for the $3 catalina.

          • peach

            Aww…Oh wells. I got 2 milks and 2 sprays. So it comes to $1 each. still a good deal. Thanks all!

            • Annie

              I did the same deal and got two Catalinas. One for $3 and another for $1. Don’t know why I got 2

  • Jennifer

    I went to Shoprite in East Hartford, CT, and all my catalina’s printed. I got the General Mills, Kimberly Clark, Unilever and Pompeian CAT, plus all my e-coupons worked and I got 4 free bag CATS. I also Got the Smart Balance Deal too! I don’t why everyone is having issues. My Knorr e-coupon came off on top of the Unilever e-coupon.

  • meli

    is anyone else not getting the email responces from this blog?

  • Jenn

    Maypo is on sale this week at Shoprite for $1.99. It’s usually $3.39 at SR in Cherry Hill. I’ve been waiting for this to go on sale. We mix it with regular Quaker Oats. I still have several $.55/1 coupons that expire on 3/31/12. I couldn’t find a printable coupon though.

  • Jenn

    Also, Sucrets in Cherry flavor are on sale for $1.69 (at SR Cherry Hill) and there’s a SS $1/1.

  • heather

    I dont have the Nature Valley Cellfire coupon available is it only available in certain zip codes?

  • Jenna

    Where do you find the $1.50 off Motts coupons?

  • BL

    Can someone tell me where the Bimbo bread is located generally? I checked by the bagels/cakes and the usual bread aisle and couldn’t locate it.

    • Laura D.

      It is really hard to find sometimes. In my store the display is only 3 breads wide and other types are 1-3 breads wide usually just below eye level (if you’re 5’2″). In my store it is by the shoprite breads, also near the Freihoffer (spellimg?). It has the picture of the white bear (?) on the left, the Bimbo banner in red very small along the top and the majority of the package is white. I buy the Whole Wheat White, and that is the most prominent thing on the end of the package. Good Luck!

      • BL

        Thanks – found it! Bottom shelf – they may have been out last week.

  • Andria

    Does anyone know if the $5/5 Kellogs coupon is still available? I can’t find it anywhere!

    • Kabby

      I think it is gone there was a $4/4..try 30303 on

      • Anonymous

        Got it!! Thanks!

  • sylvia

    There is a pssst coupon for nature valley $1.10

    • brittany

      that coupon is for the new protein chewy bars. Does anyone know if shoprite carries this kind? I did not see it on the shop at home website. Do these count toward the 3 dollar catalina? It says “Nature Valley® Granola Bars (6 ct or larger), Nut Clusters or Thins”

      • Cindy

        Yes ShopRite carries them however they are not included in the Dollar Day Deals this week. They are priced at around $3.69.

        • Kabby

          In this weeks circular that is the pictured item next to Nature Valley Granola Bars 2/$5…you sure they are not included…will check it out later this evening.

        • terry

          I purchased them today. and my catalina printed. They were 2 for $5

          • terry

            However, there are only 5 bars in the box, as opposed to 12 for the regular ones.

          • Rocky

            Yes, I got them today, also, and, received the cat.

  • Sarah

    I was able to do G.M. deal 2 times, Unilever 2 times, Kim Clark once, pompenian once. All my catalinas printed and the dollar days e coupons came off each one time. BUT none of the ecoupons for the specific items came off? anyone have a solution to that?
    Also, just got an email about Your Bucks- next week (wish it was this past week!)
    02/26/12 – 03/03/12, Buy 7 participating Kelloggs products in one transaction, Get $5 off next shopping order & a free ShopRite Partners in Caring shopping bag. One print per transaction.

    Offer Expires 3/03/12
    Limit 1 w/ Your Loyalty Card
    Only available at ShopRite®

    • Jennifer

      Mine all worked

    • Kabby

      Any listing of the particular cereals??

