New Nestle Water Catalina Deal – Save Up to $5

New Nestle Water Catalina Deal

There is a new Nestle Water Catalina Deal that starts tomorrow, 3/23.  Here are the details of the catalina:

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, .5 liter – 20, 24 or 28 pack or 8 oz – 24 packs
3/23 – 4/8
Buy 2 Get a $1 Catalina
Buy 3 get a $3 Catalina
Buy 4 or more Get a $5 Catalina

Participating Stores:

A&P, Acme, Genuardi’s, Pathmark, ShopRite &  more stores

Be sure to check out the list of catalina deals on the Master Catalina Deals Page.


  • Kim Mignella

    anyone have a price for these at shoprite for this week?

  • Bonny F.

    I’m confused because in the Shoprite circular it is on sale 3 for $11 and when you buy 3 you get a $2 cat. And here it says when you buy 3 you get $3 cat. Next to the image of the nestle waters it says about the $2 cat. Is it the same deal or a double dip or something?

    • Cindy

      Hmm, might be. I seem to remember something like this once before and I believe we didn’t get both. But, it’s certainly worth a try come Sunday.

  • Barry

    Pathmark has them 3 for $9.99 this coming week.

    • Gio

      I wonder how much the 4th one would be?? Either way still a great deal!

      • Rocky

        I just checked the online circular since I don’t get a hard copy one. It does say 3/$9.99, but, it does not say ‘must buy 3’, or, ‘additional quantities at $x.xx’ each. So, it SEEMS as if these are just 3.33 each, individually. If you buy 3 at $9.99, minus the $3 cat, they come out to $2.33 each. If they are $3.33 each and you buy 4, however, that = $13.32 – $5 (cat) = $8.32/4 = $2.08 each.

        But, since I don’t have a circular on hand to check and I’m not sure they really put all the details in that dinky (!) little window that pops up, I can’t swear this math exercise is correct, but, hey, worth checking into! If anyone comes up with something different, feel free to put it out here!

        • Janelle S

          My Pathmark has them 2/$8 instead of 3/$9.99…I’m kinda sad now

        • Laura D.

          Thanks for doing all the math Rocky! $2.08 is a great stock up price. In my circular there is no “must buy three” so I think you are correct with $3.33 each. I’m going to hope my A&P has this on sale also, it’s not in their circular. Otherwise it is a road trip for me. I wish I had the super coupon MamaBates has, very sweet.

  • MamaBates

    My Shoprite ad has a super coupon for 3 for $9. The catalina makes this even better!

  • Natalie K.

    Could we count this Nestle as a Kraft Munchie Mania?

  • caren

    On, it says the Nestle water deal is ONLY at ShopRite — why don’t they list the other stores??

    • Cindy

      you probably do not have the other stores chosen as your favorites. It only shows you the stores you have checked off in your area.

      • Jordan

        I tried E mailing you to tell you that Wall mart has a BOGO on coffee mate creamer up to 40,000 today only, you might want to check it out…sorry not sure how or where to post this.

        • Jordan

          need to print coupon off their website, for liquid or powdered creamers

  • Sheryl

    I had 2 Peelies ($2.00 off wyb 2 ) from when I bought this water which didn’t expire until 12/31/12. I used them on this deal.

    Bought 4 at Albertsons for $12.00 total.
    After Peelies (-$4)= $8.00 spent
    After Catalina (-$5)= $3.00 for 4 OR B1G3 Free OR $0.75 each

  • Sherry

    Cindy, I’m not seeing any catalina for the Nestles Water on the I always see you posting catalina for Shoprite and when I do the deal I don’t get a catalina and its not even posted on Where are you seeing the catalina information?

    • Cindy

      It’s in the circular under the Nestle Deal.