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ShopRite Deals for the week of 3/4/12

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • LauraS

    I also had the same problem as others have posted, with Munch Mania and the shelf/price plus price, etc. Long story short, I did the deal as recommended (fresh takes, dark chocolate indulgence, milk bite bars), and I received nothing for the Munch Mania promo, nor did I get the Philly/Kraft Catalinas. I also tried the Joy dish detergent Catalina deal, and did not succeed. I even checked with my cashier to be certain her Catalina printer was working, since I didn’t even get one of those stupid Midas ads…. At customer service, they told me I was $1.25 short and wouldn’t allow me to add something to the order to qualify, and I haven’t heard back from Catalina, nor do I expect to. Oh well, I still got a lot of stuff for a decent price on that trip anyway. But still, frustrating.

    • K.W.

      Wish I read this before my trip. 🙁 I didn’t get the Joy Catalina or Pantene Catalina and my ecoupon for the Scott’s didn’t come off. I have plenty of both in my stockpile and only got them for the cats.

      • Shanta

        I also didn’t get the Munch Mania Cat(bought 4 Kraft fresh taste, 4 Hershey drops & 1 Minute maid) or the Pantene Cat, so I went to CS & they gave me the Cats for both Munch Mania & P&G. I went back a few days later to get Pantene, this time I brought 5 & still not CAT printed, went to cs & they did give me a $5 store credit, even though they said I was short. 5 Pantene should of prompted the CAT but this deal must be based on sales price and not shelf price…

  • Mitchell

    I’m 14, and luckily I have only had two bad transactions. One at CVS and one at Rite aid but, I find my self having to constantly explain to the cashier that what I’m doing is perfectly legal, but like I said I have never had a problem with ShopRite, normally there very impressed.

    • Jen

      Mitchell, Your 14 and grocery shop?! My son is 12 and rolls his eyes when I even mention coupons. I’m impressed that you are shopping, especially with coupons!

  • Anonymous

    Laura S,

    Take a picture of your receipt or write out the information and email Catalina. For a few minutes of your time, they will mail you Munch Mania $20 worth, Kraft $4, Phili $3 and Joy $3 Catalina coupons. It is worth your time for $30! You already did the deals.

    • LauraS

      Thanks, I will try again, I guess!

  • Diane A.


    Contact Catalina. You are owed $29 or $30 worth of Catalina coupons.

    You may send a picture of your receipt or scan it and e-mail it or type the information from your receipt. Here, I will get you started:

    Thank you for contacting the Catalina Marketing Help Desk,

    In order to assist you, we will need some additional information related to your purchase. Please provide the following information from your purchase receipt.

    -Store Name and number   ShopRite
    -Store Address 
    -Store telephone number  
    -Date and time of your purchase  
    -Complete row of numbers next to the date and time  
    -Total amount of your transaction
    -Loyalty card number (if used)  PricePlus card #
    -Description of which coupon(s) you expected to receive  

    Catalinas not received:
    Munch Mania
    Buy $25 Get (4) $5 weekly coupons

    Kraft Dairy Products:
    3/2 and 3/18
    Buy 5+ get $4

    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    2/24 – 3/18
    Buy 4 Get $2

    Joy Dish Detergent
    Buy 4 Get $3

    Additionally in order to process a fulfillment we would need the following information:

    Your Name and complete Mailing Address

    You may also scan and attach your receipt to this email.

    Thank you

    Catalina Marketing Help Desk

    • Diane A.

      If the deal is right and proper, they will send you the Catalina coupons. If not, you will get an explanation that will help you do the deal right next time. Think of it as tuition in the School of Life. LOL!!

      Copied from the post above:

      “NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email”

      • Kara

        By the way, my Shoprite (Jackson, NJ) will print out the Catalina’s at customer service if they are aware of the deal and it didn’t print. They are super nice there!

    • LauraS

      Thanks for the info, I’ll try it and see what happens… you’re so helpful!

