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Advil Film Coated Coupons – Save $3.50 – Only $0.99 at Rite Aid

Advil Coupon

Advil Coupon

There is are some new Advil Coupon available to print today, including a Rite Aid Store Coupon for $2/1 Advil-Film Coated Tablets and a high value $1.50/1 Advil Film Coated Tablets or Caplets 40-ct or larger.

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Rite Aid sells the 20-ct of Advil Film Coated Tablets for $3.99.  Use a current $1/1 Advil 20-ct or larger printable coupon to pay only $0.99 for the 20-ct package of Advil Film Coated Tablets at Rite Aid!

Here is your deal at Rite Aid:


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  • Etah

    Possibly a MM if you can buy three using the coupons and getting each for $.99 because there is a MIR in the 8/25 RP for $6 WYB 3 Pfizer products, including Advil.

  • Bill

    Ugh, just realized I do not have yesterday’s coupons or the rebate form. I had been on vacation for 2 weeks and wanted the Sunday coupons (and did not trust my kids to buy the paper) so I stopped delivery and restarted on Sunday each week and then stopped it again on Monday. Just went thru the papers and realized that the morons who do home delivery just delivered the Sunday portions of the paper each week and no coupons, which would have come on Saturday. I can’t believe I went to the trouble of setting up the home delivery the way I wanted it and have them screw it up like this.

    • Anonymous

      If I ever have anything missing from my paper I just call customer service and ask to have it delivered, I’ve never had a problem not getting the missed items

      • Bill

        Yes, that works well if you do it the same day. Not 2 days (or a week and two days) later.

    • Laura D.

      Bill, call them and ask them if they can deliver the Sat paper. They can just adjust your delivery schedule and you won’t miss out! Tell them you only get the paper for the Weekly ads and coupons, they’ll do it. Good luck!

      • Bill

        I’m going to call to complain, and will ask if they can. My experience has been that they will tell me that they do not have old papers to redeliver (this is a delivery agent, not the paper itself that does the delivery). I complained (and requested credited) from both the NY Times and my local paper, so the delivery guy will be hearing about it on both fronts. This should not be so difficult for the delivery people to figure out.

        • Laura D.

          Heads Up, the redelivery comes from a separate “delivery agent” then your normal one. So you need to call the Paper itself for your region. Ya know, like corporate. You should be able to get this past Sat. paper without any problems. I’ve had the past Sat paper delivered on a Thursday morning. Unfortunately, your delivery person is correct, they don’t have “leftovers”. And, they don’t “re-deliver”. However, my experience is with “The Record”.

          Look up the 1-800 # and give it a try. Explain your situation and see what they can do to help. Good Luck!!!

          • Bill

            Thanks.. I just called and they’re going to submit a request but it did not sound like they’d be able to ship them from a different location. However, I did request that they notify a supervisor about this problem since clearly something is broken if two weeks in a row they don’t deliver the advertising sections if I restart on a Sunday. My paper is also Gannett, so I’d think it would work the same way as yours does. We’ll see.

          • Bill

            So, I went to the trouble of calling to complain, and guess what I got today? Redelivery of MONDAY’S papers. Like I said, the delivery people are idiots.

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