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Better Than FREE Visine at Walgreens!


Visine Coupon

You can score better than FREE Visine at Walgreens this week.  The ad shows them priced at $3.99 with 1000 Balance Reward points when you buy 2.  It also showed a $2/1 Visine coupon that was suppose to be available in this past weekends inserts…according to the Walgreens Ad.  Since there was no $2/1 Visine coupon in this weekend’s inserts, they have lowered the price from $3.99 to $1.99 (as per signs in the store).  That was pretty nice of them don’t ya think 😉

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.49.51 PMBut, the best part is, we’ve still got Visine Coupons available to print so it’s like a built in double dip on the coupon.

Here are the coupons available:

Here is your deal:


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Thanks Ueen for the pictures!


  • Laura D.

    Oh! My itchy eyes Thank You Ueen!!! Visine A is my favorite!!!

    • ueen

      Seeing those money maker Shoprite deals made my eyes red, I def need visine. :)

  • bie

    can you do this more than once.

    • ueen

      Yes, or you can buy multiples of two and still get multiple rewards. Say if you buy 4, you will get 2000 points.

      • Eileen Burke

        So I have 8 coupons total, I can buy 8 in one transaction and receive 4000 points, do I have that right?

        • ueen

          Yes, but make sure you are using the Smartsource coupon instead of the Bricks. Bricks has a stipulation of one per person.

          • Eileen Burke


  • ueen
  • frink

    do these coupons beep or do they just work? thx

  • caren

    Thank you for sharing the deal!!! It IS nice of them to drop the price since the coupon wasn’t “in the Sunday papers” as advertised in their flyers… but that happens in their flyers EVERY week! Does it mean we can now argue they should drop the prices whenever the coupons aren’t there?!

    I can’t imagine they didn’t know their “suggestions” for deals are often impossible for lack of coupons. That’s why the wording is “in MOST Sunday papers”, to cover themselves! I even asked in the beginning (WHERE are these supposed coupons?!) and was told that’s the breaks. But that note looks like it’s from corporate, not from an individual manager who imagined he had to Do Something. Has anyone confirmed that it’s happening in more than just that one store?

    • Cindy Livesey

      A lot of times coupons are in the inserts but they could be regional so although they are out there, you may not have received it. In this case, I believe there was suppose to be a visine coupon and there wasn’t any at all or Walgreens had their wires crossed and misquoted it in the ad. So, no Visine coupon was out there anywhere which is why the company decided to reduce the price.

      • caren

        Thanks for the info, Cindy! (I’m surprised at Walgreens being so NICE, that’s for sure!)

        Anyone able to print the usual 2-per-computer? I’ve only been able to print 1.

        • Liz

          I printed two of each from one computer…

        • Liz

          Caren I didn’t use the link above tho, I went to their website and printed 6 coupons, two each of the $1 off, $2 off and $3 off… under special offers I believe… good luck! :)

    • Liz

      My husband just went and not only did they not have it marked down to 1.99 they didn’t have it marked on sale at all… Just FYI, he’s going to try another store… we always have issues with Walgreens here, that is why we have been using CVS consistently and their casheirs and so coupon friendly, much easier for us :)

      • ueen

        Liz – Just a suggestion. Make “price check” your friend. Cashiers will do price checks when asked.

      • misterbill

        Did you check the ad to see if it was on sale at your store? Just because there’s no shelf tag doesn’t mean it isn’t on sale. It often just means your store has lazy employees (or poor management).

  • Colleen

    Yay just did this deal and bought 4….Used 2 $2 coupons and 2 $3 off coupons. Paid $0, got 2000 points on my card AND they allowed the $3 coupons with overage, which I had other items in the cart to cover, so it deducted $1.01 twice off other items I had. Sweet deal!!! Plan to go back to do it again.

    • Colleen

      Oh and best of all….no beeping, just went right on through :)

      • Dawn Nicole

        Hi Colleen.. Was the Visine Hydroblend $1.99 each too? The coupon for the $3.00? Want to do this in the next hour or so too. I only have 2 of the $2.00 off coupons and will print 2-$3.00 ones too, just want to make sure those were $1.99 as well. Thanks

        • ueen

          The Visine Maximum with Hydroblend is. The $3/1 is meant for these.

          • Dawn Nicole

            Right. Thanks so much Ueen!

        • Colleen

          Yes certain Hydroblends were $1.99 – for instance, the Maximum Redness Relief was on sale, but the Tired Eyes was not. Good luck, hope you were able to work your deal!

