ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 3/11/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 3/11/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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::Unadvertised Deals

Note: Because these are unadvertised deals, prices may vary by store so please check your prices before you head to the register



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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Kabby

    WHERE ARE THE COMMENT ATTACHMENT>>>Am I the only one not seeing comments at the end of a posting….yet at the bottom of the home page people are posting??? WEIRD????

    • Eileen

      Probably a stupid question, I’m a newbie. I used the Pronutrient coupon and the shop rite coupon to get the free deal. Another $5 coupon spit out of the Catalina thing . How many times can I use the Shoprite Ecoupon for Pronutrients? Thanks!

      • Laura D.

        Ecoupons can only be used once.

      • kate

        The eCoupon only works one time under each SR card.

      • Rocky

        Sometimes they re-set them (and, others, of course, not just this particular one), though, so, good to religiously check the new batch they offer each week.

  • Bonny F.

    I tried to buy the Hormel Compleats with the buy one get one free, and the manager said that they don’t accept any free internet coupons. I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t completely free because i had to buy one to get one free. it’s weird because any other time it always worked.

    • Rocky

      This one was weird for me, also, but, in a different way. I didn’t notice until after I left, but, each of the two I used only came off for $1.59, however, the price of each Compleat was actually $2 – so, I ended up losing 41 cents on each….!

  • Cat

    Not sure if anyone else has noted this yet….I bought 4 of the Silver Palate oatmeal on sale for 1.99. I used 4 coupons from the February 2012 Live Right magazine. The coupons have an expiration of 4/30/2011! I feel bad because I used these coupons and hope the cashier doesn’t get in trouble for taking them. They went through without a problem. Just wanted to warn everyone that they are expired!

    • Karen B

      Cat, my coupons expire on May 31, 2012. Are sure you have the most current issue?

      • Cat

        I just checked again. The cover magazine cover says Feb 2012 but the coupons that are on page 11 expire on April 30, 2011. I have 4 copies that I picked up in the Plainview NY store. I even had my daughter check them because now I feel like I am going crazy!

        • Rocky

          I had noted this in one of the posts awhile back. It seemed to have happened only in the Feb. edition. It’s clearly marked as the Feb. 2012 edition, and, all the other coupons in the booklet do have 2012 exp dates, so, I think it was probably just a printing error.

  • Sandy

    SR has 100 ct. Equal saccharin on sale for $1.49
    My SS 3/11 had .75 and $1.50 coupon making them FREE

  • Rose

    Hi! To the person who mentioned emailing Turkey Hill for coupons: THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙂 ! They arrived today, and I got the large containers for only $1.50 each with more coupons to spare! Thanks so much-I really appreciate that advice!

    • Lauren


    • Rocky

      Yes, thanks from me, also! I just received mine, too, and, was really surprised at, not only how many coupons they sent, but, also, the nice package/packaging. They sent a listing of all their special, limited flavors and which months they are available (such as, Fried Ice Cream in April!), along with information about the plant tours they offer. Left me really impressed!

      • Rocky

        Just to give credit where credit is due: it was reader Cynthia (in the 3/11 ad scan thread) that gave us this great hint, so, Cynthia, from all of us, THANKS!!!!

    • Laurie A

      Ditto for me! They came so quickly!

    • Tara

      Thanks also…..amazing how fast they came in the mail. Only 2 days!!

  • Jennifer

    Went to shoprite Monday.. Making another trip tomorrow.. Getting some more things like the Right Guard Deordant and Ellios, and planning on the Cats to come out at the end!! Love Couponing, I never understood how I shopped before… Thanks Cindy for doing all that you do!!! I love the Daily Coupon-Match-ups!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Marcella

    Can you still use the .50/1 pop tarts mini crisps coupon even though the sale is for the regular pop tarts?