ShopRite: Additional Deals

ShopRite Additional Deals

Here are some additional deals available at ShopRite with the new coupons & eCoupon.  These will be added  to the main ShopRite Coupon Deals for this week.

Note that some of these prices are not advertised sale prices and may vary from store to store.  Please check the shelf price at your store.


Let us know if you have found any other great deals.

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  • Susan

    My ShopRite has an unadvertised special for two 5lb bags of ShopRite brand sugar for $5.98. This is a better deal than the 5lb bag of domino sugar for $3.49.

    • Andrea

      I just bought 10lbs at walmart for $5.98.

    • Kabby

      Domino sugar coupons are .75/2 ..if your store doubles…a few cents less than Shoprite brand.

  • Russ

    I don’t have the Met-Rx e-coupons 🙁

    • Laurie

      Go to

  • Aileen C

    Has anyone found the Weber Marinade Packets? I looked in several spots but didn’t see them. I’m guessing they would probably be by the McCormick Grill packets if my store carried them.

    • Cindy

      I couldn’t find them at my store either. But Target is suppose to have them so I’m going to try there.

    • Lori

      I saw the marindae packs right next to the spices on the shelf in Canton, CT.

    • Christine

      try by the BBQ sauces

  • Jennifer

    Only found them in a KMART the Weber packet

  • Britt

    All of those ecoupons went sooo fast! Bummer that I missed them by minutes, oh well, I’ll get ’em next time. Thanks for the matchups!

  • Linda

    Does anyone know why different eCoupons appear for different users? My sis-in-law can’t find the Met Rx bars but they show up on mine and we both have the same Shoprite listed. The Tums isn’t showing up for either of us??? Help.

  • Lori

    I always clip my ecoupons and for some reason today I kept getting a message saying coupons were unavailable and then all of a sudden they weren’t there. Cindy, do you have any idea what that’s all about? It’s starting to feel like a sweepstakes just to get the SR ecoupons-I’m not up for that game!

    Also, I was really sure I had previously clipped the garnier ecoupons….weren’t they available before today? Now they’re not showing in my account at all! So frustrating. Couponing takes so much time to begin with that a sweepstakes like atmosphere is not for me!:(

  • Tammi

    I always do the digital coupons first thing in the am Sunday morning..all of them,even if I don’t have a coupon match up!..might be a week or 2 before the deal comes,but they come eventually.

  • Susan

    My gosh! The Ecoupons went so fast today 🙁 I think the site was crashing earlier today, none were available.

  • nl

    Something has to be wrong. I clipped them all in the AM on sunday and went to shoprite bought the big100 metrx bars and the $2 did not come off. Then this morning when I looked at my coupons none of them are there. What the heck?!

  • Allyson

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to use both the B1G1 on the Scrubbing Bubbles from this week along with a 0.75 off the toilet gel. Not sure if it would work or not. Was trying to find a way to use the $5 off from last week.

  • Kabby

    To view previous ecoupons on shoprite…click on the left hand side”view shopping list” you should be able to see all ecoupons you have ..even if you do not see them on your initial page. Hope that helps.

  • Kim

    Strange … I used the MetRx ecoupon fine yesterday … I clipped the TUMS ecoupon and it’s still there ?!?!?!

    • Kim

      But now I see the RP one is gone 🙂

  • Kim

    And I also had a flexamin shoprite ecoupon that I used yesterday with the $5.00 coupon RP, making them a MM.

    Do you think our ecoupons are different?

    So weird!

  • Heidi

    Today I got a cat coupon that says spend $30 on health and beauty items at shoprite, earn a $5 coupon reward. Program ends 6/30/12. Purchases can be made over multiple trips. “Beauty Care Rewards.” Limit 10 rewards per participant. Participation by invitation only.