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Possible FREE PureLife Naturals Supplements at Walgreens

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PureLife Coupons

This week Walgreens has select PureLife Products on sale for $14.99.  Plus you get 10,000 points when you buy 1.  Megan found some PureLife products with $5 Peelie stickers on the top of the box making them free after coupons & points.  Be sure to be on the lookout for these stickers when you shop at Walgreens this week.

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If you can’t find the peelie coupons you may have received a $3/1 PureLife coupon in the 6/9 SS (it was regional) or if you can get your hands on the Walgreens Answers Heart Health Book where there is also a $3/1 coupon available.

If you find the Purelife Coupons on the packages at your store, you can do this deal:

Be sure to check out the rest of the Walgreens Deals for the week before you shop


  • caren

    Our Walgreens flyer says selected Purelife for $19.99… oh well! (figures, since our area is plastered with peelies!)

    I *use* the organic flax seed, I wish I could have found more that one wonderful week they were paying us to take it out of the store!

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