Walgreens: Nature Valley Granola Bar Double Dip

Nature Valley Coupon

Nature Valley Coupon

Check out this great unadvertised double dip deal on Nature Valley Granola Bars at Walgreens!  Reader Ueen bought 5 boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars and Thins on sale for $2.00 this week and received a $3.00 Register Reward and a $3.00 Catalina (both unadvertised).  You will also receive 1,000 Balance Reward points when you buy 4 Nature Valley Granola Bars or Thins this week (which is advertised) and is equivalent to $1.00.

After using 2 coupons and after the double dip and Balance Reward Points, it’s like scoring these for only $0.20 a box!

Here is the Catalina info:

Nature Valley Granola Bars (5 ct or larger) or Granola Thins Catalina
12/31/12 – 1/27/13
Buy 3 and get a $1 Catalina
Buy 4 and get a $2  Catalina
Buy 5 + and get a $3 Catalina

Here’s your deal at Walgreens:


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Thanks Ueen!

  • How are you figuring the Granola bars are .20 a box each?

  • Haseena

    The total should be $10, and each box would come out to be $0.40

  • Haseena

    Ohhhhhhhhhh wait I forgot about the coupons, even after the coupons, RR, Cat, and Balance Reward points your OOP will be $2 for 5 boxes…right?

    • That’s what I figured, .40 a box not .20 a box! Thank you, Haseena!

  • Anonymous

    Can you roll the rewards and catalina? Do it twice and you will receive rewards and catalina?

    • kathie

      You can’t roll the balance rewards or the rr. I tried this morning using the $3 catalina, but only got one $3 cat and no $3 rr.

  • Purvi

    I bought protein chewy bars and only received one $3 reward. I guess its not working on all variety. But these are the only ones with less sugar and high protein so got them.

  • Jim

    I did the 5 box deal today (3 boxes original granola bar in green box, and 2 boxes of the “thins”).

    $2 each X 5 ($10)
    (2)coupons .50/2 (-$1)
    Got $3 RR
    Got $3 Cat
    Got 1,000 points($1)
    Final cost $3.00/5 boxes -or- 0.40 per box.

    Can we use the RR & Cat to do the deal again?

    • Jim

      whoops! That was final cost $2.00/5 boxes (not $3)…..

  • Jackie

    Actually, you should get 2000 pts. You get 1000 for every 2 boxes making the cost .20 a box.

    • Maria

      You can only get 1000pts because you earn from buying 4 participating products-not 1000pts for every 2

  • Linda Hughes

    I bought 6 boxes and only got the CAT from Nature Valley, no RR from Walgreen’s. I got the green box, the thins and one other flavor. Oh well, we were out of granola bars so this was still a good deal to me.

  • CB

    The double dip does work. Just got done buying 3 thins and 2 reg (peanut butter flavor) and I got the 2- $3.00 cats.

  • Maria

    I got 3 Thins and 2 sweet & salty, I had $1 off 3 and a .50 off 2 so I paid a total of $8.50 got the 1000 points and the 2 $3.00 so .30 a box.

  • Jim

    I had to go back one more time for this deal today (saturday). It was just too good of a deal! Got the Cracker Jack’d deal too (free)! Yum! It was a very good week between Shop rite and Wags this week!