• Dana

    Is anyone else having trouble printing coupons from coupons.com? Sometimes I am able to “clip” them but they do not print. Sometimes I “clip” them but when I click print it says please check a box next to the offer you would like to print. Please help! I am missing out on some great deals. Thanks

    • Loretta

      dana try switching browsers if u use firefox try google chrome, if u use internet explorer try one of the other 2, there’s other browsers to like opera and safari

    • Rocky

      I think the coupons.com site was having problems today. A couple of times I got a message that “coupons.com is not responding”, etc. So, might be problems at their site today.

  • Kim

    I.m having a problem it is asking me to download the coupon printer , which I’ve I have already installed several times I have not been able to print any coupons today. Grrr 🙁

  • marie

    I printed these with no problems.

  • Dana


  • This is not such a great deal at ShopRite since the 2 liter bottle of Crush is on sale for $1.25.