      • Betsy

        I got this from Shoprite’s online circular:

        Kellogg’s Cereal
        11 to 11.4-oz. box, Chocolate or Double Chocolate Krave, 16.5-oz. Cocoa Krispies, 9.4-oz. Maple Syrup Eggo, 12.2-oz., Apple Jacks or Froot Loops, 10-oz. Cinnabon, 12.5-oz. Corn Pops, 14-oz., Frosted Flakes or 8.8-oz. Smorz Limit 4 Per Variety SAVE UP TO 1.70 BUY 7 Kellogg’s GET $5 Plus Free Bag All Participating Items Listed Here.
        $2.49 with price plus card

        There’s also a $.70 SavingStar coupon for Krave cereal 11 0z. or greater, any flavor, that expires on 2/29.

        • Rocky

          Just keep in mind if you are shooting for the Kellogg’s Gas Rebate card that Krave is not on the accepted list. Would be great if it was. I have a ton of those $0.70 coupons!

  • tina

    Are there any smart balance coupons available to print anywhere? I can’t seem to find any that are posted…I really need milk…Thanks.

    • Jennifer

      I got mine through (clip service).

    • Irishsaver

      smart balance coupons expired 2/22

  • kenzie

    btw heard that A&P in Danbury,CT on Main St. is closing and A shoprite is opening there! bittersweet……who agrees?

  • Keri

    I can’t get either arm & hammer coupon to print.

  • Meli

    i cant get tese comments anymore????????

  • Tanya

    Hi I’m new to this whole thing, but I am not sure how to find the coupon on smartsource for eggland’s best. Could you help me please?

    Thank you!

    • Kabby

      Under Cindy’s list for the Eggland Bet eggs is a list of coupon inserts from newspapers…all listed are the dates for the week you should look at ex SS 1/29R…means Smartsource inset from Jan 29….R means regional meaning only certain areas received these….I find most coupons are regional…if I do not have it…I try a different date listed…you may not have any of them. make sure to read the Beginners tab at the top that should help alot…good luck couponing.

  • Sandra K321

    I do my shopping on Fridays so I just did this weeks deals. I also had problems with the catalinas not printing. I got the V-8 one ok, but the Uni-lever and the Smart Balance did not print. I went to the desk and they eventually gave me the catalinas for the 2 deals that didn’t print, but did not give me ones to get the free bags. Also, since it didn’t go through the register, I did not get the e-coupon for the extra $1 for the deal.

  • brittany

    did anyone else do the nature valley buy 3 catalina deal? i only got 1 dollar off my next purchase, i thought it was 3 dollars?

    • Kabby

      That is all you should have received…you might have read it wrong…to get $3 you needed to purchase 5 or more….

      Plus a Catalina Deal:
      Nature Valley Granola Bars (6 ct or larger), Nut Clusters or Granola Thins
      2/20 – 3/18
      Buy 3 Get $1
      Buy 4 Get $2
      Buy 5 or more Get $3

  • Jenn

    I went to SR in Cherry Hill. They would not take the $0.40/1 Pepperidge Farm Bakery Product coupon because I bought cookies and not bread. It says on “any bakery product” but the picture is of bread. Picture trumps word? >:oP

  • Lisa

    Look, I work at customer service and if you ever have a problem with not getting a Catalina, they should be happy to help you. Sometimes the Catalina’s dont properly print the coupons, but it’s not the cashiers fault, machines don’t always work like they are supposed to. And yes you can go to the same store and do the deals multiple times as well.

  • Janelle S

    I know its kinda late in the week to say this but I just found it about 3 mins ago…….There are 2 coupons on recyclebank for Hellmann’s Products… is for $0.75/1 making the Tarter Sauce FREE and then a $2/2 Hellmann’s making them $0.50 ea…….The coupons state limit of 2 Identical coupons per transaction

    • Betsy

      Thanks for the info! I already got 3 Unilever catalinas, but I’m going back for more tomorrow.

    • Kabby

      Thank you for the coupon alert…just got mine off of Recyclebank…it is never to late to add a deal. Thanks again.

  • kmegg

    my sr’s had hanes for her briefs $2.49 for a 3 pack & natural instincts vibrant dye for 3.74. used the 2/$5 q from 1/29 p&g making them 1.25 a box. great deal & can be used on p&g best in beauty rebate.

    • me

      where was the natural instinks q ?

