New Bottom Dollar Coupon: $10 off $25

Bottom Dollar CouponBottom Dollar Coupon

Here is great Bottom Dollar Coupon for those of you who have this store in your area or for those of you who have stores that accept competitor’s coupons.  This is for $10 off a $25 purchase or more at Bottom Dollar Food Stores.

Bottom Dollar Coupon

This coupon is good 5/9 – 5/15

Good only at Bottom Dollar Food. Limit one offer per purchase of specified product, per transaction, per person, per day.  Not applicable towards the purchase of tobacco, alcohol, gift cards, postage stamps or services

Check out a Bottom Dollar location near you.

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  • Jennifer

    I’ve been hitting Bottom Dollar all week with this coupon! They take manufacturers coupons too! Kraft Fresh Take is 2.09, Nutrigrain Bars are 2.50, etc, so when you combine the MQ with the 40% off, it’s a great deal!!!

    • Jenny

      Do you have to spend the 25.00 before coupons or after?

      • Anonymous

        Hi Jenny-
        At my store in South Jersey it’s before. HTH!

      • Jennifer

        You just need to spend $25 before coupons! Saturday, I spent $8.96 OOP, for 4 bags of groceries!

        Oh yeah, Kikkoman marinades are $2, so that’s another good one to get and stack with the MQ!

        • Jennifer

          P.S. They will beat any competitors price by a penny! You just need to bring in the circular. I’ve never asked them to price match, but that would be another way to get good deals!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve used a few at Bottom Dollar and a few at Shoprite since I received this coupon in my inbox last week! I’m in desperate need of cereal so I actually just worked out a Kellogg’s cereal deal for Shoprite using the new Kellogg’s coupons, ecoupons and this competitor coupon. I’ll be picking up 9 boxes for under $9. Under $1 per box is stock up price for me!

      • Pcouponer

        I am new to Shoprite….Does shoprite accepts competitors coupons like this…

        • super Dad

          Yes I called Shop Rite in E. Norriton and they will accept competitor coupons.

          • Anonymous

            I shop at the east norriton ShopRite. I never knew they took competitors coupons. Thanks for the tip!

        • Christine R.

          Not all of them do though so make sure you call your store and ask before you plan a trip around using them. My store started accepting them in September 2012 when Bottom Dollar was built 1 mile away from them. Wise choice on SR’s part because I pass the Bottom Dollar to get to them!

  • Nicole Hanson

    Will they let you use the same coupon? I have 3 coupon printed from same computer and same printer, is that except-able? I love bottom dollar cheap even without coupons but i will be using this coupon for sure

    • Jennifer

      Yes, you can use the same coupon over and over! It’s one per person, per day! I’ve used 3 so far!! LOL!!!

      • Nicole Hanson

        Thank You Very Much Jennifer!

  • Shita

    if you are only trying to hit the $25 min. please make sure to hand the cashier the $10 coupon first. don’t hand over the rest of the manu. coupon until after the $10 coupon is scanned. my store always scan the large value or store coupon last and then end up lower the 25 and can’t use that coupon.

    • Christine R.

      Shoprite attempted that a few weeks ago with one of their Super Coupons. Told me I couldn’t use it because it was under the minimum. I said it was plenty over the minimum before you started scanning the coupons and he insisted that he couldn’t use it and started getting rude with me. I told him to call a manager over or void out my whole transaction and give me ALL my coupons back. The manager confirmed that he should have combed through the coupons first and scanned the dollars off coupons first. She did a work around so that I was able to use the coupon and apologized for my inconvenience.