Walgreens Coupon Match Ups 9/23/12 + Deal Ideas

walgreens dealsWalgreens Deals for the Week of 9/23/12

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  • robyn

    you know what gets me- the Dove deal excludes shampoo but yet the picture in the ad has shampoo pictured.

    • Jennifer

      That’s Walgreen’s for you. They really have to come good for me to go there. I’m still checking it out.

  • brynn

    when you use 2 coupons for the enfagrow its bogo what happens to the overage? do they adjust the coupon down?

    • Laura D.

      I had the same question when Cindy first posted the deal. Here is what she responded.

      September 21, 2012 at 10:38 pm
      Technically they should be adjusting the coupon. However sometimes they don’t, especially if the coupon just goes through without a beep and you have other items in your cart. But, like I said, technically they are suppose to be adjusting it down.

      Hope That Helps!

  • brynn

    ok thanks;)

  • Arizia


  • Amy

    what are the points for????

  • Denise

    Bought the Scope outlast using two coupons. The register would only recognize one coupon, and the clerk told me that is because if I used two, then they would be free. I told her that is the idea, I have one coupon for each item. A manager finally came and instructed her to make the adjustment. They have FRS energy shots for 3.99 and you get a 3.99 register reward for the purchase. I got the register reward, and gave it to my boyfriend to use to pay for his purchase – he also bought the energy shots, but his did not produce a register reward (he has his own points card). I didnt realize this until we had already left the store, so we ended up paying for the item that was supposed to be eventually free since his did not produce a reward receipt. Uggghhh!!!

    • Jenny

      It did not produce a RR for him because from my understanding you can’t sure a RR for product X to buy product X. You can only use RR from buying product X to pay for product Y.

  • CE

    Is anyone having problems printing the Enfagrow coupon? When I click on the link, it says the coupons program has ended.

    • Laura D.

      I couldn’t print it either, looks like its gone. 🙁 I knew I should have printed it earlier!

  • Debbie

    I have a question, was the gillette razor deal for by 2 get 10 back still on this week? The clerk would not take my 2nd enfamil coupon because the item was free was this correct, I could kick myself since i bought this to donate because they would be free and ended up costing me 1.49 was that correct?
    Thank you anyone for your help.