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Up to $2.00 Money Maker on Banana Boat Products at Rite Aid! {3/10}

Banana Boat Coupon

Banana Boat Coupon

I have to say I am so excited about this awesome deal next week at Rite Aid!  Beginning Sunday, 3/10, Rite Aid will have Banana Boat Products on sale for Buy One Get One Free.  In addition to this BOGO sale, there is a monthly UP Reward Deal:  Buy 1, Get a $5.00 UPR (limit 4 offers).  So you pay for one–some priced as low as $9.99 each–get the second bottle FREE, plus receive (2) $5.00 UPRs making both completely FREE!  To make this deal even sweeter, my store has $2.00 off Banana Boat Coupons hanging right from the bottles in a large display box!  Per Rite Aid Coupon Policy, you cannot use a coupon on a FREE item, however this still makes for a $2.00 Money Maker if you find a coupon!  Whoohoo!  I’m SO ready for summer and lots of beach time ;)

Here is your deal at Rite Aid beginning 3/10:

Buy 1 Banana Boat Sunscreen, $9.99
Buy 1 Banana Boat Sunscreen, FREE
-(1) $2/1 Banana Boat Suncreen hangtag coupon
Pay: $7.99
Get: (2) $5.00 UPRs (limit 4 offers)
as low as FREE + $2.01 Money Maker after coupon, BOGO sale and UPRs

Be sure to check out the rest of the Rite Aid Preview Deals for next week and you can check the up-to-date list of Rite Aid March Monthly UP Reward Deals.

  • Christine R.

    I was so excited to see this post! This means Spring is just around the corner and I am soooo done with Winter this year. Plus our family has a tradition of making Easter baskets for our Godchildren and mine is a teen this year so I will be making her a “bring-on-summer beauty basket” instead of all chocolate (she’s such a girlie girl!) This will be the perfect addition to her basket!

  • Elaine

    I am not a Rite Aid junky, so sorry for asking… The Limit 2, does this mean i can do the deal twice as listed above. Or does it just mean once, and i get 2 $5.00 UPS? TIA!

    • Cindy

      Actually, sorry, it’s a limit of 4 offers not 2, I’ve corrected the post. So, that means, you can do this deal twice. The first set (buy 2) you will get 2 UP Rewards and the second time (buy 2 more) you will also get 2 UP Rewards for a total of 4. Or, you can do them all at once and Buy 4, use 2 coupons and get (4)$5 UP Rewards. Hope that helps.

      • Elaine

        Thanks for the quick reply! This helps alot!!

        P.S. – we haven’t had any free Cardstore post in a long time, i had to buy a card yesterday and was shocked at the prices of some of them. I quickly found the .99 section, but was still disgusted. Will pray we see something soon.. Thanks for all you do, much appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      Elaine…this means u can get 2 UPR offers. However, on this particular item,the Banana Boat Sunscreen there are 4 UPR available. (you can do this deal 4x) Happy Couponing!

      • Anonymous

        Wouldn’t you only be able to do this deal (as listed) twice, since each time you get 2UPRs (1 for each sunscreen). 2UPRs x 2 Transactions = 4UPRs ..or am I missing something? I hope I am, bc I would love to do this deal four times and get 8 sunscreens for nothing. :)

        • Cindy

          Yes you can do the deal shown in the post above 2 times for a total of 4 UP Rewards.

  • meli

    thanks i have aa $20 i need to use up this will definatly help me roll it.


    There is also a $1/1Banana Boat Coupon available on their Facebook Page!! Just answer 5 short questions and then you will be able to print your coupon!

    • kathryn

      thanks! It took me awhile but i found it!

  • Meg

    Great deal, thank you.
    Are monthly UPs for any size or some particular size, I do not know where to check monthly UP.

  • Laura D.

    This is great, thanks. I need to replace all of our old sunscreen, free!

  • Michelle

    I’m new to Rite aid and UP;s……can you roll these like at cvs on the same items?

  • Christine R.

    Can anyone tell me if their UP rewards are still printing out on the receipt (like CVS). If not, how do I know if I got the rewards? I did the Finish tabs deal a few weeks ago and nothing printed on my receipt, nor did anything come off of my next day purchase. Not sure what’s happening these days. I’m almost as disgusted with RA as I am with Walgreens, but this deal is too good to pass up! I don’t go to Rite Aid often…but at CVS both of my stores know me by name! TIA!

    • kabby

      Sometime ago Rite Aid changed their policy on how +up rewards are given to the customer…all rewards will print at the bottom of the receipt(if you do not see any you have not been credited any rewards)…unless you decide to opt out by calling 1-800-riteaid…have your riteaid card number ready…very easy process…next shopping order rewards will print on the bottom of receipt and use like a coupon on the following day purchase.

      • Christine R.

        Great, thanks Kabby. Will call after work tonight.

        • ELENA P

          The cashier at the store did the same thing for me..I asked her and she told she could do it for me..took her 5 seconds…now they print on the bottom of my receipt and is so much easier to be in control with the money I spend!!
          Hopes this helps!

          • Christine R.

            Thanks Elena!

      • Loretta

        After signing up,I decided to “opt out” because I went one time and spent less then what I had accumulated. So after the UP rewards kicked in I wasn’t able to use my manufacturer’s coupons because that would have made a negative total. I was not happy. So the cashier opted me out for future orders.

  • Carrie

    I just got the Rite Aid flyer and it only says Banana Boat is BOGO and that you a earn a $5 UP Reward when you spend $20? How are you getting 2 $5 UP rewards buying a $9.99 bottle with 1 free?

    • Laura D.

      Hi Carrie, The get $5 UP+ WYB $20 you are talking about is for the Oil of Olay (notice how the reward offer covers part of the product).
      The Sun care products are B1G1Free and the Buy 1 Get $5 is a RA “monthly reward” which is not listed in this ad. HTH! :)

  • meli

    If anyone has the schick razor that came with a mini sunscreen it has a $3 banana boat peelie on it !!!!!!

  • Kristy

    Using rite aid’s app, you can unclip your up rewards if you don’t want to use them. I have never had an issue. The app updates fast. When my transaction is done, my new up rewards appear. I think it is easier than dealing with more paper. Two toddlers in tow is enough for me.

  • Bill

    So, if RA coupon is that you cannot use a coupon on a free item, why does the ad refer to a $3 off 2 coupon that is in papers this weekend (not in mine so far, unfortunately)? Will the register allow you to use coupons for 2?

    • Bill

      Sorry, that should be “So, if RA policy is…”.

  • arizia

    has anyone found the banana boat face? if so where? they think I’m crazy when I ask for it.

    • JulieC

      I found it in an orange jar packaging 50 SPF. At this store it was with other suntan products on an end cap.

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