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Acme: Buy Keurig Get $70 in Free Coupons

Acme: Buy Keurig Get $70 in Free Coupons

If you are still in the market for a Keurig, you might want to consider the Acme deal this week. The Keurig classic is priced at $119.99 which, by itself, is not a great deal.  However, you will score a coupon book when you purchase a Keurig that is filled with $70 in Free Products making this only $49.99 after the value of the coupon book.  Plus, look for peelies on the box for a free K Cups when you buy a Keurig.

The deal runs through tomorrow, 11/15.

Here are the coupons in the Acme Coupon Book:

  • Free Baileys Coffee Creamers, 16 oz
  • Free Dixie PerfecTouch Cups
  • Free Folgers or Millstone K Cups
  • Free Essential Everyday Non Dairy Creamers
  • Free Nature’s Pride Bread
  • Free Mom’s Best Naturals Cereals
  • Free Malt O Meal Cereals
  • Free Better Oats
  • Free Java Delight Coffee UnCup
  • Free Essential Everyday Sweet & Salty Pretzel Bars
  • Free Essential Everyday Trail Mix
  • Free Acme Spring Water
  • Free Chinet Bakeware
  • Free Essential Everyday or homelife Allure Napkins
  • Free Essential Everyday Breadfast Sandwiches
  • Free Essential Everyday Cereals
  • Free Essential Everyday or homelife Allure Premium Dinner Napkins
  • Free Essentail Everyday Deluxe Can Opener
  • Free No Nonsense Soft & Breathable Socks

All coupons are good through 2/2/13.


  • Christine

    acme was giving out $10 off coupons for the machine last weekend

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