  • Pam

    Wow Diane, what a super nice way to help out a fellow couponista! When I read Laura’s comments, I felt depressed for her!! You make me want to be a better couponista!!! As far as it being tuition for the School of Life… well, that never ends!! But really, a super nice and helpful gesture on your part!

  • Diane A.

    Aw shucks, Pam. Wasn’t much. I erased my information from an email I sent yesterday and made a guess as to the coupons Laura S may receive.

    This blog has taught me and saved me so much, I am merely paying it forward.

  • ~Kristine G.~

    I hope no one has already asked this! I searched through a lot of comments, but haven’t seen it. My question is on the following coupon:

    SmartSource “Save $2.00 When you buy 3 REESE’S, HERSHEY’S Miniatures, KISSES, CADBURY (8 oz. or larger)”

    If anyone has used this (or if you haven’t, but know the deal from last year or something), does it matter What Type of product you get? Example: will this work on the Reese’s Pieces/Drops Bags on sale for $1.99, the Hershey’s Snack Size bags for $2.99, and the Hershey’s Bar 6-pack for $3.49 ?? The picture on the coupon shows what looks like 10 oz. or so bags of “Easter variety” candies. The wording is pretty vague so I imagine it’s Any Variety…

    I have a bunch of coupons for the “Munch Mania” chocolate, and was wondering if I’ll have any issues when I get to the register. My coupons expire before Easter, so I think this will be the best deal in the next few weeks. (And, I’m not asking anything about what counts for the $25, whether pre-PP or after, or whatever else.)

    • jt

      That coupon should be fine; the picture is only there to promote the seasonal items. It’s the words that matter.

      • Jenn

        Too bad that many cashiers don’t understand this. I am always being refused for a coupon that says ‘any’ product on the coupon but the picture shows one of their products. The cashier tells me it has to be the one in the picture. It doesn’t help to ask “What does ANY mean?” because they just have no clue. I let it go because I don’t want to get into with the service counter either.

        • jt

          if & when this happens, i encourage/convince the cashier to scan it to prove my point — it scans correctly.

  • MARY

    My .50/1 Ajax/Dynamo/Fa/Niagara coupon does NOT mention Final Touch as Cindy had listed. Am I missing something?

  • Courtney

    I forget can we combine ecoupons and cellfire coupons?

    • Michelle T.

      Courtney, you can only use one type of digital coupon and one paper coupon per item. Be careful, I have found that if I load both SR ecoupons and Cellfire coupons onto my card, neither comes off. I have successfully had this addressed by SR corporate, but had to wait for coupons in the mail. HTH

      • Jenn

        Thanks. I just went in to remove the duplicates.

      • K.W.

        I just started noticing this also!! Such a strange thing, but I keep my cellfire loaded and only load the SR ecoupons that are different. I’m hoping this will make a difference!

        • jt

          I do the opposite: keep the shoprite ecoupons loaded and see if any extra ones are available on cellfire — usually there aren’t.

          • Liane

            How do you remove the duplicates? I can’t seem to do it on cellfire or Shop Rite.

            • JT

              you can’t — they are linked, so not duplicates really. Just use one site for adding the coupons to your card, and leave it alone. I only use cellfire occasionally for a coupon that’s not on the shoprite site.

      • Diane A.

        I tried to register my Price Plus Club card on Cellfire and the site stated it was an invalid number. I called SR and the gentleman informed me Cellfire is being phased out as SR has their own e-coupons now.

        • JT

          try leaving the last digit off of your shoprite #.

      • Bonnie

        I just removed all of my cellfire coupons. My question is has anyone tried loading a SR ecoupon and after using it then loading the cellfire coupon to be able to go back and use that one on another one of the same item? Would this be ok to do???? Just was thinking about it as I removed them from my account TIA! 🙂

  • Jenn

    Anyone know…..I have a $2/1 coupon for Colace and a $2/1 coupon for Senokot. There are $2 Shoprite ecoupons for them also. The coupons are for any size and Shoprite has both of them priced in the $5 range for smaller pkgs so they wouldn’t cost more than a dollar or so.

