Nivea Lotion, 16.9 oz as low as $0.49 at BJ’s {Today Only!}

BJ's Coupons

BJ’s Coupons

BJ’s Coupons – If your BJ’s store carries the Nivea 2 pack Lotion priced at $8.99 you can score a great deal.  The deal will only be good through today since the $2/1 Nivea Coupon expires today, 2/3.   There is also a $4/1 Nivea BJ’s coupon located in the February BJ’s Coupon book that you can stack with it.

If you can find this product at your local BJ’s, then here is your deal:


 Thanks Kristen!

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  • courtney

    Can we really use more then one manufacturer coupon at a time at BJ’s? I thought if there was one bar code then only one coupon.

  • Kristen

    So, turns out the 2-pack only has the one barcode. Bummer. Still, $1.49 per bottle is pretty good!

  • Gen

    What are the guidelines for using more than one coupon?

    When purchasing a multi-pack of “individual for sale” packaged items, which is a set of items that could be sold individually (each item has a barcode) shrink-wrapped and sold together, Members can combine one BJ’s-issued coupon with manufacturers’ coupons. However, you cannot exceed the actual retail price in the total value of coupons.

    Examples of a multi-pack:

    Three-pack of toothpaste
    Two-pack of salad dressing
    Three-pack of taco kits
    Examples of products that are NOT multi-packs:

    Box of cereal containing two bags (the bags cannot be sold individually)
    Case of water
    Case of soda
    Case of motor oil
    Members may also use one BJ’s coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon on a single item.

    In terms of manufacturers’ coupons that are “buy one, get one free,” we will honor the coupon for items in stock as long as our price does not exceed the maximum value stated on the coupon. If the manufacturer’s coupon does not state the maximum value, we cannot honor the coupon.

    We cannot accept multiple BJ’s-issued coupons on a product.

  • MamaBates

    The BJs Nivea coupon specifically states it cannot be combined with any other coupon 🙁

    • Cindy

      Their policy allows you to use a BJ’s Coupon with manufacturer coupons.

    • Cindy

      You can not use another BJ’s Coupon on it but the deal is using only 1 coupon so you are okay to use 1 Nivea’s BJs coupon and a manufacturer coupon for each item in the pack. Hope that helps.

  • Deena

    Cindy is right — you can use a MFR coupon with any BJs coupon even if the BJs coupon says it cannot be combined. And since these items, if opened, each have a barcode, you can use TWO MFR coupons plus the BJs ones.

    I never have coupon trouble at BJs. My only problem is I already used my Nivea coupon!!! bummer….

  • Jim

    I did this deal:

    (2) 2 pak Nivea. $8.99 each ($17.98 total) or ($4.49 each bottle)

    Coupons Used:
    (4) $2.00/1 Nivea 1 bottle MFG RP 1/6
    (2) $4.00/1 Nivea 2 pak BJ’s Coupon February

    Final OOP $1.98 for 2-2paks (4 bottles) or $.49/bottle

    What a sweet freak’in deal!!!!!! I love monitoring for weekend deals!!!!

  • Antoinette Bernstein

    I work at bjs I always use more then one MFG did get four packs of Nivea for 99 cents each also in Shoprtite 3 Nivea for free 3 for 6.00 used 3 2.00 coupons also Nivea for lips 1.99 used 3.00 coupon for two 99 each great deal .

  • Kim D.

    HI! I just wondered if there is a reason you aren’t updating the BJ’s Matchups anymore. I want to be sure I’m not missing them somewhere else. THANKS!

  • Donna

    Where R the March Deals for BJ’s?

  • sand

    i am planning to purchase a membership this week . are you still posting the monthly deal matchups ?

  • Anonymous

    any updates on BJS deals????