New $1/1 Flipz Coupon = Free at ShopRite!

Flipz Coupon

Flipz Coupon

There is a new Flipz Coupon available to print.  The coupon is for $1.00 off any (1) Flipz Covered Pretzels 4 oz or larger.

Print: Flipz Pretzel Coupon

The 5 oz bags of Flipz Pretzels sell for $1.00 at ShopRite, so FREE after coupon.  Yum! I love these…so good!

Here is your deal:


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  • Steph S.

    Thanks, but I had no luck with the coupon. I must’ve signed up with them before and now it won’t let me print any.

  • Michelle

    Same here.

  • Myrah

    CVS has Flipz on sale for $1 next week too (I just don’t know what size). I don’t have a Shoprite near me so I’ll try next week at CVS.

  • Sandy

    Same here – not printing

  • Megan

    I just hit the like button again and it refreshed the screen and now I am able to print. Hope that helps!

  • Karen

    If you use Firefox, I noticed in the address bar, all the way to the left, a little red box will show up saying some plug-ins have been deactivated for your safety and you have to click to activate it to allow the coupon to print. Then I have to unclick always trust content from this publisher in the next box that pops up, and it will print. Hth!

  • Sandra K321

    The form comes up and then a message over it saying that you can’t print the coupon without Java enabled and with the current Java virus and having it recommended that you disable Java, I can’t print the coupon.

  • Lisa

    Sorry that you guys are having trouble, mine printed but took unusally longer than usual to load.

    Thanks for the heads up – my kids LOVE this stuff!

  • Dorie

    The bar code and the other strip of coding are the same. I printed 2.

  • sobeida

    Is NLG, I got to print one

  • Dorie

    What’s NLG?

    • Sobeida

      Sorry, meant to type NLA = No longer available

  • nicelady

    I tried to print the coupon but it kept getting me in a “subscription” loop with my email etc. It would not print the coupon.

  • Sarah

    A lot of people are having trouble on facebook with this flipz deal/coupon.. i can’t get it through your site either.BUT thank you soooo very much for this site, it has HELPED my family a great deal being we are on such a tight budget! xoxox

  • Dorie

    I have my coupons for this and checked CVS today and they only have the 2 oz ones for $1 there. I’m off to Shop Rite this week for these then! 🙂