ShopRite: Smart Balance Catalina Update – Including $2 Money Maker Deal

smart balance coupons

Smart Balance Coupons

I just wanted to update you the Smart Balance Catalina Offer for this week.  First, there are new Smart Balance ShopRite eCoupons available as of this morning that will make this offer even better.  Second, the Smart Balance Catalina is good towards your next purchase of Smart Balance products.

If you are not familiar with the Smart Balance Catalina Deal it’s Buy $10 in Smart Balance Products and get a $3 Catalina good towards your next purchase of Smart Balance Products.  The catalina runs through 2/23.

Here are the items included (note some of these coupons may be NLA):

Smart Balance Milk – $2.99
$0.75/1 Smart Balance Enhanced Milks, exp. 3/27/13 (SS 02/10/13)

Smart Balance Eggs ($3.49) $2.89
$3/3 Smart Balance Products printable

Smart Balance Spread 13-15 oz  ($3.49) $3.00
$1/2 Smart Balance Buttery Spreads, exp. 3/27/13 (SS 02/10/13)
$1/2 Smart Balance Buttery Spread, exp. 2/27/13 (SS 01/13/13)
$0.75/1 Smart Balance Buttery Spreads
$0.50/1 Smart Balance Buttery Spread (Ibotta Deposit)
$0.75/1 Smart Balance Buttery Spread SR eCoupon

Smart Balance Peanut Butter  ($3.50) $3.00
$3/3 Smart Balance Products printable

Smart Balance Oil 24 oz  ($3.20) $3.00
$3/3 Smart Balance Products printable

Smart Balance Oil Spray  ($3.00) $2.50 mb2
$3/3 Smart Balance Products printable

Smart Balance Mayo  ($3.29)$2.99 
$3/3 Smart Balance Products printable

Smart Balance Spreadable Butter ($2.49) $1.99
$0.75/1 Smart Balance Spreadable Butter
$0.75/1 Smart Balance Spreadable Butter printable
$1/1 Smart Balance Spreadable or Blended Butter Sticks, exp. 3/27/13 (SS 02/10/13)
$1/2 Smart Balance Spreadable Butter or Blended Butter Sticks, exp. 2/27/13 (SS 01/13/13)
$0.50/1 Smart Balance Spreadable Butter or Blended Butter Sticks, exp. 2/27/13 (SS 01/13/13 R)
$0.75/1 Smart Balance Spreadable Butter SR eCoupon

Here are some transactions you can do for the best deals:


Note, the offer does say 1 per family.  You can try buying 4 milks in transaction #2 to see if you get another catalina.

Be sure to also check out the rest of the ShopRite Coupons & Deals for the week before you shop.

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  • Laura

    Hi, i just came back from ShopRite and just to give people a heads up on this smart balance deal, the printable 75 cent coupons clearly state do not double, so does the milk coupon. So this deal didn’t really work for me.

    • Bill

      Without the coupons doubling, these aren’t even close to free.

    • Laura D.

      My SB coupons do not state that They should double just fine.

      • Bill

        The CouponNetwork coupons DO say DND. The ones printed from their website do not.

        • Laura D.

          Ah! That makes sense, I always use the link within the deal Cindy has posted. Thanks for the info Bill.

  • I don’t have the SR E coupon for smart balance. This has been a regular occurrence. Doesn’t matter how early I sign in.

    • Laura D.

      Michele – How early is early? If you don’t mind me asking?

      • Bill

        I don’t see them, and I doubt they were available when this was posted at 10:46. It did show me the spreadable butter coupon the 2nd time I went in, but it would not allow me to add it to my card.

      • Nancy

        I saw them when I logged on at 4:00am. Laura, I know that you were up just as early as me!!!! LOL! BTW, I responded to your comment on the CVS deals, but I don’t see it there. Not sure what happened.

        Michele, I notice some “flaky” stuff, too, with the e-coupons. For example,this morning, I showed 91 coupons. However, under my husband’s card, there were only 88. Since we both had the ones that I wanted, I didn’t bother to figure out which were missing under his account.

        • Laura D.

          Hi Nancy! LOL!!! Hard core extreme couponers NEVER sleep! Thanks for the response, I’ll take a look. Happy Shopping!

          • Michelle T.

            Laura & Nancy, Funny! The last few weeks, if I’ve woken up around 4 am, I’ll grab my iPad and check the Shoprite app. The new coupons are always available. I check off the ones I want and go back to sleep. You are right, hard core couponers never sleep LOL!

    • loretta

      I didn’t see them at first, then all of a sudden they were there, it was really weird I had 8 pages of coupons, then I noticed suddenly it went to 9 and when i went back a page the smart balance coupons were there. It’s really odd.

  • D

    Try changing the zip/store preference…

  • Linda

    Just came back from SR. My store had no Smart BAlance butter so I didn’t get a chance to try the deal. Also, they had no Glade Expressions!! I guess Sunday isn’t a great day to go.

  • Michelle T.

