Giveaway: IHOP Gift Cards!

IHOP Gift Cards

IHOP has a new 7 for $7 promotion where they are offering 7 different meals all for $7!  You can choose from new meals and a few classic favorites.  The 7 for $7 meals include:  Nutella®Crepes & Eggs, Chicken & Waffles, Simple & Fit Veggie Omelette, Hash-Brown Crusted™ Chicken, Cheesy Western Omelette & Biscuit & Bacon-Wrapped Sirloin Steak & Eggs.  I’m getting hungry!!

IHOP realizes that with tax time very near on 4/17 (another 7!) that families can use the savings of the 7 for $7 deal. They have shared some “7-themed” tax-related articles as we all make that final push for tax day.

And as a great bonus, IHOP is offering (you guessed it) 7 of our readers a $25 gift card!  Whoo Hoo!!

Here are the Official Giveaway Rules:

How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment below letting us know if you are an early bird, last minute filer or somewhere in-between when you send in your tax returns.  Entries are now closed.  Winners will be posted on Monday, 4/16.

You must supply a valid email address. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends on Saturday, April 14th at 10pm EST.  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified of the giveaway via email on Monday, April 16th. Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ( to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

A big thank you to IHOP for providing this giveaway. 

  • Allison

    We are filing an extension this year. So definitely late.

    • Paula

      When we owe, we always file at the last minute as we all this year.

  • Joy

    Early bird filer, and early with most other things!

  • Spunks

    We’re neither too early nor too late — right in the “sweet spot”!

  • Jenn

    Early bird! 🙂

  • Jennifer S.

    I’m a last minute filer…still haven’t even started to get my paperwork together yet. Yikes!

  • Francesca

    We submitted the federal form early because we had a refund, but paid the state at the last minute since we owed.

  • Vicki

    Early Bird!

  • jamie bobel

    I am an EARLY BIRD with everything. This year I actually OWED the government (due to the car I won last year that I had to claim)…filed my taxes in February but did not mail my payment in until a couple weeks ago. I would rather just get it done and over with. Since I owed the government I could use some help with my next IHOP bill – especially since I plan to try the new RED VELVET PANCAKES!!! YUM!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll take the car and only pay the taxes for you! LOL 🙂 Congrats on the car btw.

  • tess

    in between- i did mine about 3 weeks ago
    tcogbill at live dot com

  • Brooke H.

    Early bird!!!

  • MC

    can’t believe it, but we actually filed earlier than later this year….and by early, I mean the beginning of April =)

  • Jennifer

    Early bird! I file as soon as we get the W-2!

  • carolyn august

    i am a late bird this year

  • Cathy


  • Colleen

    Early bird!

  • Grandma Bird

    early bird for sure…used it to stock up on couponed items!

  • Alli

    Early bird every year!

  • Leana

    I try to file as early as possible so I know what I’m dealing with.

  • LK

    Usually last-minute or late, this year 2 weeks early!

  • shana

    Early Bird here!

  • DHM

    last minute filer

  • Dana V

    Early Bird for sure!!

    danav27 at gmail dot com

  • anita m

    earlybird…get it out of the way!

  • Megan

    Last minute filer here – still haven’t done it!

  • Monica

    In between We owed the state money this year ……BOO!

  • http://facebook NICOLE F

    we were super duper early this year. so definitely early bird!!

  • marie

    Havent filed yet… Oops so last minute!

  • Lorraine

    We are somewhere in between…. sent them in about a week ago!

  • Shannon

    early bird baby!

  • aleta

    early bird bc i always need the money!

  • Allie

    Early bird! Gotta love getting a check! And gotta love ihop’s 7 for $7! LOVE IHOP!!!

  • Ana

    An early bird filer and our refund has been received…feels good not to be stressed out trying to get everything done last minute!

  • Jen

    early bird 🙂

  • Donna YS

    inbetween flier, but this yr more like a last minute down & around the last stretch corner, LOL, crossing my fingers and toes to hope to win a card! Tks!

  • http://livingrichwithcoupons shannon

    Very early bird!

  • patti

    definitely an early bird!

  • Heather

    Somewhere in between! Love I-Hop and so does my 4 year old!!

  • An

    really last minute….that reminds me that I have to file my extension…

  • Sandy Jordan

    I am a early bird!!

  • Lmakowski

    Early bird!!!!!! And I love ihop

  • Roslyn

    I am an early bird filer!!

  • keisha


  • rena

    i am an early bird i like to get it back as soon as i can

  • chung

    I’m a last minute filer.

  • Renee

    Usually a last minute filier 🙁

  • mary

    we file as early as we can

  • Laura

    I file as soon as I can get all of W2s. I hate waiting until the last minute and I already made my appointment for next year.

  • Ruth

    Always early bird!!! Thanks IHOP!!!

