Reminder: FREE Domino’s Artisan Pizza Today

FREE Domino’s Artisan Pizza

Just a reminder that sometimes today, Dominos is giving away 15,000 Free Domino’s Artisan Pizza.   If you don’t get lucky today, you’ll have another opportunity each day through Thursday, 4/12.

Here is a schedule of the Donimo’s Artisan giveaway for each day however there is no time set for the giveaway.You will have the option to order the free pizza immediately or to request your free Artisan pizza at a later date. One pizza per person

FREE Domino’s Artisan Pizza

  • http://domino'sartsianpizza THERESA


    • Lisa

      It worked yesterday. I guess you just have to be a bit lucky in your timing. Good Luck! I think you’ll get one today ; )

    • Myrah

      The offer hasn’t gone live yet. Dominos doesn’t set a specific time for the offer so you have to keep checking back. I guess it’s their way from having too many people on their site at the same time (which would prevent the site from crashing).

    • Robin W

      I suggest you have the Dominos page liked and on a tab, refresh the page every 15 minutes starting about 2:30est. (the give a way is nation wide, so 2:30 est is 11:30 pacific time) I have advised 5 relatives to do this and they all got a pizza. Have your computer(s) set and ready for sure by 3pm EST. I hope this helps.

  • celia

    3PM EST

  • Lisette

    I got mine day 1~ several family got some day 2

  • Julie

    I haven’t got mine yet, but will keep trying! 🙂 Who knows…maybe I’ll get lucky!?

  • Christine R

    Does anyone know how big this pizza is? Will it feed 1, 2, or more people?

    • Jen

      I did not get one yet but someone in another post said it is small – about the size of an ipad.

      • All4Savings

        about 2 ipads

        I think it feeds 1 1/2 because you want more cause it’s good

        • Jenny

          It is small. 13 x 9 I think. We had the spinach and feta last night and it was tasty.

    • Jenn

      I got one last time. It wasn’t very big.

  • Jen

    It is working now!!!

  • Jodi

    It’s working!

  • Lauren

    It’s live just got mine! Hurry up fellow savers!

    • Christine R

      Did it take a long time to go through? Mine is still saying please wait after I typed all my info in 10 minutes ago! Should I hit refresh or will I lose my entry?

  • Myrah

    Yeah. I finally got 1. Thanks

  • All4Savings

    got mine

  • Christine R

    LIVE! 3:10 EST – working on mine, still says please wait after I typed all my info in.

  • Rebecca

    I asked for coupon to be emailed to me and I have not received it yet.

    • BM

      Same here , waiting for my email with free pizza;)

      • Lauren

        Me too!

      • ag

        I got one yesterday but got the email last night at around 10:30 pm, so that’s approximately 7 hrs later.

  • naomi

    The page is blank when I click refresh. Ugh! I want my free pizza!

  • naomi

    They’re all out. Now I have to cook tonight. Sigh…..

  • Jenn

    They seem to be giving out the pizzas at the same time everyday.