      • MARY

        1/29 P&G

    • MARY

      Thanks for the tip on the sale AND the rebate!

  • Alison

    Had a pretty good trip today. Spent $98 but saved $67 and walked out with $18 in CATs plus 3 bags free. Only bummer is that it seems my Cellfire coupons did not come off. Not sure why. I have never had problems before. The $1 SR eCoupons for DD deals did come off. Oh well! Either way I still feel like I did good. Thanks Cindy for the match ups! 🙂

    • Rachel

      Call the 800#. They told me there has a problem this week. They should send you a gift card.

  • Betsy

    I did really well today, too. I spent $22.47, saved $73.58 and left with $16.00 in catalinas and 3 bags free. Wow!!! This week is the best I’ve ever had at Shoprite. Saved lots all during the week. Cindy, you’re the best!!!

  • Bettsy

    Sounds Ike everyone had great trips… Heading out now hoping there are stuff left.

  • Rachel

    I wanted to share my experience at Shoprite. I have to admit that I walked in expecting them to be out of stock on many items. In fact, my 1st stop was customer service to ask where items could be found and what was sold out. To my surprise, I was able to get everything on my list, without asking for a raincheck. Of course, nothing is easy or goes smoothly. I noticed that ecoupns were not coming off. CS told I had to call the 800#, as they have no control over it. Even the shopping list that printed from their site did not make a difference.
    So I continued on with more transactions, but then for my 2nd GM deal, I did not get my $10 catalina or bag catalina. CS tried to says it’s one deal per customer for the length of the promo, but I argued that it was one per transaction, as the flyer states. She looked at my receipt and noticed that I only purchased 11 items, not 12. error. I miss counted. I really had been planning to buy a can of refried beans. She let me buy the beans and then gave me the catalinas. I was very happy CS. It probably added to the sympathy factor that I had 3 young and very cute kids in the cart. Of course I was distracted, as one kept asking..”Can we please get that” about 100 times.
    For the ecoupons, I called the 800# this morning and they said that the sale this week was causing problems and they will send me a gift card for the lost amount.
    I did great this week, but I don’t know if I have the energy to go back next week.

  • Anna

    I do my shopping on Saturdays always- i just checked my shoprite ecoupons for the dollar days- THEY ARE ALL GONE/ I know they expire today but i would assume at midnight. I am frustrated with this- cellfire never works for me and now to lose out on all the shoprite ecoupons just because i shop on saturdays is ridiculous.

    • lisa

      I feel your pain!! I’m in the same position (sat just works best for me too)…let’s cross our fingers. Although cell fire has been good to me — try contacting them. I reported a bunch of things to them and it takes forever to resolve but they do credit you. After 3 or 4x things now seem to be working. I had most of my issues at Pathmark thu.

    • Jessica

      mine are gone too!!!!

      • Anna

        I plan on going shopping and then contacting them with my reciept, i dont understand why it is all gone.

        • Mark

          I did the Unilver deal twice on Sunday and my e-coupon did not come off either time. Today, prior to doing the Pompeian and Unilver deal again I checked my digital coupons and they were not listed. Well, did the deals again today and both e-coupons came off. They still might come off if you loaded them previously even though you can’t see them now.

  • Christina

    Janelle have you tried hellmans coupon? Just wondering of the .75 cent off of one coupons double to 1.50 on mayo that wouldnmake a pretty sweet deal since it’s a brick coupon and you can print twice andnut uses lessnoints that 2.00 off 2 on recyclebank

  • teresa

    Cindy!!! I tried to use my Muellars coupons for pasta… and the store said they were fake!!! Although i printed them from the link in my inbox…. How?

    • Cindy

      because the coupons are not a bricks or smart source coupon and they just assume that they are fake. They are not. They come directly from the manufacturer.

      • teresa

        they actually put it in their “fraud” coupon book.. and then looked at me funny… so i proceeded to give them the instructions on how to access the coupon… they looked dumb founded.. and the one cashier (young guy), was very nice… and said he knew i was right and he was going to go home and print the coupon and bring it in to the store manager…

  • Maria

    I went shopping today & my $1 for the ragu deal came off.