ShopRite: Free Got2b

ShopRite: Free Got2b Products

You know that $3/1 Got2b Coupon that is still available from the 2/12 Red Plum?  Well, you can score more free Got2b products at ShopRite.

The Got2b products are once again on sale for just $2.99 this week making them free after coupon.

Here is your deal:

Got2b Products $2.99
$3/1 Got2B Full Size Product, exp. 5/12/12 (RP 02/12/12)
free after coupon

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Thanks Tracey!

  • Kristine

    I actually have a 2 dollar off coupon..used all my 3 dollar ones, but a buck for another one isn’t bad at all! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up!!

    • Anonymous

      Where did u find the $2 coupon??

    • Danielle

      I got mine today!!! Just stumbled on them as I was cruising through the health and beauty aisle!!

  • Amira

    I for this stuff a while back with that coupon. Its horrible. They all leave either flakes or residue in my hair. I’ve tried the mousse, spray, and gels. I was so excited it was free but it doesn’t work with my hair sadly.

    • JOSIE

      Same here! I kept thinking it was dandruff, until i finally figured out it was the GOT2BE gel spray!

      • angie

        OMG that is so funny u say that! The same thing happend to me! Im glad I wasn’t the only one! lol

  • Kyan

    I love the Cashmere Hair Spray!

  • Elaine

    eBay prices are crazy! I will pass!

    • Jocelyn

      Agree. The eBay prices are insane

  • Jessica

    was that a regional coupon? I can’t find it in my 2/12 insert

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it was regional. I didn’t get it in Hudson Valley NY.

  • Mary Killion

    I bought a few bottles of the cashmere lotion and love it. I have never had a brush go through my hair so easily. I will avoid the others and just stick to this one!

  • Cynthia

    My husband LOVES the Spiked Gel and I love the luster lotion and the dry shampoo! I had a 7 coupons left over from the last time and I am so happy I saved them!!

  • Lin

    I love the spray shampoo and the new misting oil.