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Fashionably Frugal: Celebrity Look For Less – Kylie Minogue

By Megan Livesey

Today’s Celebrity Look for Less is from celebrity Kylie Minogue. Maxi dresses are very popular this spring and I love this look, especially for just $85.20!

::Celebrity Look For Less - Kylie Minogue

Here is the breakdown on the deals and prices of these items to get the look Kylie Minogue is wearing:

Total for the entire outfit: $85.20

Let me know if there is a celebrity look you’d like me to find deals on. 

  • Colleen

    So Cute. I actually like the dress you found better!

  • chris

    I agree. The pink looks faded, like it’s gone through the wash one too many times.

  • Laura D.

    Me too! I really like the dress you picked much much better. It is a lot more figure flattering than the other. I went to Joyce Leslie today and there were maxi dresses EVERYWHERE for spring!

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