Reader Shopping Trips: ShopRite

Mark had a great trip to ShopRite yesterday! He spend just over $5.00 for everything and plans on donating the Mueller’s Pasta! Great trip!

Transaction 1

  • 4 – Mueller’s Pasta – $0.89 ea
  •  1 – Degree Men’s Deodorant (1.7 oz) – $0.99 ea

Coupons Used:

Total Paid: $0.00

Transaction 2

  • 4 – Mueller’s Pasta – $0.89 ea
  • 4 – Degree Men’s Deodorant (1.7 oz) – $0.99 ea
  • 3 – Peanut Butter Multi Grain Cheerios – 1.99 ea
  • 2 – Carefree 20 pack – $0.99
  • 2 – Gold Peak Tea – $0.99 ea
  • 2 – Keebler Dark Chocolate Fudge Stripes – 1.99 each
  • 2 – Starkist Tuna Pouch – $1.33 ea
  • 2 – Smucker’s Grape Jam – 1.99 ea
  • 1 – Skippy Natural Peanut Butter Chunky – $1.99
  • 2 – Heluvagood Chunk Cheese – $1.77 ea

Coupons Used:

  • (4) $.55/1 Mueller’s Pasta printable (doubled)
  • (4) .75/1 Degree Men’s Deodorant printable (NLA) (doubled)
  • (3) $.85/1 Multi-Grain Cheerios printable (doubled)
  • (2) $.50/1 Carefree product printable (doubled) (NLA)
  • (2) $.50/1 Gold Peak printable (doubled)
  • (2) $.70/1 Keebler Dark Fudge Stripes printable (doubled) (NLA)
  • (2) $.50/1 Starkist Pouch printable (doubled) (NLA)
  • (2) $.75/1 Smucker’s Jam printable (doubled) (NLA)
  • (1) $.75/1 Skippy printable (NLA) (doubled)
  • (2) $.50/1 Heluvagood printable (doubled, although it states pretty clearly DND)

Total Paid: $5.72 + tax

Be sure to check out the ShopRite Deals for the week. And be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database to find any of the coupons listed here.

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  • Raquel

    Cindy I love your site, I just wish you would focus on posting offers that still have active coupons so other shoppers could go out an do the same. Thanks anyway, but this post is of no help since only 3 out of the 10 coupons used are available.

    • Mark

      This is my shopping trip. All I can say is that if you see a high value coupon, you should NEVER hesitate. Just print them out. The Unilever Coupons were awesome but they go quickly.

      I’d also like to add that the Unilever Coupons expire on 4/11 (I printed out several sets on different days and they all stated the same expiration date)

      • Elaine


        Great Job! You are right, when you see a high coupon, or something you know you use, you should always print! You never know what Cindy is going to post so you have to be prepared. 🙂

    • Cindy

      A lot of times coupons don’t last for more then a day or so. My hope is that when I post a good coupon(s), you’ll print it to use on a good deal. And, in most cases, I try to alert everyone to upcoming deals with the new coupons which was the case with most of the coupons that were used above.

      • Mary

        You actually do a great job of getting links for new coupons out very quickly, I think. I catch a lot of new ones on your site. I think we all have to accept that we won’t catch every deal, and that’s okay. Enjoy your site!

    • Mercy

      I agree with mark, if you see a coupon that u something you like and use then print it sooner or later you will see a sale and use it and if not who cares because is still something u will buy and it will save money. Cindy doesn’t always know if something is going to be on sale or not so put on your game shoes and print it.

    • Mark

      Great Job! This is from a different Mark. lol

      To the person who posted that this post was of no help to them. I guess it’s Cindy’s fault that you failed to print out the coupons when they were available.

    • anonymous

      I believe the saying is You Snooze You Lose

    • Jessie

      Raquel, this post is of plenty of help to those of us who did print these coupons when they were available and haven’t used them yet. If you’re only printing the coupons that match up with a current sale, you’re going to be missing out on a lot of deals. And why should we who have the coupons miss out because you didn’t print them in time?

    • Michelle

      Wow, Cindy does an amazing job with this website. You are pretty rude for posting such a comment. Stay on top of things and print the coupons when they are available. Most of us print the coupons that we are interested in when they are available and keep them until a good deal surfaces…which is what this post was all about! I think you owe Cindy an apology!