    Can I combine the ecoupon with the paper coupon? Thanks!

    • Michelle T.

      Jenn, yes you can combine ecoupons and paper coupons! They will both come off 🙂

      • Jenn

        Thanks Michelle!

  • chrissybozz

    if you are looking for more coupons to do the kraft deals….this link is for $1.50 off any 2 kraft cheese products ….

  • Lin

    Can someone please tell me how to work out the deal, ive written a few times with the same question but no answer.

    if i have two munch mania cats (i did the deal twice). The first i will use during my main grocery shopping, but the 2nd trip i will make an extra trip (i only live 1/2 mile away from SR). How should i use these im a little confused. If i only go in to use the $5 off and nothing else (i figure i would stock up on either hi-c or minute maid for the month) if i buy 2 @ $1.99 each and a coke glass for 99c would that mean i will owe nothing or do i need to buy 3 boxes of juice making it appx $5.97 and pay $1 out of pocket.

    • jt

      To get the full $5 off and avoid some kind of override, you have to spend at least $5 not $4.97. Why don’t you use both $5 cats in one trip? The penny differences won’t matter then.

      • Lin

        Will i be able to use both at once? I guess i will just scope out one of the young guy cashiers as i seem to have less difficulty with them than the women and give it a try. I have nothing to lose but time i guess if it doesnt work

        • Michele

          Actually, you will have to pay taxes on it so bring in .50 with you.

  • Lin

    One more question, while using these $5 catalinas from Munch Mania can we still combine the kraft items such as cooking creme & still get the Kraft catalinas until March 18? I just got a bunch of cooking creme qs on e-bay for 75c so if this is the case will work out to be a great deal for the week for me.

    • JenZ

      I was only able to use 1 MM cat per transaction during last year’s MM deal. When the cashier scanned the 2nd cat, it beeped. He read the message and told me I couldn’t use 2 in the same trans (I don’t think he had the ability to override because my store will override just about anything).

      The MM cat will scan as long as you have at least $5 (before tax) worth of merchandise. But it depends on the store and/or cashier whether they will enforce the terms of this coupon. From my experience, cashiers only read the details of a coupon if it beeps.

      Also, using cats previously earned have no impact on future cats. I have used the Kraft cats to get more Kraft cats (using the same PP card) this week. (This is not Walgreens, thank goodness!)

      When you go to SR next week, plan to do 2 trans in one trip. Either take the items from the 1st trans to the car or leave them in the shopping cart (if it is small enough). Gas is expensive and your time is valuable!

  • Lin

    Just thought of something, since i did these already catalinas may not print again.

    • Anonymous

      The catalinas will print again. I’ve done it several times now.

  • Pam

    Ok, now I’m confused. I thought I could use my first $5 catalina and buy something from Kraft or Hershey, and if I didn’t use the whole $5 the balance would go towards my shopping order. I see JT says you have to use the whole $5. Which is it? Thanks!

    • jt

      I only said that specifically in response to Lin who (I think) wanted to just spend the five dollar cat alone and no additional money.
      ~~please disregard otherwise~~

  • TaraC

    question…can I do the Joy det cat more than once ( different trips) . Also, the corn beef thats on sale for $1.88 pound , are they one per trip or one per card?

    • Aileen C

      If it says “limit one” that just means one per transaction.

    • Anonymous

      You can do both more than once. I did each of those twice. We had corned beef for dinner last night. Yummy!

      It’s on sale again next week.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone do 8 of the Hershey drops and get the $20 CAT? I did 4 Reese’s and 4 Hershey with almonds and no cat.