  • Cheryl


  • Mami2jcn

    I’m somewhere in between. I’d like to be an early bird but the tax documents never seen to arrive early.

  • Lady J

    I would do it on January 2nd if I could, but you always have to wait for all those W-2’s to roll in. They finally came in and I’ve already gotten my refunds back.


    not 2 early and not 2 late somewhere in the middle 🙂 Thanks Cindy & Ihop

  • Angie

    I’m definitely an early bird filer. I filed at the beginning of February this year.

  • Pat

    Definitely an early bird and the refund is already spent!

  • Marie

    I am an early bird when it comes to doing my taxes. I love to go do it yearly the same week that, it comes in the mail. Why not? I love being responsible! Getting my tax return on time is also wonderful! 🙂

  • Melanie

    Always on time because someone else prepares it.

  • Thabal

    Hubby is an early bird, so done with tax in Feb 🙂

  • Melissa

    I am somewhere in-between.

  • Meghann

    Somewhere in between, although to some it might be considered early bird!

  • Kim

    If it wasn’t for last minute, my taxes would never get done!

  • Dominique

    Early bird….I like my REFUND!

  • Maureen

    We tend to be a last minute filer.

  • AA

    Usually a late filer, have had to file extensions in the last couple of years BUT this year we are all done. Filed without getting an extension. I started couponing last year, so saving money. So why not on our tax returns, right. Finally with the program!!!!

  • Annie

    Early bird…i need my money 🙂

  • Julie R

    I always file early.

  • Linda

    Early bird!

  • Betsy

    Very Very last minute… how late is the post office open…. 🙂

  • Chrissy

    Normally we file somewhere in between…This year, we are filing last minute (the 15th to be exact)…having our accountant 1.5 hours away and 2 different schedules for me and the hubby doesn’t help…..But our accountant is fantastic, so it’s worth it in the end!

  • Val

    I’m an early bird when it comes to going for breakfast at Ihop. When it comes to taxes I file late.

  • Rocky

    Last minute filer. Not usually, but, things got away from us this year! Looking forward to the Chicken and Waffles for my daughter and Cheesy Western Omelette (yum!) for me and mom. My son will just have to decide when we get there!!!

  • Sarah A.

    I use to be an early bird filer, but my hubby is a last minute filer. Drives me crazy!

  • yazmin

    I am an ealry bird… love the extra money to get rid of bills 🙂

  • amy carollo

    I am an early bird filer. I like to get it done right away or I might forget and scramble around last minute!!!

  • Cat

    In between…..I usually am last minute on everything!

  • Cathy

    Early bird filer here, have to be since my husbands LOVES doing taxes for anybody that asks him to. We get ours done and over with first then he files for all our friends and family…He’s a nice guy =)

  • lisa kubinski

    Late Late Late, because I owe owe owe. Which is why i could really use a gift card today.

  • Ativa

    When it comes to taxes I am an early bird. I need the extra money to pay off bills or get caught up on stuff so I do it as soon as I get my W2’s. I cant afford to sit around and wait. Lol

  • Jenny

    Usually I’m last minute, but I’ve already received my refund. Had to file an extension for my dad though, he’s showing some signs of dementia and couldn’t navigate his return by himself–he’s almost 88…Aging is not for sissies!

  • Leila

    In the past we have been early birds…this year, definitely LATE!!!!!

  • tammi

    last minute this year..usually early bird.. : )

  • Kathy

    Early. Always hoping, never getting, a decent return.

  • Lisaanne

    Totally an early bird! Almost as soon as we get our forms we do it on line and get the return very quickly!!

  • Cathy

    Last minute filer. Every year I start early but ……

  • Michelle G

    Being an accountant, I like to file my returns as soon as I get them especially when a Refund is coming back to me 🙂

  • Margarett Fraser

    I have always been an early bird filer. It sure has become alot easier to file early with e-filing. Guess that just shows my age.

  • the original rosanne

    The same as when I do my Christmas shopping-last minute.

  • Val

    I am usually in between, but this year I was an early bird!

  • Mark

    early bird!

  • Brian E.

    Last minute.

  • Sarah R

    Last minute, especially when I had to pay quarterly (estimated tax).

  • neolla

    we are early bird filers, definitely..

  • michelle Z

    Early bird

  • Erik

    A week before the deadline.

  • lisa

    Last minute…always say we are going to submit earlier!

  • Ernest

    Last Minute filer not by choice

  • Liz

    Early Bird , Can’t wait to spend it !!!!!

  • mary

    Early Bird – always have bills to pay off!!!

  • Rachel C.

    Early Bird – especially since I get a refund!

  • Heather

    Early bird 🙂

  • Beth

    I am an early filer. I work for an accountant and can get them done as soon as I get all my documents.