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New ShopRite eCoupons: Treasure Cave, Swanson & more!

New ShopRite eCoupons

There are a bunch of new ShopRite eCoupons available.  Be sure to clip these coupons right away as they seem to disappear very quickly.

Here are the eCoupons you can find:

I’ll be updating the ShopRite additional deals later.  Make sure to check out the rest of the Shoprite Deals for this week.

  • NL

    Is anyone having problems w/ecoupons and cellfire coming off lately? Mine always worked fine now NONE of them work. :(

    • Jordan

      3 of mine did not come off yesterday and I went in and they gave me $9 worth of Cats to make it up.

      • Kera Howe

        How do you prove to them they didnt come off? I had one on there that didnt come off last shopping trip cause I noticed it was still on my card on the site

        • Jordan

          It is easier if it is still on your account…they can go into your account and see it. With me it was taken off my account, but I went with my sister who also purchased the same items it was taken off on hers but not mine. I went first and she second, same cashier and register and different accounts and addresses. I had an easy CS girl that helped because she saw the 2 receipts and it was clear as day. She then gave me 3 cats to make up for it. In your case it should be easy because they are still listed in your account as active. I originally thought when she actually saw my bill she would be put off because it was a SUPER trip..74 items OOP $15 but I was nice and so was she.
          Good Luck!

  • Laura

    Cant wait till shoprite opens closer to me in a few weeks.

  • anonymous

    check your email or messages and savings on shoprite coupons
    mine had a offer of a free 6oz shop rite greek yogurt

  • Sha

    How do the ecoupons and cell fire work? Thanks

  • bracha

    will renu coupon work on travel size?? as they wouldn’t take the printable at my shoprite because coupon was higher than actual price…

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