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FREE Luigi’s Italian Ice at Stop & Shop!

Luigis Italian Ice Coupon

Luigis Italian Ice Coupon

Well I guess we were so excited about FREE Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, FREE Starbucks Iced Coffee and $0.10 Special K Cracker Chips that we totally missed the FREE Luigi’s Italian Ice this week at Stop & Shop as well!  Whoohoo! 

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 9.51.30 AM

Lugi’s Italian Ice 6-cup packs are on sale for $1.66 each plus they are part of the Buy 6 Save $4.00 Instantly Instant Savings Deal.  Buy 6, use (6) $0.50/1 Luigi’s Real Italian Ice Product, exp. 6/14/13 (RP 05/12/13) and pay NOTHING for 6 after coupons and Instant Savings!  This coupon expires today but there is a new $0.50/1 Luigi’s Real Italian Ice Product coupon coming in this weekend’s Red Plum insert (some of you will receive $1/2 coupons instead). 

Here is your deal at Stop & Shop:


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Thanks Mark!

  • Sue

    Isn’t it 4 like coupons at Stop and Shop?

    • Anonymous

      No, they only double up to 4

    • Mr. Cheap

      Yes , they will only allow 4x coupons

  • Dawn

    Silly question, but can i use (5) $1.00/1 and 1($0.50)to get 6 free also? I like Sue thought they only doubled 4 like coupons and the others would be face value. I figured they would only need to double the 1-$0.50 coupon. Any help would be appreciated. TIA

    • Vicky

      I’m afraid to use more than 4 since I like to ‘fly under the radar’…I used 4 $1/1 and 2 $.50/1 and it went through just fine! :)

  • Emily

    S&s will double waayy more than four of the same coupon!! At least the ones near me do :) it’s great!

    • Dawn

      Really? your not in Central NJ are you? :-) That’s awesome!

      • Jessica

        I shop in Jackson & Howell & have never had a cashier give me a problem doubling more than 4 coupons, I do it all the time.

    • Myrah

      I agree with you Emily. My S&S (Long Island, NY) has doubled more than 4 in the same transaction. I’ve used 8 like coupons in the past that have all doubled.

  • Krystle

    Connecticut doesn’t have this deal, we have 5X gas points on these items :( such a bummer

    • Vicky

      Some parts of CT do, I was able to do this deal in the Ansonia store.

  • Liz Williams

    I live in CT & we have the same instant savings deal…I just did it at my local stop & shop…..BEWARE…..if the total goes below zero after coupons, their registers automatically take away your instant savings of $5….the supervisor honored it & fixed it for me (I had items to cover any overage) so I paid a little out of pocket but if you do any of the instant savings deals AND use coupons, their registers will VOID instant savings if coupons being the total for the deal below zero…just FYI

  • yolene

    liz are you saying that even if i do the deal and have an extra i wont get the $5 savings since the coupons make it 0 am little confused

  • Kelly

    Not working at willimantic, killingly, or Putnam ct stores…all are on different flyers so I called. Putnam is giving 5x gas rewards. All stores have same sale price of 3/$5 though. Used coupons yesterday to get 6 boxes for $4 but free would have been much better.

  • Anonymous

    I got 5 Colgate toothpastes & used four like coupons of $1/1…..the total came to $4.85 then there was $5 instant savings attached to the offer… soon as my coupons were put through the register ADDED back the $5 instant savings to my total since coupons had brought it below zero…making it $9.85…supervisor fixed it but if your coupons make the items free or better than free your instant savings gets added back on so watch register carefully!

  • Anonymous

    I did several of the instant savings deals but here is an example of one: I bought 5 Colgate toothpastes and used 4 like coupons of $1/1….after coupons my total came to $4.85 and then there was a $5 instant savings attached to it. Since my coupons brought the total down below $5 the register ADDED the $5 instant savings back onto my total even though I had other items to cover the $.15 overage. The supervisor fixed it but watch carefully because when cashier hit “total” it added $5 back on!

  • Liz Williams

    Yes..I did 3 seperate “instant savings” deals, but here is one example: I had 5 Colgate toothpastes ($1.77) each and used 4 like coupons for $1/1. This brought the total down to $4.85 after coupons, with a $5 instant savings attached to them. This gave me a $0.15 overage. I had items to cover the overage, but the register ADDED back on the $5 instant savings once the cashier rang in my coupons. Supervisor said since my coupons brought the deal BELOW the $5 mark, it voided the instant savings, even though it doesn’t say anywhere that there is a minimum purchase requirement to receive the instant savings. So be careful & watch the register. They were happy to fix it for me, but the registers seem to be negating the instant savings if your coupons make the items free or better than free.

    • kabby

      The other items you had to cover the overage did you have coupons for as well? Did you use a coupon on every item in your purchase? Did you use reusable bags? An item has to be available to attach the instant savings to…Good luck!

  • Liz

    Yes, I had other items & reusable bags….I did have coupons for the other items though…idk why it went so weird at the register

  • Yolenethank you kabby

    Thank you kabby I got extra items that had coupons for and it worked fine but my icy coupons didn’t scan had to be entered liz if your items for instant save going to end up free you have to have a filler for each instant save that your not using a coupon on so that the instant save can attach to that item

  • dar

    If im doing more than 1 deal in the same group of dollars off do I have to do it seperately ? Plz help !!

    • Dawn

      Dar. no, you do not need to do separate transactions. you can do all in the same one. I’ve done these deals a few times already and had no problems doing all in one. good luck!

  • yolene

    you do not have to separate your order is I did them all together but you will need an item for each instant save so if you do four sets you need four items that you’re not using a coupon for to attach

    • dar

      THANK YOU BOTH!!!!!

  • Liz

    Thank u!!! Will know for next time

  • Michele A (SI)

    Liz, does the “filler” have to be the same item (i.e., do I have to buy 7 ices and use just 6 coupons?) Or can the filler be any item without a coupon (like meat or produce)?

    • kabby

      A piece of fruit will work…just do not have a filler item + coupon….also reusable bags can mess it up because the .05 cents needs to attach to an item as well. Good luck!

  • yolene

    Filler can be any item

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