Walgreens Viva Paper Towels 6 Pack Only $2.14

Walgreens Viva Paper Towels 6 Pack Only $2.14

The Viva Catalina Deal that I posted yesterday is also working at Walgreens.  Here are the details on the deal:

Viva Paper Towels 6 pack
3/23 – 4/15
Buy 2 Get  $4 Catalina
Buy 3 Get a $5 Catalina

Walgreens has the Viva 6 pack priced at $5.99 plus there is a Walgreens Coupon in the March Coupon book for $1 off a Viva Paper Towels 6 pack.

Here is the deal:


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Thanks Inga from Facebook!

  • Amit

    is this deal going on until end of this week? or just today??

    • Sarita

      Ina good until 4/15 but walgreens coupons are good until the end of this month

      • Carol S

        Our walgreens has them on sale for $4.99 made it even better for me.

  • Eleanor

    Is that a stock-up price? TIA

    • Carol S

      I dont know. I am really new to couponing and how many times can you do it and get the catalinas?

    • Michele

      For Viva towels___Oh yeah!

  • Lori S

    Our Walgreens not printing out catalinas. viva on sale but i was bummed for not getting anything back but its still a great deal.

  • samy

    same here as Lori, not printing cat in DE

  • Marilyn

    My Walgreens ad doesn’t say anthing about Catalinas.

    • Deena

      Ad will almost never tell you about catalinas …

  • Janice

    I just went this morning and the Cat printed! Yay for cheap paper towels and spring cleaning 🙂

    • Deena

      Where are you, Janice?

  • stephanie

    It worked at my wags in southington CT

  • annette

    Okay, debating if I should buy more Viva Paper Towels. Never used, but thought I’d give a try. Someone, please define “stockpile” when it comes to these paper towels? I try to save at least 60-70%; with the paper towels, I’m only at 49%. Thanks!

  • Karen

    I stock up on paper towels when the price is below .50 each and the brand is a name brand.

    • annette

      Then back I go. Thanks Karen!!!

  • Anonymous

    I just went to my local Walgreens… The register reward only came out when I paid cash and WITHOUT the coupons. When they used the coupons there was no rr. Am I doing something wrong?

    • annette

      Catalina comes out when you buy two, so using coupons shouldn’t be a problem.

      • IK

        I just had the same experience. Got 2 – tried to use .85 mq – no catalina. another attempt w/o coupons – catalina printed…

        • Anonymous

          You can’t get it with a manufacture coupon so I’ve been told….

      • Anonymous

        I bought two with the coupons and nothing came out. When she rang both up without the coupons the Catalina reward came out. I called Catalina so hopefully it is a glitch in my local walgreens system. Catalina got back and said I needed to call the store and talk to a manager. The manager told me that if I used a manufacture coupon you will NOT get a Catalina reward. I guess I can’t get this deal. =/

  • arizia

    Ladies don’t forget to email or call Catalina Corp to get your money.. I’ve rec’d many thru mail – a little slower but still get the catalina 🙂

  • Judy

    I did mine at my walgreens 2 days ago and it worked 🙂 Got a $4 Register Reward. This is great 🙂

  • Diane

    i didt the viva deal today at walgreens..did 2 seperate transactions..got my cat for the 1st transaction, but not my second one..why is that?

    • IK

      Did you use the RR from 1st trans to pay for the 2nd? that would explain it…

  • Judy M

    I did mine 2 days ago I got the $4 reward, today I did it again and I did not get the $4 reward :-(, I asked the cashier and he said its whatever prints out & if it didn’t print theres nothing he can do. Not sure what to do now, and I didn’t have any proof to show him that I was suppose to get it.

  • Anonymous

    I just went tonight and they already removed the $1 sign. Apparently they start putting up tomorrow’s price tags up so it does get confusing if you are shopping on a Saturday night. Anyway, I was able to get the $4 cat. Each roll rang up as $5.99 and the cashier let me us the March booklet for another $1 off each roll.
    Here is my transaction:
    (2) 5.99 each
    (2) -$1 Walgreen March booklet
    (1) – $4 Catalina from Rightguard expire 3/31

    paid $7.00 and got $4 catalina =)