    • Rocky

      Yes, one of the readers did and he gave his breakdown. Click on the link for Previous Comments and scroll through the Mar. 4 comments for reader Ted. He actually listed out everything he bought, that came under that category. For your purchase, maybe the Hershey with Almonds wasn’t part of the deal – am not sure?

  • Aileen C

    For anyone who was curious – I contacted Catalina about the Milk Chocolate Indulgence with my receipt info to see if I could get the cat for buying them. They said no. It was worth a shot!

  • Jen

    Has anyone done the munch mania meal more than 3x? I went to SR this evening to do my 4th transaction, but did not receive any MM cats? I purchased 3 Coke, 1 free Powerade, 2 Mio, 2 Hershey Almond pieces. I was over the $25 shelf price. I did my other 3 transactions off shelf price and didn’t have a problem. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had a problem over 3?

    • christine

      same thing here, 4th transaction, no cats. Cs gave me them anyway.
      Used my mom’s phone number on 5th & 6th transaction(same items, same store) & received cats.

    • Lin

      Jen do you plan on using all of these on one trip. I really want to know if these can be used together. I have done the deal twice, contemplating doing a 3rd but dont know if it will be more of a hassle than its worth. I dont mind doing two trips (one for my main grocery shopping and the other on another morning just for the cat).

      • Lin

        I did do both transactions on different cards with diff phone #’s so i cant really answer your question but still wondering if cats can be combined

  • Diane A.

    There may have been a system malfunction. Just send off an email to Catalina. They will look over your receipt and get back to you one way or another. Scan or send a picture of your receipt, if possible.

  • Anonymous

    Same here. Being an “older” (56) woman myself, I realize that many of my contemporaries aren’t all that computer savvy. Funny story – one of the first times I presented a printable internet coupon to an older female cashier, she looked at me suspiciously and said “Did you print this yourself?”

    You’re right. The younger male cashiers are much more agreeable – these kids have spent their entire lives doing things online. Some of them wouldn’t know how to write a check, but they know how to purchase and pay online.

    So even though all my coupons are legitimate, I try to figure out which cashiers will be the least suspicious, because I don’t want the hassle!

  • Laurie A.

    Is regular Philadelphia cream cheese working toward the Munch Mania cat?

    • Valora

      No I do not think so

  • Kathy V.

    Coupon newbie here! I want to do the Garnier buy $15 worth, get $3 cat deal, and was wondering, if my items total $14.97, will it still print? Do they allow any grace?
    I asked customer service, and she said no, but I was wondering if it has worked for anyone? I’m scared to try! LOL!

    • `Jen

      I did it last night it didnt print the garnier or p and g and i told the girls up front and they printed them out for me. P.S. I work right next door to them and serve them food everyday maybe thats why?

    • Aileen C

      No, you would have to hit $15 with the shelf price of the items (the price the item would be if you didn’t use your Price Plus card). It won’t trigger if you’re a few cents short.

      • Kathy V.

        Aileen – The items I wanted to buy were on sale. So without the Price Plus card it would have been over $15. But with using the card it would have been $14.97 (sale price). Are you saying that it would have triggered because the non-card, full price is over $15?


  • `Jen

    Hi guys just found a awesome coupon on 1 all and 1 clorox 2 on coupons. com use zip 33545 thanks to passion for savings they got a good matchup for walmart

    • `Jen

      sorry i dont know why i didnt put its 3 dollars off both

  • JenZ

    Just came back from SR and did 2 MM deals:

    1st trans:
    5 Philadelphia Dark Chocolate Indulgence (Pre-PP: $14.70), $13.70 – $4 Q
    2 Planters Nutrition (Pre-PP: $12.58), $10.58 – $2 Q

    Paid $18.28, got $3 cream cheese cat, $4 kraft cat, $20 MM cats.
    I did not get the PP discount ($.25) on the 5th Dark Chocolate Indulgence, but this transaction gives me the max value on the cream cheese and Kraft cats.