  • lianne

    Good job Mark–you’ve really been on the ball with the printables!

  • Ann

    So you can use the multigrain cheerios coupon for the pb cheerios w/out a problem? Also I agree w/ mark. You have to be proactive about printable coupons. That’s why cindy lets us know when a good coupon becomes available.

    • Mark

      Yes, I was able to use it. And I should add that it’s freakin delicious.

  • Michelle

    Ann – My store allowed me to use the Multigrain Cheerios coupon for the peanut butter variety with no problems.

    • Ann

      Great thanks all for responding! My hubby will be happy. Loves the pb!

  • Lesia Fidler

    How did you get so many Muller’s coupons? They said you can only print 1. Do you have many printers??

    • Mark

      As far as I know, they don’t limit the amount you can print. They send an email with (I believe) a pdf of the coupon.

  • Heather

    Mark, were you able to use more than one Mueller coupon in the same transaction? The printables I have say “Limit one coupon per customer” on them. 🙁

    • Mark

      I’ve used these coupons many times and they never give me problems about using more than one per transaction. I didn’t even notice that it says that.

      • Heather

        I’m going to try it. I have a bunch printed, but was hesitant to use because of the limit. But the cashiers that I usually use at SR rarely even look at the coupon. LOL. Thanks Mark – and GREAT JOB!!

        • Mark

          Just a word of advice, cashiers are usually less resistant towards coupons printed in color. I used to just buy black ink but I got too much resistance so I switched to buying both black and color (usually there’s a combo deal for both inks). Even if you’re using 4 mueller coups, as long as their in color, cashier won’t think they’re xerox’d (even though they aren’t)

  • Elaine

    I really hope this weeks Ad Scan is something to talk about! Its been so slow latley, that god for my stockpile!!!

  • laurie bishop

    they let me use 4 of the multi grain ones with the pb

  • Great Job Mark…you really made the most of all your coupons.

  • Terry

    Great Job!! Just wanted to say that If you see a coupon you think you will use..print it ASAP! Also, I don’t think that Cindy posts these shopping trips so that you can duplicate it. I think it is just to show how much you can really save by using coupons. I know that for me seeing these great trips keeps me motivated to continue using coupons!! Whether this site saves you a dollar each week, or $100 you should be grateful that Cindy cares enough to share her knowledge with all of her Living Rich With Coupon Readers! 🙂

    • Mommy Tool Belt


  • Kabby

    Mark you did an awesome job…using ALL coupons available to you……I am glad this was posted. Just because a coupon is no longer available to PRINT does not mean a coupon is no longer available to REDEEM.
    I agree with other posts….PRINT only what you will purchase.
    Sometimes it is a good idea to take a break from things in life that make you negative and anxious. Good luck .

  • Heather

    Great job! I can’t wait till this semester ends to do a good stock up! I have been doing giant stock ups during breaks in classes and picking up just a few deals here and there along with the basics (milk and produce) every week.

  • Cynthia

    Awesome haul Mark! Wish I could get my hands on those Mueller’s coupons, the site says no offers are available now 🙁

    Raquel: If you see a good coupon posted, print it right away because they go QUICK!

    Thanks to Cindy for finding & posting all the coupons and match ups.

  • mark

    Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone.

  • tammi

    Great job! I have a question about the pdf coupons,are you allowed to print multiples? I was able to print the muellers pasta ones,but I only printed 2 per computer.I know when I do the video values for Rite Aid they come up as a pdf,that allows you to print more than 2 copies…Is that legal? I’m still learning so any help would be appreciated. : )

    • Jen

      When the curad coupon was out a whole back it was a PDF and you could print as many as you want. With rote aid values ones you can print more than one copy but the number under th barcode is the same on each copy so they keep track once you use it once and it won’t accept a second one after that. Hope that helps.

  • Johnna

    Wow!! Great Job Mark 🙂 I suddenly feel like heading back to Shoprite LOL!!! Whose with me 🙂

  • MamaBates

    Awesome job! This is what couponing is all about…getting stuff you USE for next to nothing without compromising. Way to go!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome Job!!!

  • Amira

    Great job! I agree about the printables. I print out only coupons I plan to use and sometimes have to wait weeks for the best matchup. I went to ShopRite today too and got great deals on the Dulce Cheerios, pampers wipes(printable from last month) and Ajax laundry. Thank you Cindy for all you do!