$10 off $10+ Purchase – FREE Address Labels & more + Free Shipping

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Update: The have made some adjustments to their coupon code today and it is no longer working on Clearance. Let us know what you were able to get!

Woot! Here’s a great deal from! Get $10 off any $10+ Purchase using Coupon Code: TENSPEND! There are a ton of clearance items you can use this coupon code on like, Flat note cards, Labels, address labels and more! Get your Christmas Address labels free and so much more! This code also counts towards FREE Shipping!

Here are some great options:

  • Folded Note Cards (25 ct) (Clearance Section) – as low as $13.00 (orig: $24)
  • Shine Bright Address Labels (120 ct) (Clearance Section)- $9.00 (orig: $15)
  • Round Labels (80 ct) (Clearance Section)- $12.00 (orig: $20)

There are some really great options available in the clearance section! It’s worth taking a look at! $10 off $10+ Purchase – FREE Address Labels & more!

Cash Back Options:


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  • Alexis

    I just tried this, and it says this code is not valid. Maybe it’s because I tried some address labels that were on clearance, but my total was $16 in my cart and the $15 still didn’t come off:-(

    • Sherry Z

      Make sure you didn’t include the exclamation mark?

  • Krystle

    awww 🙁 it says it’s not a valid code.

  • kate

    not valid code. i tried folded cards that came to $15

  • Megan Livesey

    I’m not sure what happened with the $15 off $15+ Code! It was working! I did find a $10 off $10 Code + Free Shipping that is still awesome: TENSPEND. I updated the post with the info!

    • Alexis

      Thanks! the TENSPEND worked great! I was able to get 120 Xmas labels for $9 completely free! My total came to $0.63 for tax:-)

  • kate

    thanks i used the TENSPEND and it worked

    • kate

      well now it says error im on the phone with them now

  • Sherry Z

    It worked very well with just a $0.54 charge for tax on a $9 purchase, Thank you so much for a wonderful find. Then, made a second similar purchase…. everyone’s dogs need their own return address labels, yes? Love it!

  • Stephanie Malone Guerriero

    It is not a valid code anymore, even if the amount spent is under or over $10

  • Danielle

    It’s not working for me! 🙁

  • Kristin

    This site is terrible…. The codes do not work as promised…. I have had to “create” my order 3 different times and STILL have not ordered because if issues. Waste of time.

    • Christine R.

      The site is NOT terrible. The deal was found and posted and worked for many. If it’s not working anymore it’s not their fault! What a rotten thing to say to people who devote so much of their time to try and save us money and it’s at no cost to us! I’m disappointed that it stopped working before I got the opportunity to take advantage of it too, but I’ve also saved $6000 this year so far by following their deal ideas and coupon match ups.

  • Lisa

    It still working at 1:40pm. The code does not work on clearance items…I tried for awhile adding and deleting items and read a few other blogs! It might have worked initially on clearance but they caught the glitch. However there are a few things you can order that aren’t on clearance that would be totally free (or sales tax). I found gift tags and thank you cards price for $10 (for 20). Someone posted an issue with the credit card and mine did pop up and required me to just hit the credit card edit button. When I did that I had to reenter my security code and then hit purchase. That was it. So, thank you Cindy. I believe my order was $0.64.

  • caren


    • Lisa

      Was this on a clearance item? It won’t work on clearance even if you add two clearance items and it is over $10. I had no problem ordering gift tags at the regular price of $10. My daughter ordered the thank you cards at $10.

  • lola

    it does not work on clearance
    i just tried it for address labels and it worked came out to 81 cents because of tax.

  • Maggie

    It just worked for me. I got 120 Floral pattern address labels. They were $9 but after TENSPEND code, total was $.54. Thanks!

  • mommy2lana

    Just ordered 120 address labels. I got the $9 and it was $.63 total. Awesome!

    • Ebony Desole

      It wouldnt allow me to use the coupon code on the $9 address lables. but I was able to use it on the $14 ones. I got the really cute ones where you can pick your person and lable everyone. I spent $4.32 in all. I also got the gift tags for .80. Paid just for tax 🙂 I’m happy

  • denisew

    What a great deal!! Got Christmas tags for .52!! Thank you