    2nd trans:
    3 coke (Pre-PP $14.04), $12 – $12 Q (3 free coke Q from Coke reward)
    4 Fresh Taste (Pre-PP $11.00), $10 – $5 Q (2 x $.75, 2 x $1)
    1 Kraft Parmesan Cheese 1.25 oz $1 – $1 Q (this does not count toward the MM deal; seems like it does NOT count toward the Kraft cat either since I only got a $3 Kraft cat)

    Paid $5, got $3 Kraft cat, $20 MM cats

    Also, I find a $.75 Pull-up Flushable Moist Wipes coupon (expires 3/10, tomorrow) in my coupon box. The 42-ct in soft package with Dispenser is $1.99 (regular price). If your store fully doubles, it comes out to be $.49 each. Not a bad price if you use and need them.

    • Lin

      Did you do these both on one card?

      • JenZ

        Yes, this was my 2nd and 3rd transaction for the week using the same card.

        • Lin

          Ok thanks! I guess i will try to use these together instead of seperate trips tomorrow and see what happens will post when i get back from shopping.

  • Lin

    What an aggravating shopping trip this morning, now i understand what some of you go through at some of these stores.. I was going to do the munch mania deal for 3rd time, figured i would try a different shoprite (love the reeses mini bags) and was going to buy 8, the other 2 stores i shop at regularly were out. I found them at this certain shoprite ,checked out and the cashier tells me there is a limit of 4 so wouldnt break the rules for the munch mania. I did 6 with 2 cooking cremes the other day at my regular shoprite and had no problem going over the 4. I told them forget it, i wanted the deal. wouldnt break the rules for anything. Next go to A&P to use my Tai Pei frozen chinese food coupons for 55c, on sale 2/$5 figure i would pay $1.40 per item but no the cashier would not double. I said to her it does not say do not double on here. She wouldnt double it for me. Now if i was at my usual Shoprite in elizabeth & clark they would have no problem manually doubling it for me. I wasted close to an hour between these other stores and got nowhere. I will just stick with my two main stores from now on.

    • Aileen C

      When it’s limit 4, that doesn’t mean you can only buy 4. The cashier was misinformed. Limit 4 means you can get 4 at the sale price. The others would ring up as either full price or the non-Price Plus card price. Sometimes it will even say “additional quantities scan at $x.xx”.

      • Lin

        Well yes it was the limit of $1.99 per bag of 4 then each additional scanned at $3.30. Last week I did 6 bags of the candy and 2 cooking creme with no problem from cashier. I thought for the munch mania they would bend the rules a bit

        • JenZ

          Sorry you had such a tough time this morning. We all have days when things just don’t work out as planned. Don’t feel discouraged! Tomorrow is the start of another great week at SR. The Reeses minis is still on sale. Use one of the MM cats to treat yourself to more.

  • MJ

    Did anyone get snapple rebate without sending them rebate form?
    They denied my rebate for not sending a rebate form.
    I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t free.
    Does anyone know if I can still get the form somewhere?

    • Anonymous

      the form you can find on ebay def but maybe for free in store…

      • MJ

        I didn’t find one around my area and looks like ebay doesn’t have it either. Thanks though.

  • JenZ

    Just had some strawberries with the Dark Chocolate Indulgence. YUM!

  • Anonymous

    I just had a horrible trip…spent 25 for munch but they said worked off sale price not shelf. Had to return all of stuff. Then kraft didnt print…bought entermans mini cakes thought they were 50% but they are not. Bad trip


    HELP! I bought 4 V8 juice bottles tonight but didn’t get the catalina and no one there knew anything about it. May I ask where the cataline deal for v8 was found so I can tell them about it in Clark NJ Shoprite?

  • Jenn

    Is there anything I can do if my Shoprite ecoupons didn’t come off?

    • rc

      im wondering too, my natures bounty vitamins didn’t come off 🙁 how much was it anyway, $3/2?