    I did two transactions and got the Cat on both orders 🙂

    • Lesley

      Did you apply your first $3 catalina to your second transaction?

      • Michelle T.

        YES :0)

        • Laura D.

          HAha!!! Sweeeeettt!!!

  • liz

    can anyone confirm the smart balance eggs are 2.89 on sale? my shoprite from home lists them at full price of 3.49.

  • Bill

    BTW the Spreadable Butter claims to be $2.49 according to Shoprite From Home, not $1.99

    • Mary M

      My SR from home says 1.99 for spreadable butter.

      • Bill

        Interesting… the stores in Rockland appear to have it for $1.99. I will be near SR over there today, maybe I will go to a SR.

  • Anonymous

    the spreadable butter is coming up at 2.49 at my SR. Also, I do’nt have the ecoupon either- but DID get it for the buttery spread. I don’t have any of the milk coupons, bummer!

    • Michelle T.

      I loaded them to my card at 6:30 this morning. And ordered milk coupons when I saw the preview ad on Tuesday, so I will be going back again and again 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Just say that they did 🙂 Thanks Michelle!

  • Anonymous

    If anyone is able to use the SB catalina on a second deal and the cat prints a second time, would you let us know please? Thanks!

    • Lesley

      If you scroll up a few comments, Michelle T. said that she was able to do it.

  • Michele A (SI)

    The one I just printed on their website DOES say DND, but in very tiny print – on the second line of small print, right after Cash value: 1/100c

  • Mark

    Thanks for the info.

  • Alan

    This does not look like it is working off shelf prices… I bought 3 milk at $3.00 each and no cat. Shelf price was 3.50 each so should have worked.

    I went to CS and got a 1.99 spread with a .75 coupon that doubled and they gave me the cat.

    • Lesley

      I bought 4 milks and got the catalina.

    • Bill

      My Catalina that printed at 5 x $1.99 says that it IS working on shelf prices.

    • Melissa

      At my store, the milk is on sale for 2.99, no price plus discount. This means that only 2.99 will apply toward your $10 purchase. You need to add another SB product to get the CAT.

      • Anonymous

        Mine too. 4 milks & got the cat. Morris county NJ.

  • chris

    I bought 2 SB buttery spread and 2 SB spreadable butter and used 4 of the SB coupons. Did not receive the $3 Cat. At customer service they knew right away what I was talking about when I enquired about the $3 Cat. (they usually don’t have a clue) Of course they said it was buy $10 sale price and not shelf price. I couldn’t really complain since it’s still triple coupons, making this deal really inexpensive. Just curious did this happen to anyone else at the Warminster, PA SR?

    • Kabby

      What location is tripling besides Warminster pa??? Thanks

      • Liz Harwood

        Lincon Park, NJ SR triples up to .50 20 coupons max per order.

  • Anonymous

    Just an update: my SB coupons which said do not double did double at the register and as was said, if you use the first cat on a second transaction, a scone cat will print. I also did 2 Motts deals and the cats worked the same.

  • Kim

    I got one SB buttery spread and 3 SB spreadable butter. Used all coupons from the coupon network. They definitely doubled … I didn’t even notice if they said DND or not. I loaded the SR ecoupons to my card at abou 9AM. First they weren’t there, then they were. It was pretty strange. Disappearing and reappearing coupons!

  • Bill

    So I went to the West Nyack store and bought 5 spreadable butter (at $1.99) and used 4 coupons from the website and one from CouponNetwork. Happy to report that all coupons doubled and spent $2.45 and got the Catalina. I will go to my local store tomorrow and pick up either 2 of the buttery spread and 1 spreadable butter ($2.49 according to STG) or just 3 buttery spread.

    This may have been posted already, but did someone determine if you can use the Catalina along with manufacturer coupons for the same item? I.e., can I buy 3 buttery spread and use 3 75c manufacturer coupons AND the $3? I’m thinking you should be able to but would like to be sure. That’s actually why I didn’t try a second transaction today (that plus my wife wanted to get to the mall :-).

    • Melissa

      You should be able to.

    • Lesley

      Someone posted that they did, but that is the only one I saw to confirm it.

  • Bill

    The spreadable butter ecoupon is back — I was just able to add it to my card!

  • Bill

    I was just able to add the Buttery Spread ecoupon to my card.

  • Doreen

    I only see the Buttery Spread SR ecoupon. I don’t see the other one at all. 🙁

    • Bill

      Interesting.. I was only able to get Spreadable Butter. I do NOT have Buttery Spread. Odd (and I messed up my earlier post saying that I got it, I got Spreadable Butter).

  • Anonymous

    The Smart Balance Ibotta has expired, it’s n longer on my list. I was going to go back to SR for another round (including one Buttery Spread) but I won’t bother now.

  • Bill

    The Smart Balance Ibotta has expired, it’s n longer on my list. I was going to go back to SR today for another round (including one Buttery Spread) but I won’t bother now. Maybe the ecoupon will come back and I’ll be able to add it before heading back.

  • Laura D.

