Free Alexia Products at Stop & Shop Through 2/14!

Alexia Coupon

Alexia Coupon

Last week I posted that awesome high value $2.50/1 Alexia Product Coupon (NLA).  If you still have this coupon you can score FREE Alexia Products at Stop & Shop through tomorrow, 2/14!  Alexia Oven Baked French Fries, Potatoes, Onion Rings, Appetizers or Artisan Bread are all on sale for $2.99 each, plus there is a Catalina Deal that appears to be good through 2/14.  You will receive a $1.00 Catalina when you buy 2 Alexia Products.  Pair this sale, high value coupon & Catalina to score FREE Alexia Products!


Here is your deal at Stop & Shop through 2/14:


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Thanks Siggi!

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  • ueen

    Has anyone tried the Alexia products? I am interested to know which one is good. Please don’t say, who cares its free, free is always good. 🙂

    • loretta

      I really love the Onion Rings…. I’ve had the sweet potato fries they are also good, but I LOVE the onion rings lol

    • Dawn K

      Ueen, we love their sweet potato fries and their Yukon fries. Watch out for their sweet potato waffle fries- they’re spicy but good!

    • Pam

      Sweet potato fries are soooo good! I haven’t been going to SS much lately but this is a very good deal!!

  • Liz Kelly

    The math seems to be a little off on this. The post mentions they are on sale for $2.99, but shows them as $2.00 each.

    • loretta

      It’s just a little typo the math is right they are $2.99 and in the end they will be free 😉

  • ueen

    Thanks loretta, onion ring it is. The problem I have with SS is that they seem to have a product to coupon ratio. I got 2 alexia and pork. I used 2Q for alexia, 1Q for pork and 1 cat. Cat didnt scan. I had to go to customer service to cash it. SS has sale pork so it cant hurt to bting your 1/1 pork W.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, if you don’t have an item to “eat” the value of the cat, then it will beep. I find if I have coupons for all my items at SnS (which I usually do, of course! 🙂 and try to use a cat, it will beep. If the cashier can’t push it through then I just take it to Customer Service and they give me cash for it. SnS registers are not coupon or cat friendly IMO!

      Ueen, I agree with the others that the onion rings are delicious! It’s like they are baked onion rings…I like them better than Ore Ida.

  • ueen


  • ueen

    Thanks Dawn.

  • Bill

    Remember to only buy 2 at a time since the Catalina is for 2 or more. I did this last night and did it in 3 transactions. I had hoped to use the $1 Catalinas for the next transaction but they beeped at the self-scan (I subsequently remembered that the self-scan registers at S&S do not like Catalina’s). Figured I would go to customer service and get my money, but the girl there told me they cannot be used the same day and that was why they beeped. I knew better, but since they’re normally very accommodating on coupons, I decided not to push the issue. Also, the $2.50 coupon beeped at self-scan, not sure if that is because of the amount or something else. That was taken care of by the self-scan cashier, but she could not get the Catalina to be accepted.

    • kabby

      Did you only purchase those two fries? That may be why the catalina had experience with Stop and Shop has been similiar…if you purchase every item with a coupon then try to use a catalina for some reason the register computers cannot “attach” that catalina to an item, same has happened with “instant savings”, and reuseable bags. Sounds goofy but that has been my experience.

      • Bill

        No, I also bought 4 cans of cat food (Friskies still has a $1 off 4 coupon on the Scan-It) because I knew I need an extra 2c to cover the overage. The Catalina would not scan at all (maybe badly printed). The cashier came over and tried to enter a $1 grocery coupon using the supervisor mode but it wouldn’t take it (maybe because the cat food were each under $1). Then I had her try to enter the numbers from the coupon and it did not like that. She was able to enter the Alexia coupons as $2.50 off frozen without problem.

        I’ve had problems with Catalina’s at the self-scan before, I suspect it is because they do not take 992 coupons there (as I’ve also found). However, there were only 2 regular registers open and it looked like someone with much more than 12 items had gotten on the express line, so I didn’t feel like waiting.

  • Bill

    Oh, you also get double gas points on these, if you’re into that.

  • Jake

    Ahhh, I already got these at Target. I would have rather gone to SS because of the larger selection. My Target only has sweet potato fries (which I still like).

  • Sebsa

    Thanks for sharing this deal! It worked for me, although as Bill reported the coupon did beep (I was at a regular cashier, not self-checkout), but the cashier put it through. I love the Alexia products but because they are a little too pricey for me I only get them with coupons…what a treat to get them free!