ShopRite Ad | ShopRite Preview Ad for 2/17/13

ShopRite Ad Scan

ShopRite Ad Scan for Week of 2/17/13

Here is the ShopRite Ad Scan for the week of 2/17! A Big Thanks to Melissa for sharing next weeks ShopRite Ad with us!

Feel free to post any deals you come up with in the comments below and make sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database for any coupons to match with a sale.

View: ShopRite Preview Ad Scan 2/17/13

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  • gloria

    Thank You for this!! but the link right now is routing to the 10th

  • Justine

    I know you’ve only just posted, so I’m not sure if that’s why, but I’m still seeing the Ad Preview for 02/10. Thanks so much for posting this information so early, it really helps me determine when it’s better to buy my non coupon items.

  • Amy


  • Nancy

    Looks like it’s OK now, because I see the ad for the week of the 17th.
    Thank you!!!!

  • RAchel

    FYI -The link isn’t working Cindy. It keeps going to the Feb 10th ad…

  • Steph S.


  • Mark

    Thanks for the preview.

  • Anonymous

    thanks! I love to see how Cindy will spin all these killer deals for us! The knorr sides jumped out at me, but that’s it so far. Thank you again 🙂

    • A

      The Unilever deal looks like a great deal.
      Buy 6 Get $3
      Buy 4 knorr sides $0.99
      Buy 3 Wishbone salad dressing (must buy 3) $3 for $5
      Total: $8.96
      2 $0.50/2 (Limit 2 identical coupon)
      2 $0.50 Wishbone (Limit 2 identical coupon)
      $0.50/2 SR ecoupon Knorr
      $0.50 SR ecoupon Wishbone
      Pay: $ 3.96
      It’s like paying $0.96 for everything or $0.16 each

      • A

        Thank you cindy and Melissa for the preview.

      • christine

        I am unsure if Knorr is included in the buy 6 get $3 deal as there is that line between the deal and the items listed. Does the line say the deal stops here?

        • A

          It seems like they’re included but we’ll find out on Sunday. I am going to try it and will post an update. I will actually change my deal scenario, instead of getting 4 Knorr, I will just get 2 and get 1 Lipton tea ( $1.99) and use $0.50/1 coupon.

  • Anonymous

    I am not seeing anything jump out at my. Seems like the prices are higher. Maybe week 2 will be better. I look forward to Cindy’s preview!!!

  • nicole

    can anyone see the size on the wishbone dressing? thanks!

    • christine

      looks like 7oz italian or 1pt any other variety.

      • nicole


  • Michelle T.

    I see free Pompeian vinegar (buy 4 get $3), they are 3/$5 and you can print .50 coupons from Pompeian’s site (link in coupon database). Pay 2.67 and get $3 and a free bag :). Also, depending on any digital coupons, free or really cheap Glade.

  • christine

    Progresso recipe starter $1, use .50 coupon = Free

  • Michelle

    Works for me. Make sure you are hitting refresh to clear your cache! Thank you!!

  • Denise

    looks like awesome week wish the wishbone and ragu with the coupons I have… cheapppp wishbone and ragu week for me…

  • MJ

    Can someone help me with this question? I took some time off from couponing and now that I’m back, I’m noticing I have an issue with e coupons. Specifically, they aren’t triggering. Shoprite, cellfire, nothing. Is it because I have duplicates saved? Help, please 🙂

    • Rocky

      It shouldn’t matter because SR and Cellfire usually cancel each other out (unless, by chance, you have one saved in, say, SR, and use it. then, if it is available again to you on Cellfire and you clip that after the other is used).

      It is probably a good idea for you to go into your online SR account and re-enter, then re-submit all of your info, again. Even if all the info remains the same. That sometimes refreshes your account and kicks it back into gear.

      Also, make sure you are not accidently ‘using’ another card you may have and not be aware of, by not giving your phone number at the register. Always use the same card. I found out that a relative (who would sometimes help with my shopping) was giving an old house phone number that actually attached to an old account instead of the one I use all the time and have my ecoupons and rewards on!

      Lastly, try asking the cashier to sub-total your order BEFORE you hand over any coupons. Sometimes, that forces the ecoupons to total, first, before you do anything else. HTH! Good luck!

      • Rocky

        Forgot to mention one more thing. Make sure, when you clip your ecoupons, that you are actually logged into your account, first. It seems you can clip even if you are not logged in and it will look like you clipped, when you really didn’t!

  • Elaine


  • David

    the ad makes t seem like there will b additional dollar days offers online.

    • Erica

      Last year there were additional dollar off coupons that you could add to your card for each deal.

  • Megan

    Here are some deals that I found:
    Buy 4 Pompeian vinegar $6.67
    – 4 50c online coupon
    Total: $2.67
    Get $3 and free bag
    $0.33c money maker!

    Buy 3 wishbone salad dressing $5
    Buy 3 Ragu Pasta Sauce $4
    – 3 50c online coupons for wish bone
    – 40c ragu coupon rom inserts
    – 40c ragu ecoupon
    -50c wishbone ecoupon
    Total: $4.3
    Get back:$3 and free bag
    $1.3 for everything plus free bag

  • Melissa

    Megan, where are you finding the Pompeiian $.50 coupon? I’m only seeing a $1.00 one on their website. Thanks!

    • carrie

      When I clicked on the 1$ coupon it brought to 3 additional coupons. Hope that helps.

    • Anonymous

      there is also a coupon for .50

    • Megan

      Yes, I found it on their website. And also a $1 coupon would work also because 50c would double to $1.

  • Clover

    On my last two trips to ShopRite, only some of my eQs have come off, but I have been very surprised with how willing the ShopRite phone customer Service has been to rectify, usually with an extra $1-2 dollar off coupon thrown in for the hastle. I feel it is worth the 1 800 ShopRite phone call.

  • barbara

    click on the banner that is flashing the olive oil you will then see the other coupons.. you may need to log in to get them..

  • Michelle

    The Coke that is 3/$12…is that included in the buy 3/get $5?

    • Melissa

      I don’t think so. Under the Buy 3 Get $5 it says “all participating items listed here” and the Coke 12 pks are on a different page. Looks like only the 20 pks, Fuze 12 pks and Vitaminwater 6 pk are included.

  • Anonymous


    $1.99 L’Oreal Kids Shampoo wyb2
    -(2)$.75/1 L’Oreal Kids product coming out this week RP 2/17
    Pay $1.00
    Get $1.00 OYNO
    = FREE

  • Elaine


    $1.99 L’Oreal Kids Shampoo wyb2
    – (2) •$.75/1 L’Oreal Kids product coming out this weeks RP 2/17/13
    Pay $1.00
    Get $1.00 ONYO
    = FREE!!!