    So I did this deal today. The first transaction worked out great. But the second transaction with the 3 milks didn’t work for me. The shelf tags were all screwed up and I knew I was taking my chances with the milk. The store I was at today only had the milk on sale at $2.99, no price plus discount. I may try another store to see if I can get this deal at a better price.

    Anyone know of a Bergen County NJ store that the deal is working when you buy 3? TIA!

    • Bill

      Why don’t you just add a Spreadable Butter? With the 75c coupon and 75c ecoupon (assuming it’s still available), it’s better than free anyway, and it will put you over $10.

      Did you return the milk after the coupon didn’t print?

      • Laura D.

        No, I didn’t go to CS. For that particular transaction, my third, I only paid $0.89 and at the store I was today, the worst people were on duty. They would have never okay’d it. Plus I had already done a huge trip for my food pantry $78.00 retail, paid $11.29 and got $11.00 of cats.

        I should have had the cashier swipe the milk again, gave him another coupon, then go get the additional milk. The Spreadable butter ecoupon was used in my first SB transaction. I had a really hard day and just wanted to go. All in all, I paid under $2 OOP and still have $13 in cats and 2 new bags. So it’s all good!

    • Lesley

      My Bergen County ShopRite worked when I did 4. I think that the self-price for this week is $2.99 because the ad is not showing it as a sale price with any savings. They probably just want us to have to buy 4 instead of 3 to get the catalina. My ad shows the milk as $2.99 and the peanut butter underneath is has it for $3 with a little red box that says “You save 50cents”. So I am guessing the milk is not considered to be on sale. I have seen this milk priced at over $3 before at my ShopRite, but they might have lowered the self-price because of the catalina. I am sorry that it didn’t work out the way you had planned!

      • Laura D.

        My ad seems to be the same. I still made out well, so no complaints. I would like to do the milk deal again, especially if I can find the Buy 3 deal. 😉

        • Lesley

          When you did another Smart Balance transaction, did you use manufacture coupons and the $3 off $10 of SB products catalina? If so, did the catalina go through on its own?

          • Laura D.

            Yes, I used the $3 coupon, it went through fine. I didn’t realize it said $3 off $10, I only had the 3 milks which were $8.97 and used three $0.75/1 MQ’s that all doubled. I was hoping the $3.99 reg price would produce the cat. I should have known better. The coupons all sailed through without any problems. HTH!

            • Lesley

              Thanks!! I have never stacked coupons at ShopRite before like I do at CVS all the time. The Smart Balance catalina says store coupon at the top, so I was hoping it would be okay to stack four coupons for milk along with the $3 catalina. I read in a couple places on the site that people have received another $3 catalina, so I am assuming that we can roll it.

              • Laura D.

                That’s what I was hoping to do. If you purchase the milk, make sure you use the $2.99 as your shelf price. I know I will do the butters again on a different account, and will probably do the milk. I will redo my transactions to see about the best deal for the coupons I have against the store prices. Good Luck!

                • Bill

                  I don’t think you need to worry abut using a different account for subsequent transactions, do you?

                  Also, Shoprite Catalina coupons often seem to have different (and less restrictive) purchase requirements than are printed on the coupon.

                  • Laura D.

                    True, but I have eCoupons on the other account for the SB butters, glade, and Pepsi (which is my dad’s fav) that I will use up.

                    Yes, it is very rare that we can’t roll cats on one account at SR.

  • Shoprite in Berlin NJ is going off sale price not shelf. I have to buy another butter 2morrow.

  • Shoshana

    I just did this deal:

    bought 4 spreadable butters, $1.99 each
    bought 1 enhanced milk, $2.99
    coupons used:
    3 – .75 off spreadable butter printable(they doubled)
    1 – 1.00 off spreadable butter from the inserts
    1 – .75 off milk (doubled)

    total OOP $3.45
    received $3 catalina

  • Bill

    So I got to a local SR today and was surprised to find the spreadable butter was $1.99, not $2.49 as SR From Home claimed! Not sure how often that happens (prices not matching what the store is) but it’s very annoying!

    BTW I got a response from SR regarding my email complaining about the ecoupons disappearing so quickly. Since this site (among others) is indirectly referenced, I thought I’d post it:

    Thank you for emailing ShopRite. We appreciate the opportunity to respond. We are sorry to hear that you were unable to download the Smart Balance digital coupon. Each coupon has a limited number of “clicks” and it appears this is what happened with this coupon. Once word of a coupon hits the online coupon blogs, they can go very quickly. We would like to send out a ShopRite coupon to your home address so that you can still get the value of the offer. That coupon will arrive via US Mail in about 10-14 days.

    Thanks again for your email and a special thank you for shopping at ShopRite! If we can be of any assistance in the future, please let us know.

  • Jasper

    The $3 cat says “minimum purchase must exceed value of the coupon,” which would mean that you have to buy at least $3.01 of Smart Balance products to use the coupon. Does anyone know if this is actually true? Will it not work for a purchase that’s exactly $3 (for instance, the $3 peanut butter that I want to use it on)?