• Anonymous

    its that 1.04???

  • Joe

    Does anyone know which Wegmans fully doubles? The Mt. Laurel and Cherry Hill Wegmans don’t

    • Anonymous

      The Mount Laurel store does fully double!

      • Jill

        The one in Ocean, NJ does!

      • Monique

        CH and ML FULLY double

    • Nikki

      As far as I know the Cherry Hill Wegmans does fully double.

  • amy

    .75 cents off 1.79 is 1.04???

    • johanna

      Wegmans must double…

    • Monique

      Amy, the coupon doubles

    • Lisa

      double coupon

  • Nuri

    wegmans coupon policies:

    the vague internet polcy for nj (and my experience) is that they double anything under 1.00 fully

  • L Robinson

    Bridgewater,NJ fully doubles. .75 cents = $1.50 they are stacked in the front of the store by the cash registers in the sales bins. Got 4 for $1.16 the other day. Need the coupon to reset to get more.

  • Brenda

    The Wegmans in Dickson City, PA didn’t fully double my .75 coupon. But, I figured paying .79 for a pack of wipes was a good deal.