• how come king kullen says .25 cents?

    • Mark

      Because they double dollar coupons.

      • Arianna

        really?! Then i’m bringing all my $1/1 coupons to King Kullen when i go visit my mom on Long Island! lol

        • Janelle S

          They only double the first 5 $1 coupons

  • jl

    If you are a member of the Diabetes program at CVS (don’t remember the official name) you were probably sent an email last week or so with a b1g1 free Skinny Water coupon. Think we can stack these two since one is a CVS and the other is a Manufacturer coupon? That would make them 12.5 cents each!!!

  • jl

    By the way…you don’t need to be diabetic to sign up for the program.

  • Amy

    Who do you need to speak with to sign up for the diabetes program?

  • Nancy

    CVS has the Skinny Water on clearance for .83 making it a better deal!!

  • Roving

    I am using Google Chrome and this is NOT worth the hassle, had to update Chrome and install new Java for the coupon. I hate when companies do this!