          • Dawn Nicole

            Ugh, so frustrated. Went to Walgreens and the cashier would not let me use 2 $3 coupons. Told me they were only $1.99 and they couldn’t adjust down, which I know is not true. Called manager over & said the same thing. I never have any luck at Walgreens. The ones by me are not coupon friendly at all. Studies every single coupon. Think i’m gonna stick with CVS and I’m finding riteaid even better to deal with. Glad you were able to get yours :-)

            • Colleen

              Dawn, sorry you had trouble!! I do have trouble a lot at Walgreens too, but only at select stores it seems. There are probably 6 stores near my home and work, so I choose the 3 that I know usually don’t give me trouble. I’ve had them tell me before you can’t use a coupon on a sale item – what?! That’s against coupon religion! :) Good luck and maybe try another store if you have one nearby.

            • ueen

              Dawn Nicole – Have the Walgreens coupon policy handy. Just to share, I do have folders in my phone of stores coupon policy. I was told they could not adjust as well but when I showed the coupon policy, they lowered the coupon for me.

            • Daniela

              Went to Walgreens today and the basic Visine (allergy/red eyes/contacts/dry eyes) were all marked down to $1.99 & the Maximum red eyes w/ Hydrablend was also marked down to $1.99 (none of the other Hydrablends were unfortunately since I would have loved the Hydrablend for tired eyes but oh well…I even had them scan it to be sure) so I got 2 regular dry eyes (reg. $7.49 each) for 99 cents each & 2 red eyes Hydrablend for free. The cashier when scanning the Hydrablend coupons said the computer wouldn’t accept them since they exceeded the sale price ($3 coupon on $1.99 product) and even showed me the screen where it rejected it but I kindly asked for the manager and she came right on over, adjusted down without any contention and I got 2 for free – when usually they cost $7.79 each so that was nice. I ended up with over $29 worth of product for $1.98. :)

        • Dizzy Lizzy

          Who doesn’t have a problem at Walgreens? I’ve had a manager say to me that she doesn’t just give products away when right after I talked to her I did the free bic and glade deal that was going on a while back. Now I only go to a certain store because the cashier there is AWESOME!!!! On the candy deals last month there were about 10 Walgreens store coupons and he scanned every one twice!!! at his insistence! He’s the only reason I go. Thank gosh for great cashiers like him.

          • Dawn Nicole

            Thanks everyone! I have 3 Walgreens that are close to me. I went to 1 of them yesterday that I usually have better luck at. They didn’t have the visine that i could of used the $3.00 coupons for, so i bought 2 and used 2 $2.00 coupons with no problem. I went to another one which is on my way home from work, and thats where i always have problems, so i’m just not going there anymore. I did get 2 free, so thats good enough I guess. Especially with all the deals i’ve gotten at Shoprite the past couple weeks, I guess i can’t complain :-)

  • misterbill

    Is there a limit to the number of times you can get the BR points?

  • Eileen Burke

    Thank you so much for posting this deal, we are definitely an allergy eye house so we will use them. I bought 8 total, and the $3/1 went through perfect no beeps, so scored $4 overage and 4,000 points :-) I’m one happy, allergy eye-free gal!!

  • Angela

    Yesterday I went to Walgreens armed with coupons from both and smartsource. I was told the they are no longer accepting coupons. What a joke. It was supossedly some e-amil they just got from corporate. I’ve had many run-ins with this manager before. Anyone else have a problem?

  • Julie

    Not sure if y’all will see this now or not, but there is a manufacturer’s coupon in the Publix purple flyer that expires tomorrow that y’all can use at Walgreens. I was able to get like 24 of these…..

  • gilly

    I rarely go to Walgreens for their deals after reading some of the posts would probably (no definitely) have a problem using these coupons, I wonder if Walgreens are owner owned stores …they scrutinize every coupon and Catalina’s are sporatic…. strange thing my husband does work in the industry and claims to me they are the number one of the chains….think CVS is my number one!

    • misterbill

      Walgreens are all corporate owned.

  • michelle

    I had issues at Walgreens too. Cashier told me that she couldn’t do it since coupon was for $2. and product was for 1.99. I told her that I knew it could be done and I would like to speak to a manager. The manager came over and upped the price of the visine to $2. But then the register kicked out my tresemme coupons and my softsoap coupons which I didn’t realize until I was in my car. It took an extra 15 minutes to get everything straightened out and then to get my points again on the Tresemme. I learned that I need to watch every step!!!

    • Dee

      per their policy they should have lowered the coupon to 1.99 not upped the visine to $2, sucks, i did it at my local walgreens without a problem.

  • misterbill

    Only found 2 packages of Visine A at the WG today; the cashier had to get the manager to come over to adjust the price to $2. Did not find anything with Hydroblend. Oh well.

  • Beth

    the deal went just as advertised…shocked, but very happy !!!

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