Reader Shopping Trips: Target

Umesh had an awesome trip this week to Target!  She took advantage of the awesome Emergen-C Gift Card Deal this week and picked up some other cheap products!  She paid using a gift card she earned from ShopKick!  Way to use every way possible to save, Umesh!  Great job!


  • (4) Emergen-C Drink Mix, $3.50 each
  • (2) Archer Farms Coffee, $0.99 each
  • (2) Starbucks Refreshers, $1.50 each
  • (1) Dove Men Shower Tool, $3.74
  • (1) Threshold Table Placemat, $3.64
  • (1) Bic ballpoint pens, $0.99
  • (1) Maruchan Noodle pack, $0.98

Subtotal: $28.33

Coupons Used:

Total Due: $13.06 (including tax)
Paid with Target Gift Cards redeemed from ShopKick App
Received $10 in Target Gift Cards (Emergen C)

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  • Paula Brown

    where did u find the .99 coffee?

    • Michelle T.

      Paula, the .99 Archer Farms coffees are the little single pot bags. They are right near the larger bags.

  • A

    Hi Cindy, I just printed the FREE $10 gc with $50 purchase. It’s available again. I received it through email.

    • A

      Btw, great job Umesh. I was at Target yesterday and bought the exact same placemat,but mine was only $3.25.

  • Erin

    Can you tell me the specs on the emergen-c? I tried to find it in my target & only saw the $7.50 one. It was 30 count. Thabks

    • Umesh

      These were the 10ct ones.

  • Michelle

    Hi, I wanted to k now what shopkick is? Also it seems like Target prices vary from site to site. Wehave 2 within a 10 minute ride of each other. The Target in the not so high end area is cheaper by like .50 to $1 on most items.

    • Mary

      Where can i find 10 ct emergen c…?i didn’t find it with regular ones…thanks in advance..

  • Bonnie

    The $3 Threshold coupon now say excludes napkins and placemats! 🙁